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UK Newswire Archive

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15-07-2012 17:49

The following videos speak by themselves on the degree of police brutality Spain is seeing in its streets.

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Dr James Watson, eugenecist - UK & Ireland dates 2012

15-07-2012 13:15

Just came across this, bit late - anyone else got more info?

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Private tenants in North London protest letting agent "scam"

15-07-2012 11:44

Protest at Drivers & Norris
Protest by Haringey Private Tenants' Action Group against letting agent fees

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New Zealand judicial appointments satarised

15-07-2012 09:02

The inbred nature of New Zealand judicial appointments has been satirized into cult vernacular on the website Uncylopedia.

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Obama Planning More War

14-07-2012 22:10

America's favorite pastime isn't baseball. It's war, permanent imperial wars that won't end in our lifetime Dick Cheney said earlier. America is addicted to war. One nation after another is ravaged and plundered. Unchallenged global dominance is sought. Who's next? Syria? Iran? Washington's long knives target both countries. On June 29, AP headlined "US, Russia fail to reach agreement on Syria, jeopardizing Annan plan to end crisis," saying: Before heading for Geneva, Hillary Clinton and Sergey Lavrov met in St. Petersburg. Differences between them weren't resolved.

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16 July: Free Bradley Manning; Protect Julian Assange. Vigils at two embassies

14-07-2012 19:26

US Embassy, Grosvenor Square at 3pm -4pm
Vigil for Bradley Manning

Ecuadorian Embassy, Knightsbridge from 4.30pm
Vigil for Julian Assange (ongoing daily vigil)

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EDL Nazi Salutes

14-07-2012 16:55


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End austerity now: £70bn in revenue lost annually in tax havens

14-07-2012 16:54

Friday Drivetime - BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling
At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers and Marina Morris
For all the shows back to Easter 2009 visit the Friday Drivetime archive page.

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Antifascist Solidarity Needed in Liverpool on Saturday 21st July!

14-07-2012 15:17

At 13:00 on Saturday, 21st July, Liverpool Antifascists will be gathering at Combermere Street in the Toxteth area of the city. We then plan to march to the city centre, for a rally themed around ‘working class unity against racism and fascism’. Liverpool Antifascists would like to ask you to attend, or spread the word about the event if this is not possible. This will be a vital day for Liverpool activism, and even the city in general.

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Nottingham City Council wants you...

14-07-2012 14:55 let them know how best to demolish Council Tax Benefit.

NCC is well known for its tireless efforts to evoke community spirit in all of us.

The Councillors, ever eager to squabble with Pickles about whether or not they need to publish how they spend their budget, have time and again demonstrated that they are more than willing to relax and do nothing against government cuts.

Instead they are ever dutifully dedicated to enforcing them in our communities. However, that should astonish no one. The Labour Party, as well as the institution of local government in general (or any form of government for that matter), continue to live up to their long and proud tradition of screwing over those they 'represent'.

So it was little surprise to open today's mail and find a letter announcing yet another vital benefit being cut (this time indirectly) by the central government and NCC seeing no option but to implement it. In short the responsibility for Council Tax benefit is delegated to local authorities who will have to decide how to pick up the bill. It seems probable that the announced local shortfall of £6million will be dealt with by the usual mix of getting rid of more workers, worsening the conditions of the remaining ones, cutting more vital services and tightening the rules for Council Tax Benefit even further, thereby excluding as large a proportion as possible of those currently in receipt of this crucial support.

To give feedback on the latter part of the mix, NCC invites us to partake in a vital part of our wonderful representative democracy: getting all the little piggies to choose which ones shall be treated to the butcher's knife first (How about that one hanging out in the sunshine? Yeah, that one looks like it's up to no good!). And in a few years all the little piggies can come together again to decide the colour of the butcher's apron.

Whereas all this is nothing new, this letter is a good example of NCC's take on implementing austerity: Moaning about central government being the real meanies, pretending to care about its subjects and inviting them to help decide who still deserves support and who can get lost.

All this will make the Council happy as they can share the blame and makes me feel included and appreciated.

Good to know we are all in this together.


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Pride in Bristol! EDL National Mobilisation Fails as Bristol Says No to Racism

14-07-2012 14:55

The much hyped EDL mobilisation in Bristol today resulted in one of the lowest turns outs to an EDL demo yet as around 200-300 EDL trickled into the city. By contrast around 2000+ counter protesters were out and about in the city.
featured image

The much hyped EDL mobilisation in Bristol today resulted in one of the lowest turns outs to an EDL demo yet as around 200-300 EDL trickled into the city. By contrast around 2000+ counter protesters were out and about in the city. The police had sought to move all of the counter protesters to Castle Park, but most ignored the call either gathering at Temple Meads or the Fountains.

The EDLs march into the city was interrupted by resistance constantly from the first moment as huge numbers of police were deployed to separate the groups. Around 100-200 people met the EDL at the station and blocked coaches from arriving while 1000+ gathered at the fountains to show their opposition to the group. Despite the EDL claiming they are only protesting 'radical Islam' the group has been dogged by members overt racism and violent behaviour. This was shown today as the first arrest by police was an EDL member for racially aggravated public order offence. After much resistance the official EDL march of around 250+ got moving at around 1.30pm.

By contrast around 2000 Antifascist protesters marched from the Fountains to Castle Park. In the shadow of this, the Bristol Gay pride event went ahead as planed and was a success. The EDL finally arrived at the pen the police had constructed in Queens Square around 2.30pm and the small numbers meant only around 15% of the allotted space was needed.  After a couple of speeches and tussles the small EDL crowd were marched off to board thier buses and leave Bristol around 3pm.

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Images from Stop EDL Day of Protest

14-07-2012 14:55

this is a bristol indymedia story

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Pebble Mill Social Centre evicted

14-07-2012 13:09

Yesterday morning High Court Bailiffs came without warning, broke in and closed us down. We managed to get most of our stuff out (we’re getting pretty good at last minute evacuations but unfortunately this was the same day as the Spanish miners benefit gig. However we were able to quickly squat a temporary venue for the event which went ahead without any problems and raised over £200 for the miners.

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Solidarity with Olympic Dam uranium mine protests

14-07-2012 12:55

On Friday, Kick Nuclear and London Mining Network took part in two demonstrations in central London - at the Australian High Commission and at the UK headquarters of mining giant BHP Billiton - to show solidarity with The Lizard's Revenge protest festival taking place this weekend in the South Australian desert. The protests, in solidarity with local aboriginal communities, are in opposition to BHP Billiton's planned expansion of the Olympic Dam uranium (plus copper, gold and silver) mine at Roxby Downs, which was recently approved by the Australian Federal Government and the South Australian State Government, and would make it the largest such mine in the world.



Twitter: @lizardsrevenge

All images are Copyright (c) 2012 Kick Nuclear / London Mining Network, but may be reproduced free of charge for non-commercial use if credited. For larger, high resolution versions, please e-mail vd2012-imc [at] yahoo . co . uk

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Mainshill Open Cast Coal Site shut down!

14-07-2012 11:01

At 10:00 this morning a group of 45 activists invaded Scottish Coal’s Mainshill Open Cast Coal Site near Douglas, South Lanarkshire, and are currently occupying machinery and preventing coaling operations on the site.

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Mainshill Open Cast Coal Site shut down for the day!

14-07-2012 00:00

At 10:00 this morning a group of 45 activists invaded Scottish Coal’s Mainshill Open Cast Coal Site near Douglas, South Lanarkshire, and are currently occupying machinery and preventing coaling operations on the site.

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US Democrats come out for the news

13-07-2012 22:35

US Democrats come out for the news

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I wrote to my MP regarding the harrrassment of Barbara Tucker

13-07-2012 20:02

I went to see my MP Mark Lazarowicz (Labour, Edinburgh North and Leith) and asked him if he could stop the harassment of Barbara – she’s not even allowed blankets now. He’s going to write to Home Secretary Theresa May - if that will do any good. MPs are off on their summer break now. I would love to see them trying to sleep in a chair with no blankets and no umbrella for just one night never mind the 175 days Barbara has had no shelter. She has been arrested 45 times in her six and a half years in the Square – for advocating peace!

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Solidarity with the IWW Cleaners!

13-07-2012 19:56

In solidarity with the IWW cleaners striking at John Lewis in London today, West Mids IWW members leafleted the Solihull John Lewis store.
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