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UK Newswire Archive

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Final Reminder: 12noon Friday 30th July // Everyone to the Streets

28-07-2010 23:04

Everyone To the Streets
12noon Friday 30th July // Everyone to the Streets // Against Police Violence // Solidarity for Ian Tomlinson's Family

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Confronting Patriarchy

28-07-2010 21:22

Confronting Patriarchy

The Pink and Black Library, Stokes Croft
This Friday 5-7pm
Note change of date/time in order to try and accommodate people who couldn't do Thurdays.

All genders welcome.

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In solidarity with Mr Ian Tomlinson

28-07-2010 17:22

Anyone up for demonstrating outside the Crown Prosecution Offices (CPS) in the centre of Bristol on Friday?
Anyone up for demonstrating outside the Crown Prosecution Offices (CPS) in the centre of Bristol on Friday?

For those unable to attend London on Friday why not keep it local and let the CPS know how we feel?

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Calais update

28-07-2010 16:33

Plenty of activists are currently on the ground in Calais, which has enabled us to effectively intervene in a number of raids. We have also been distributing supplies such as tents and sleeping bags, doing water runs, and cooking large vegan meals with the migrants as one of the charities is on holiday. Here is an update of yesterday's events.

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Protest outside the Crown office and Procurator Fiscal in Edinburgh (Friday 30th @12 noon) Solidarity with Tomlinson family

28-07-2010 16:23




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Palestine Today 07 28 2010

28-07-2010 15:42

Welcome to Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media Centre, for Wednesday, July 28, 2010.

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Artist's talk – Art, Activism and The Olypmic City

28-07-2010 15:22

Inside the Ethics and Aesthetics of Participation
Lois Klassen (Vancouver) in conversation with Angela Piccini (Bristol University, School of Arts)
2.00pm, Saturday 7th August 10; Spike Island Associate Space, First Floor, 133 Cumberland Road, Bristol, BS1 6UX

Leading up to and during the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, the public was urged to be part of the action. As host city, Vancouver Canada was a site of complicity in mass spectacle and a space of vibrant resistance to the narratives it produced, with both positions relying heavily on the active involvement of the public. As the 2012 summer games in London draw near and conflicting discourses on their social and cultural impact invite participation through a range of engaged arts practices, the conversation will focus on Lois Klassen's work navigating the ethics and aesthetics of participation and the mega-event in Vancouver and Angela Piccini's research into the Olympic city, memory and screen media.

Lois Klassen is a Vancouver based artist, community worker and educator who actively researched the participatory art forms during the 2010 Olympics by getting involved. While dutifully responding to numerous calls for participation through officially sanctioned artworks, by artists including Bik Vanderpol, David Rokeby and Rimini Protokol, she co-produced Covering Up, a critical participatory project across the city, and a discussion series at VIVO Media Arts – an artist-run centre and one of the few venues in the region to refuse Olympic funding – addressing the widespread use of public-engagement in all areas of cultural production during the 2010 games and the role of spectatorship in relation to the contested local, regional and national politics glossed over in its official narratives of inclusion and growth.

Angela Piccini continues to research screen media generated around the 2010 Vancouver Winter and 2012 London Summer Olympic Games. Specifically, she is investigating the ways in which the mediatised material cultural heritage of each host country produces specific experiences of the Olympic cities. Her interest is in the architectures and materialities that are produced when individual cities are transformed into both camera lens, via the intensification of surveillance technologies, and projection screen. In her work the shifting constellations of screens that structure our engagement with place - from those in your pocket and those at the pub, bus station and shopping mall, to the giant screens in public spaces - comprise a suite of mobile and distributed surfaces that constitute the city as a new kind of archaeological body.

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PHILIPPINES: Keeping an eye on Aquino’s commitment to change

28-07-2010 14:59

MANILA - The new administration of President Benigno S. Aquino III begins with an extremely high trust rating of 88 percent – higher than any of the post-dictatorship presidents. This is a measure of people’s belief in the commitment of the Aquino administration to reverse the anti-poor policies implemented during the regime of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

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Why the World Needs Whistle-blowers

28-07-2010 13:19

Julian Assange talks Wikileaks, whistleblowers, and the future of journalism...

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Protest outside the Crown office and Procurator Fiscal in Edinburgh (Friday 30th

28-07-2010 12:31


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The Autonomist Issue 1 out now

28-07-2010 12:22

The Autonomist is a locally produced radical newsletter and directory for the Bristol area. We aim to provide short news updates on local campaigns, and an extensive, up-to-date listing of local groups, spaces, and upcoming events.
The first issue - august 2010 - is now available via our blog (below), and will soon be appearing in radical spaces all over the bits of Bristol that we can be bothered to walk to.

If you have anything you would like to see in the next issue, get in touch - BristolAutonomist [at] Gmail [dot] com

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Earth First! gathering, 4-9 August, programme & location announced

28-07-2010 11:29

The full details of the Earth First! summer gathering is up on the website, how to get there, progamme and all.

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Ahmed Belbacha: Guantánamo to Algeria? Frying Pan into Fire?

28-07-2010 11:22

Ahmed Belbacha
A ruling by the US Supreme Court on 17 July paves the way for the remaining Algerian prisoners held at Guantánamo Bay to be returned there. All are innocent and cleared for release, but have chosen to stay at Guantánamo as Algeria is so dangerous. One man has been returned: he "disappeared" promptly on return and has now resurfaced under "judicial supervision" and subject to unspecified charges. Take action!

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Dawn raids to remove asylum seekers ruled illegal

28-07-2010 10:24

This press release from the Medical Justice campaign describes a high-court victory in which it was found that removal of asylum seekers with less than 72 hours notice (so-called "dawn raids") are illegal, and must stop.

Although many people will feel that any forced removal of asylum seekers is wrong, the issue becomes partcularly acute when people are snatched from their homes with no warning. These people are sometimes part-way through a legal appeal process, and being snatched with no warning means that they're denied due legal process. Many of these people also have serious medical problems which cannot be treated in the places to which they are removed, which effectively means a death-sentence. Yesterday, the UK legal system finally caught up with its own tail when it acknowledged that this practice denies asylum seekers the fundamental human rights to which they are entitled under UK and European law.

This is a significant victory for anti-deportation campaigners in Leeds, Newcastle and Manchester, and for many vulnerable people who should now be able to sleep a bit better than before.

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Noah's Ark Zoo - Wins A Prize but Mis-Educates

28-07-2010 10:22

here is a zoo near Bristol called — you'll see there are already problems right from the name — Noah's Ark Zoo. It is unambiguously proud of its status as a blatantly creationist institution.
here is a zoo near Bristol called — you'll see there are already problems right from the name — Noah's Ark Zoo. It is unambiguously proud of its status as a blatantly creationist institution.

After looking at the current explanations for origins and evolution; it is our view that the evidence available points to widespread evolution after an initial Creation by God. This is viewed as controversial by some and welcomed by others; but whether currently popular or not we believe the evidence supports a world-view somewhere between Darwinism and 6000BC Creationism and we encourage interested readers to look into the claims being made.

They are disavowing the strictly young earth creationist approach, so they reassure us that the world really is older than 6,000 years old. Ha ha, how silly — 6,000 years is far too short. Aren't those dogmatic creationists absurd?

So, you might wonder, how old do they think the earth is? And they cagily hem and haw and refuse to answer, although they do suggest that 4.5 billion years is just way too old, ha ha, goofy evolutionists. They do reference a creationist site that invents a new geology, and which argues, for instance, that the Cretaceous was a period that was actually 4,000 years long.

Real geologists, the ones who actually understand the science, say the Cretaceous was 80 million years long. So they're only off by about 4 orders of magnitude. I guess that means they think the earth is tens of millions of years old instead of a few billion, which makes them what? Adolescent Earth Creationists, instead of Young Earth Creationists? Maybe we can call them Tweenie Creationists. They're still wrong, though.

Anyway, this joke of a zoo that miseducates children (but apparently cheerfully and with colourful and interactive exhibits and stories!) has won an award from the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom. It's a peculiar gift — they're basically rewarding them for good, effective teaching of lies.

You can read about the award here. Apparently, one of the qualifications is supposed to be about providing "accurate information"; shouldn't this zoo have been instantly disqualified on that basis alone?

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Anti-Afghan war march and rally, central London, Sat, 31st July

28-07-2010 09:21

The Democracy Village is organising another action this Saturday at 12:30pm sharp. Meet up at Trafalgar Square (north side) 12.30pm to march down to Victoria Tower Gardens for 1 pm. Bring flags and banners for redecoration of the Green Boris Berlin Wall!

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Australia 'a crime scene' since white invasion

28-07-2010 05:04

Australia has been a crime scene since the white invasion and needs a treaty between the colonisers and the Aborigines, a recent Aboriginal summit in Melbourne heard. Robbie Thorpe, committed activist on issues relating to Australian history, Indigenous sovereignty, lack of treaty, land-rights justice, genocide and national denial made the allegation.

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Boycott Israeli Dates

28-07-2010 04:51

This Ramadan think of the Palestinians, boycott Israeli dates.

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Hunter Shot, dies in agony: Gets Own Medicine

28-07-2010 03:22

Last Weekend A Victoria hunter was shot dead by another hunter who mistook him for a deer. This coward died in the same way that he wanted the deer to die: in agony with no help to turn to.
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