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UK Newswire Archive

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Please Vote Veggies!

11-07-2014 17:37

Please Vote Veggies!

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Nuclear weapons convoy in Oxfordshire - Thursday 10th July 2014

11-07-2014 13:19

A 20 vehicle convoy carrying UK nuclear Trident warheads from the nuclear bomb factory to the nuclear submarines in Scotland was tracked by loccal nukewatchers as it passed northwards through Oxfordshire.

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FOI request re Huntingdon Life Sciences: Appeal dismissed.

11-07-2014 12:46

Tribunal dismisses appeal in case of freedom of information request re Europe's largest animal-testing lab HLS - read decision.

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Please Help!

11-07-2014 10:44

Veggies needs YOU!

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Beverley anti-fracking couple - charges dropped

11-07-2014 10:40

The CPS has dropped charges against Beverley couple, Jon and Val Mager, over 'arrest while meditating' anti-fracking protest at Crawberry Hill, near Walkington, East Yorkshire.

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The courage of Iranian women.

11-07-2014 09:53

Women across Iran are posting photos of themselves without the hijab to a dedicated Facebook page called "My Stealthy Freedom".

The Facebook page was set up just over a week ago, and already has 130,000 "likes". Almost all are from people in Iran, both men and women.

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URGENT - text support for today's strike to BBC News on 61124

10-07-2014 09:32

Also email -, the BBC's chief political correspondent -, and the new editor of The Scum -,, politely pointing out that most people know we need working fire-stations to put out fires, etc

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Earth First! Summer Gathering 2014, August 28-31st, South West

09-07-2014 19:50

The Earth First! Summer Gathering is an annual camp for people involved in radical green direct action to come together, to talk, share skills, learn, listen, play, rant, find out whats going on, scheme, live outdoors, hang out, laugh, experience non hierarchical, low impact, family friendly living.

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'Grasp The Nettle' Documentary Available for Download, Screenings, Sharing

09-07-2014 01:56

Following the critically acclaimed 'The Crisis of Civilization' comes filmmaker Dean Puckett's newest film: 'Grasp The Nettle'

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Analysis on the abuse of the critical whiteness theory

08-07-2014 02:59

I'm just reposting this but I think it's a really worthwhile, balanced read on the problems of self-righteous critical whiteness..

Source -

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Stop NATO Cymru and Anarchist Action Network National Convergence

07-07-2014 11:12

National Convergence Weekend:

Saturday 19th July 11am -5pm in Newport, South Wales at the Community Space Partnership, 128 Lower Dock Street, Newport, NP20 1EG.

Sunday 20th July 11am- 5pm in Cardiff, South Wales at the Owain Glyndwr Pub, (Tair Pluen function Room) Cardiff, 10 St John's Street, Cardiff, Wales, CF10 1G

All welcome except cops & journos.

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Calais camps - bulldozers here now !!!

07-07-2014 10:29

Police and Gendarmes protecting private contract bulldozers as they destroy the camps here.

People seeing all their possessions destroyed

A woman goes into labour while police do nothing more than call ambulance

Tear gas and batton charges taking place

Riot police and horses nearby

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5 July: Wales Against Fracking Day. Photos from Wrexham

06-07-2014 21:33

Friends of the Earth Cymru called a national day of action against fracking and other extreme energy extraction methods for Saturday 5th July. Here in Wrexham, where the local council threw out an application for test drilling at Commonwood, Borras back in March, the company (GP Energy/Dart Energy/IGas) has now appealed against the decision (grounds for appeal attached as pdf) and the file is with the Planning Inspectorate in Cardiff, where they are apparently trying to decide whether an Environmental Impact Assessment is required (should be - it's essential!) before setting the timetable for the appeal.

To mark the day, members of Frack Free Wrexham and FoE members from Wrexham, Chester and Llangollen held a stall in the centre of town from 10am-2pm, also joined from midday by Wrexham Greens.

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'WAR against WAR' - shocking WW1 photos from the classic anti-war book

06-07-2014 14:14

In 1924, German anarchist, Ernst Friedrich, published the most powerful anti-war book of the 20th Century, 'WAR against WAR'. At a time when the media are showering us with a barrage of pro-war propaganda on the 100th anniversary of the First World War, Friedrich’s anti-war propaganda is more vital than ever.

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High Court rules against Met's 'Neither Confirm Nor Deny' policy on spy cops

05-07-2014 21:28

Women’s statement: High Court ruling: Met Police cannot maintain blanket ‘NCND’ to cover up “gross abuses” of intimate relationships while undercover.

On 2 July, in a devastating blow to the Metropolitan Police’s attempts to cover up gross abuses of women by undercover police, the High Court ruled that the Met could not use ‘Neither Confirm Nor Deny’ as a blanket response to all the fully pleaded claims of women affected.

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'No ILF, No Life' 4th July Independence Tea Party

05-07-2014 18:30

Placard and T-shirt

Yesterday the 4th of July 2014, independent living fund receipents supported by many disabled activists and other campaign groups held an independent living fund tea party at the DWP.

Wearing the bright yellow t shirts with no ilf no life we made our way to HQ....they placed crash barriers in front of the visitors doors and placed G4s security guards behind the crash barriers. I spoke to one of them and said that we had a right to protest against the Government who were hurting disabled people so cruelly with one horrendous policy after another. He said yes you have. But you are not coming in

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Sheffield protest in solidarity with the oppression in Palestine

05-07-2014 17:50

Supporters of the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign held a protest outside Sheffield Town Hall on 5th July 2014.

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A lone demonstrator kicks off 4th July at NSA Memwith Hill on stroke of midnight

05-07-2014 13:17

As the main gates are shutdown before the annual evening demo begins. So the thousands of base personel, entering & leaving earlier on, all saw this, all day long.

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4th July - Independence From America - NSA Menwith Hill

04-07-2014 23:08

Attached are some photos and audio recording of three of the speakers at the 4th July 2014 Annual "Independence FROM America" demonstration at the main entrance to NSA Menwith Hill in North Yorkshire organised by The Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB)

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Macropolitical Side-Effects of the Imperialist Occupation of the Philippines

04-07-2014 15:57

The announcement had been a typical expression of the distorted perception, improper appropriation and self-destructive intention of an overheated military-industrial complex: According to the institutions of the Washington regime, its military deployment was neither limited in time nor was an unlimited planning frame admitted. Instead the imperialist announced that military occupation of Manila and the islands was covering the foreseeable future, and thereby served a definition of transparency of time whose implications require a detailed look. According to the military empire itself, its future is unforeseeable as much as both numbered amounts of time and stability as a concept defined out of itself are concerned. More precisely, it is in fact devoid of any future and the contradictory concept of time transported in its ideology is a symptom of that lack. The empire is trying to say, other than by means of such occupation it cannot remain with the people of the world at all. This is the good news in the bad news: The Philippine occupation, despite the offence it is, is an empty speculation of the dying empire, an admission of its lack of perspective, and a desperate act of aggression aimed at stealing the future of the people not only on the archipelago but in the region and beyond without any purpose. That is in fact the most remarkable quality of the situation: The empire is not stealing for its own benefit, it is stealing to deprive others of their expectable benefits without any perspective of own benefit. Yet that is precisely the pattern of behaviour that historically precedes the downfall thereof.
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