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UK Newswire Archive

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What to do with a 'gift' from the US government

31-12-2006 12:49

Lowered US flag at USAF Croughton in 2000, not theft, wrote to US Ambassador requesting appointment to return and discuss presence of US Visiting Forces etc each year, December - given the flag..........what to do now!

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A Life of Crime

31-12-2006 12:17

The execution of the murderer, Saddam Hussein, by American organised criminals, via their proxies in Iraq, highlights the fact that criminals vying for power determine the course of the world. The coalition of Bush, Blair and Howard is directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians yet these leaders commit their crimes with impunity. The defining principle is not law (as is claimed) it is brute force! Economic and military power determines who is a ‘criminal’ and who is a ‘saviour’, regardless of the similarity of the acts committed.

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Manchester Anarchist Federation Meeting 4th January

31-12-2006 09:52

Manchester AF are meeting on Thursday 4th January, starting 7.30pm at the Basement, Lever St, M1 1HW. It's just off Piccadilly Gardens.

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Saddam Hussein Executed

31-12-2006 07:31

On December 30th, 2006, former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein was executed by hanging just hours after the Americans handed him over to the Iraqi authorities. Saudi Arabia criticised Iraq's Shi'ite leaders for executing former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein during the Eid al-Adha religious feast. Human Rights Watch came out against the execution stating that the execution "following a deeply flawed trial for crimes against humanity marks a significant step away from respect for human rights and the rule of law in Iraq."

Tariq Ali: What's Good for Saddam May Be Good for Mubarak or the Saudi Royals | Mafia-Style Justice: Executing Saddam, Protecting the Rackets | Saddam: The questions that will live on | Arab blogs on the Saddam hanging | Saddam's Execution: 'It will be taken as an American decision' | Saddam Executed, Bush Hails | WSWS Report | Patrick Cockburn: From gilded palaces to wretched infamy | Family clues to Iraq's missing oil billions

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December Critical Mass ride.

31-12-2006 07:21

As usual, the December London ride passed off successfully and uneventfully without a police retinue. Despite bad weather there was an estimated turnout of 150 cyclists. This begs the question why are the police needed at all on the other eleven rides of the year when they can't be bothered on the 12th? Are they really there to intimidate and discourage people from attending the ride and not to help and protect them as they often claim?

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Genocide in Canada: The Untold Story

31-12-2006 04:58

An overview of the history and ongoing practice of genocide in canada.

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EZLN "Intergalactic Encuentro" - pictures2

31-12-2006 01:30

Opening ceremony of the Encuentro of the Zapatistas People with the People of the World

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EZLN "Intergalactic Encuentro" - pictures1

31-12-2006 01:07

Inauguration of Encuentro of the People In Resistance

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Akiner:Cultural Learnings of SOAS for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Uzbekistan

31-12-2006 00:07

Dr Shirin Akiner
Like Borat, this SOAS academic's life revolves around approaching unsuspecting people and persuading them to believe all sorts of drivel about life in a Central Asian Republic.

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22/12/06: Anti-consumer Christmas Carols, London

30-12-2006 23:34

Festive delay, but finally here.

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Trial an Execution of Saddam violates iraqi and international law

30-12-2006 23:20

Do people know that the trial of saddam was not only illegal but full of basic violations. The US has done it again: violated international law in plain sight!

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No place at the Inn, asylum in Egypt

30-12-2006 21:22

In contrary to the often hypocritical ''Christmas'' approach, The Birth of the Child is no sentimental story about ''A Little Child in a Manger'', but the reality of the exclusion of the poor, persecution by the State and seeking illegal asylum in a foreign country
That's the reason, this Story is based on respect towards any human being, regardless descent or committed crime

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Saddam's execution: the western antiwar movement - the left boot of imperialism?

30-12-2006 21:16

The silence of the western antiwar movement on the lynching of Saddam Hussein is deafening and is increasingly beginning to prove what a lot of discerning people have suspected all along – that the mainstream anti-war movement (including large parts of its left wing) in the west is the well concealed left boot of western imperialism, the conscience of the conqueror.

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Israeli journalist: "Sharon planned the assassination of Arafat"

30-12-2006 20:13

Uri Dan, an Israeli journalist who died recently, and was close to the former Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, published, before his death, a book in which he accuses Sharon of planning the assassination of the late Palestinian president, Yasser Arafat.

The book was published in France and the author states that Arafat was poisoned by a direct decision from Sharon who had a phone call with the U.S president George W. Bush in April 2004, and decided to assassinate Arafat after the call.

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Encourage Green Groups to Promote Plant Based Diets

30-12-2006 19:51

Despite the increasingly overwhelming evidence of the impact that meat & dairy farming has on the planet, none of the national environmental campaigning organisations currently promote plant based diets. Wouldn`t it be great if we could influence groups like Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace to encourage their supporters and the general public to adopt a veggie/vegan diet for the benefit of the planet?!! Well, now we have an opportunity to do just that.

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UK Social Centres Winter Gathering '07

30-12-2006 19:40


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The story of a Oaxacan movement prisoner

30-12-2006 14:46

Dionisio had gone to the demonstration in Oaxaca on the 25th of November. After the demonstration he and his friend Juan de Dios went to get something to eat, during which time confrontations started up between demonstrators and the Federal Preventive Police (PFP). Upon leaving the restaurant, they headed toward the downtown area, which had become filled with tear gas and smoke. When they saw a woman and her children overcome by tear gas, Dionisio stopped to help, while Juan de Dios photographed the situation around them, and that was when the two men were arrested.

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Ipswich Reclaim the Night photos

30-12-2006 14:45

Town Hall Steps
Following the murders of five women in Ipswich, a coalition of groups
organised a Reclaim the Night event to remember them and to make the
statement that they would not be staying indoors, afraid.

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21/12/06 - London Colombian Embassy Picket

30-12-2006 14:16

STOP Coca-Cola’s Continuing Dirty War

Thursday 21 December 2006: A letter was delivered to the Colombian Embassy expressing international concern at Student and Trade Union leaders yet again being targeted by death squads, this time the Aguilas Negras (Black Eagles), for daring to criticise Coca Cola, Nestlé and other private corporations.

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The UK Ambassador's cheek

30-12-2006 14:03

Anthony Brenton, the British Ambassador in Moskow, took a part in the extremist conference "The other Russia". During his speech he noted that "forum "The other Russia" was promoting the development of democratic society in Russia", he pleased the facists audience anouncing that the UK government was supporting them by giving 1 million pounds per year in order "to help Russia be richer, stronger and more independent".
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