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UK Newswire Archive

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Police clash with anarchists in Athens (pics)

18-01-2007 22:46

Greek protesters clash with riot police during a rally in Athens January 17, 2007. Students and teachers participated in a rally against the government's plans to reform higher education and introduce private universities

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11-01-07: Photos from Catholic Workers Guantanamo protest, US Embassy

18-01-2007 21:55

Several photographs of the Catholic Workers Guantanamo Bay protest on the evening of 11/01/07.

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Video: Guantanamo Vogue and Disco Dance outside Lockheed-Martin

18-01-2007 21:47

Video The letter delivered to Lockheed-Martin
11-01-2007: A break away group of protestors target Lockheed-Martin for profiteering from Guantanamo Bay.

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Indymedia radio support for WSF 2007 from Kenya

18-01-2007 21:04

IMC radio support for WSF 2007 from Kenya
WSF (World Social Forum) is on in Kenya 20 - 25th January 2007 - call for UK + Irish collaboration.
Indymedia support have people building terrestrial radio in Naorobi at present, Others elsewhere globally setting up ::Listening Nodes:: and organising an :: International Radio Show::

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(Video) Nablus: IOF-operation in the old city

18-01-2007 19:54

Today, 18th of January 2006, Nablus experienced another military operation by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF).

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Translated Corriere della Sera newspaper article on suspended Genoa Diaz case

18-01-2007 19:31

The translation is a bit rough, due to time constraints.

Genoa Diaz trial suspended over one of its most controversial sides. Well-known police officers are on trial for false evidence and slander.

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18-01-2007 17:45

National marches were organised by many student associations in Athens and Thessaloniki, where more than 270 faculties are occupied by students, protesting against the revision of the constitutional article 16...

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The Madness of George Bush

18-01-2007 17:34

Poetic comment on George's latest plans

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More pipeline protest pictures

18-01-2007 16:23

Action continues, on and on and on......

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Ex Royal Engineer commando being Made homeless

18-01-2007 13:40

walkabout backpack poster
52 year old male with asthma. A Whitefriars tenant who refuses to take eviction laying down having had his tenancy demoted by the court to a assured short hold periodic tenancy without legal representation in September 2006

He has started a one mans campaign walking the streets of Coventry
highlighting evictions without access to legal representation

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Genova G8 Cops get off as the evidence disapears into thin air

18-01-2007 11:44

Genova, well it was a set up from the start cops beat the living shit out of sleeping innocents on plant the basis of evidence in the form of a crate full of petrol bombs, it kooked like an open and shut case. But today "La Repubblica" (masso'cronace)newspaper reports that the petrol bombs are no more they are in fact ex petrol bombs and the case against the cops is as the they say "finito" no evidence no case. The whole trial and inquiry into the events of the G8 in Genoa have been a farce.

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Cambridge Stop the War Coalition

18-01-2007 11:21

Public Forum
Monday 22nd January at 7.30
Upstairs in CB2
With Matthew Carr, author of ‘Unknown Soldiers’, How terrorism transformed the modern world

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SOAS Academic Shirin Akiner is Uzbekistan Regime Agent

18-01-2007 10:31

Shocking revelations about a lecturer at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.

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Germany G8 - 12km Security Fence Construction Begins!

18-01-2007 10:22

Last monday (15th jan) authorities in Germany began erecting a 12km security fence around the area of the 2007 G8 summit venue. The fence costing 12.5M Euros will take 15 weeks to complete. Not missing a trick activists were on hand to unwelcome the fence, hanging a banner saying "Fence In Capitalism!"

The fence consisting of 4,600 dark green steel segments weighing 75 kg (165.3 lb) will be 2.5 metres (8 ft 2.4 in) high and 2.45 metres wide. The segments are attached to cement pillars weighing 900 kg each and topped with razor wire - to prevent anyone from tunneling beneath the fence, 50-cm long steel grating is also being sunk into the ground.

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Australian PM outlines indefinite military agenda in South Pacific

18-01-2007 09:43

Interventions in the South Pacific
The billions of dollars in public funds being poured into the military represent a massive social misappropriation. While funding for public health and education, social infrastructure, and welfare and social services have all been gutted by successive state and federal governments, “defence” spending has skyrocketed. Australia is now the eleventh largest military spender in the world and ranks ahead of countries such as Israel, Turkey, Brazil, and Iran.

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Radley Lakes - check this out and spread the dirty news

18-01-2007 09:30

if you ever needed an excuse to get angry..............

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18-01-2007 08:55


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Leaked report details plans to cut jobs and pay in National Health Service

18-01-2007 08:21

The Labour government in Britain is preparing huge cuts in the workforce of the National Health Service. Excerpts from a leaked draft workforce strategy for 2008-11 by the Department of Health (DoH) were published in the Health Service Journal this month.

The draft proposals are part of the Treasury’s Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) from 2008-11, expected to be published later this year.

According to the report there is to be a “sharp reduction” in NHS staff numbers this year—a cut of 2.7 percent, or 37,000 jobs. Following the job cuts, the DoH proposes a recruitment drive in order to meet a December 2008 deadline to reduce maximum waiting times to 18 weeks, but it envisages “a clear dip” in “demand” for nurses and doctors after this deadline has passed.

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Australia: More race hate from the political and mass media establishment

18-01-2007 07:22

All we're going to get is islamophobia
Big media switches over to super race hate campaigns again no doubt to cover up for John Howard, while he gets a buzz in Broome WA on holidays? Or is this what we're going to get until their big media and political establishment can once again shrug off their responsibilities and complicity in their wide spread lies and hate at home and their killing in Iraq, which includes torture, and rendition. Once again this is about what someone is alleged to have said, all ears open. But what about corruption who's going to deal with that? Hey Howard? What about you Dud? No not big media! If it's left up to big media all we're going to get is islamophobia because it suits them, is divisive and is a great way to cover-up for their lack of responsibility. Thanks!

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Families in Immigration Detention - November 2006

18-01-2007 06:11

Freedom of Information Act 2000. NCADC asked: In November 2006 how many families were in Immigration Detention in Dungavel, Tinsley House and Yarl's Wood? How many adults
and how many children?
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