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UK Newswire Archive

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Saloniki 7: The Greek State won't give up that easily...

03-12-2003 02:07

The following article appeared on "Eleutherotipia", an Athens daily that could be described as a Guardian- equivalent. It brings bad (but also expected) news: The Greek State doesn't give up and with new, ridiculous claims tries to fit up Simon and the rest of the Saloniki 7. Will we let them do so?

PLEASE NOTE: What follows is a translation of the article, as genuine and precise as possible. No comments have been added and no info has been altered.

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"Never chase a lie. Let it alone, and it will run itself to death."

03-12-2003 01:43

I almost feel sorry sometimes for our leaders, in frantically spinning a web of deceit they almost always end up tangled and trapped by their own lies. Here are a few interesting examples I've collected. Words are the most powerful weapons that can be used against their owners.

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BBC Killer Cola sponsorship deal

03-12-2003 01:10

Coca cola to sponsor BBC music charts

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ANALYSIS: Miami FTAA Talks Failed When You Really Look At It

02-12-2003 23:34

Analysis is beginning to come in fast now.
And most of it points out something beyond
the trueisms and rose-colored-glasses paintings.
Talks failed.

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Making A Case For 9/11 Skepticism

02-12-2003 21:54

While 9/11 Skeptics await the results of the 9/11 commission with an open mind, we are also firmly convinced that the U.S. government is incapable of conducting a truly independent and unhindered investigation into the Sept. 11 phenomena. We view our work as an international citizen’s or people’s investigation of the same, one in which many active minds have long since come together in a fruitful and increasingly international dialogue.

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Reclaim The Bases II weekend, 17/18 January 2004

02-12-2003 21:38

Reclaim The Bases
The upcoming RTB II weekend needs more support!

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SHAC Poster

02-12-2003 21:12

SHAC Demo Poster(for Dec 6th)

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uk/europe alternative esf coming to a derbyshire field, ideas anyone?

02-12-2003 21:05

it was an idea put forward by Peter at the London ESF meeting in November. to have a gathering of people interested in the idea of a social forum as a space rather than a big corporate jamboree for 'red' ken etc. Its for people interested in talking together, sharing food, music, politics etc for a weekend camping in a grassy space in Derbyshire. Derbyshire is not definite, but why not? It would be nice to go north for a change!

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INDYMEDIA CINEMA SPECIAL! - The 4th World War - Wed 3rd 9pm

02-12-2003 20:12

The Fourth World War -
The first London screening of the latest film from Big Noise Films, who also made Zapatista and This is what democracy Looks Like!

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strike spotting in the nw

02-12-2003 19:27

summary of strikes in the nw of the last weeks... starting point for an autonomous circulation of class struggles reports...

Strike Watch UK 18/11/03 – 28/11/03

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Have your voice heard to stop 220 000 tons of cyanide in our water

02-12-2003 18:28

NGO can register with PHARE commission to take stand against cyanide project.

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Will Nonviolent Resistance Work for the Palestinians?

02-12-2003 18:15

fascist racist "israel"

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Sat 6th Dec: Conference in London - "Resisting the Multinational Empire"

02-12-2003 17:56

Resist the Multinational Empire
The Coca Cola Boycott
Conference organized by the Colombia Solidarity Campaign

Saturday 6 December 12.45pm to 5pm
SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies) London WC1

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BVEJ newsletter #0042 November 2003

02-12-2003 17:08

Latest BVEJ newsletter now on-line.

BVEJ - BVEJ mail server - BVEJ website - Stop Bush - Jessica Lynch - Democracy - Bolivia - Que Se Vayan Todos - Georgia - FTAA - McDonald's - Yobs on the streets - Farnborough Airport Consultative Committee - Rotten Borough of Rushmoor - Farnborough town centre - Sprawl-Mart - Pavilion - Snippets - Diary

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Women speak out on the anniversary of the 1984 gas tragedy in Bhopal, India

02-12-2003 16:41

PRESS CONFERENCE 3pm Wednesday 3 December 2003
Women speak out on the anniversary of the 1984 gas tragedy in Bhopal, India
Part of the Global Day of Action Against Corporate Crime
and UN International Day of Disabled People actions

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Council proposes drink ban

02-12-2003 16:04

On Thursday 4 December Cambridge City Council is debating a bye-law which is intended to "control anti-social behaviour arising from the drinking of alcohol in our public places". The bye-law would give police the power to "stop people from drinking alcohol in public places if they were causing, or were likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress to other members of the public." Police would also be able to confiscate alcohol and impose a fine in the event of non co-operation.

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Lancaster IMC 'Re-Load' Sun Dec 14th

02-12-2003 15:33

A discussion and skills-sharing event taking place in Lancaster Dec 14th, to re-load and kick-start the Lancaster IMC

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Report of Anti-Bush demo in London

02-12-2003 15:12

It was hectic and exhilarating to be on such a huge and high-spirited demo. But it was a lot of work! We handed out Strike Journals and a press release about a parliamentary resolution (EDM) from MP John McDonnell defending our picket and Brian Haw’s two-year 24-hour protest in Parliament Square. (They can budget £10m to protect an un-wanted-dead-or-alive non-president, but Brian can’t get police protection from physical assault.)

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Dover: Bush demo 19 Nov

02-12-2003 15:10

Ye olde gatewaye to England shut to Bush.
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