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UK Newswire Archive

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Glasgow's Own R.I.B.

29-09-2013 22:55

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Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty Meeting

29-09-2013 20:55

7pm Mon 30th September 2013                                              Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh, 17 West Montgomery Place, EH7 5HA. The coming ECAP monthly meeting comes at a very important time. In the last few months the situation for claimants on JSA and in the … Continue reading

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No Bedroom Tax! Protest at Edinburgh Council

29-09-2013 20:55

Anti-Bedroom Tax Protest and Delegation to City of Edinburgh Council 9.15am Tuesday 1st October 2013 City Chambers, High St Meeting of Corporate Policy and Strategy committee starts 10am. Come with placards and banners to make your feelings known. A delegation … Continue reading

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UG#664 -The Bloodstained Laundry Of Capitalism(&The Coming Revolt Of The Guards)

29-09-2013 07:36

This week, a trio of angles on capitalism which sharply contradict the idealized world so aggressively pushed by economists and the commercially-controlled media. After Geoff Bailey introduces the concept of "Accumulation by Dispossession", David Graeber summarizes some key points from the book we last year, Debt, The First 5000 Years and we conclude with the final chapter of Howard Zinn's People's History Of The United States.

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Four-week US Embassy 'Peace Picket' ends today.

29-09-2013 00:09

Peace Strike outside US Embassy UK London.
(Sat 28 September) – Peace Strike will today dismantle its emergency 24hr ongoing ‘Peace Picket’ for Syria, outside the US Embassy in London.

Following the passing of a resolution last night by the United Nations Security Council, the immediate threat of Western military strikes on Syria appears to have passed. We shall nevertheless remain vigilant and be following events closely, responding with further action as required.

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September London Critical Mass Bike Ride - report n pics

28-09-2013 17:32

Regent Street full of bikes
A dry September Friday saw around 600 cyclists take to the London streets for the customary end of month ‘Critical Mass’ bicycle ride.

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Fascist sympathiser Anna Von Hausswolff to play Cube, Bristol

28-09-2013 17:30

Anna Von Hausswolff, Burzum
Anna Von Hausswolff publicly endorsed a terrorist who believes in "tackling anti-racism and those behind it, by all possible means", then refused to apologize

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8 October: 'FREE MANNING' Bristol banner drop case comes to court

28-09-2013 10:28

30 May: Banners over the M32

Change of court venue - see addition below

My banners (pictured) were seized by Bristol police at the end of May, at the start of a Bradley (Chelsea) Manning solidarity tour of Bristol and south Wales and on the eve of the Manning show trial in the U.S.

The banners were up on the Gatton Rd footbridge over the M32. Read my account of what happened.

I'll be at Bristol Magistrates Court, Marlborough St. on Tuesday 8 October at 9.15am to answer an alleged offence of 'causing danger to road users contrary to section 22(1)(a) of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and Schedule 2 to the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988'.

Support (and banners!) welcome.

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Informal Anarchist Federation or Intelligence Dirty Tricks To Infiltrate Squats?

28-09-2013 09:53

Domestic Extremism or Intelligence Manipulation? Criminal damage and sabotage by apparently Bristol based UK Informal Anarchist Federation (IAF) setting £16m police firing range on fire – other supposed anarchist attacks – are some of these false flag?

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Is Simon Kirby MP for Brighton Kemptown a Freemason?

28-09-2013 07:03

Making his claim based on what Simon Kirby’s partner in crime, Shipley’s MP Philip Davies, said in the House of Commons and recorded on Hansard, on Friday 9 November 2012, while debating their Disabled Person’s Parking Badges Bill; a mention is make of how Simon Kirby managed to pass his Bill through to its third stage and eventual Royal Assent without the required Second Reading and by a ‘nod of the head.’

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BBC News is crap

27-09-2013 14:16

The BBC is completely failing in its responsibility to educate and inform the public, particularly when it comes to the vital issue of human induced climate change. Here is a concrete example.

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Total Policing Comes to Bristol

27-09-2013 11:35

Avon & Somerset Police have been left looking for a justification for doubling the use of 'Stop and Search' powers since 2007, which was was reported by the BBC this week

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Fascists jailed for attack on antifascists

27-09-2013 08:25

Scum doing time for gang attack on a few antifascists

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Is Rafael Correa the Haile Selassie of Ayahuasca?

26-09-2013 20:04

The dying empire that has threatened to take the rest of us with it now is in a horrifying condition: In its desperate grasp to continue as if nothing had happened, the hemorrhaging regime is trying to play over mutiny in its inner circles with increased harassment of opponents and allies alike. From a diagnostic point of view, its predictable reaction against the rapid erosion of its imperialist delusion is expressing a monstrously enlarged reproduction of its deepest inner contradictions: Its present incapability to cease its spying even as it becomes a threat to its existence is resulting from the same self-destructive impulse that brought it to this irrational behaviour in the first place. The deceptive assumption that the truth about such crime could be repressed forever has not only enabled its perpetration but now is also fueling the illusion it could be forgiven without even being ceded. At the same time it becomes increasingly difficult to deny that the so-called “democratic project”, as its false idealism describes itself, is headed to end up on the wrong side of history, while no human thought can predict how much more destruction it might pile up before being spent there. In such a situation it makes sense to cease following the narrative details of its death spasm and instead look at what could be offering itself as an alternative. Hence this text.

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Jobcentre anger and bans. What a mess.

26-09-2013 18:50

Broken Window at Sparkhill JCP

It’s hardly surprising to hear that the tension is bad at jobcentres. Lengthy and ridiculous benefit sanctions, pointless courses and workfare placements that go nowhere – it’s no wonder that people are getting really, really angry.

Birmingham Against Cuts had a story recently about a man who smashed windows at the Sparkhill jobcentre after being sanctioned.

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Me, Gilad Atzmon and the'Truth'

26-09-2013 13:00

Roy Bard and Gilad Atzmon - London 25/9/13

Housekeeping: This article is by an IMCista. It does not easily fit the Indymedia uk guidelines, but we did discuss it as a collective, and agreed it could be posted. I have put much thinking into its writing, and I am clearly identifiable as a result of putting so much of myself into it. It will make some people very uncomfortable and it is likely to generate some hostile responses and trolling. If people choose to troll or attack anonymously, they should expect their posts to be hidden. If people are disrespectful they should expect the same.


Whilst thinking about the issues in this article, I also discussed it with some people. One person noted in a discussion that:

Feeling that you are set apart by historical experiences and by a sacred text can allow for that defensive feeling to seem justified.

It isn't a big step from realising that to realising that:

Understanding that you are set aside by historical experiences and by a sacred text can allow for that defensive feeling to be overcome.

I thank them for that, and ask that you think about this whilst trying to understand the points I have struggled to express here.

This piece could also have been called "We need to talk about (and with) Gilad."

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Fire Brigades Union FBU Strike

26-09-2013 10:55

Central Fire Station, Nottingham

Wednesday 25th September 2013

Between 12 and 4pm on Wednesday, the Fire Brigade Union called for a strike by its members to highlight it's issues over pensions and that staff are expected to work until they are 60, doing such a physically demanding job.

“All the evidence demonstrates the physically arduous and dangerous nature of the work firefighters undertake. Forcing these dedicated professionals to work beyond their physical capacity not only puts their health at risk it also increases the risk to safety of the general public. I am urging the Government to see sense and get back to the negotiating table for constructive discussion to resolve this dispute.”

John McDonnell MP

Throughout the day messages of support have been flooding in for firefighters striking over the government’s unsafe, unfair and unworkable proposals on pensions.

John McDonnell MP said: “Firefighters have my 100% backing for the industrial action they have been forced to take this week and I will be joining local FBU picket lines to support my local firefighters in their campaign to protect their pension rights.

“All the evidence demonstrates the physically arduous and dangerous nature of the work firefighters undertake. Forcing these dedicated professionals to work beyond their physical capacity not only puts their health at risk it also increases the risk to safety of the general public. I am urging the Government to see sense and get back to the negotiating table for constructive discussion to resolve this dispute.”

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “There are many reasons why the government shouldn’t be pressing ahead with these unfair and ill-thought out changes, with concerns about the likely impact on safety surely top of the list.

“Being able to save people from burning buildings or rescue them from the scene of a multiple vehicle pile-up requires not just bravery, but a good deal of physical strength too.”

Vaxhaull MP Kate Hoey said: “No-one should be expected to do what firefighters do without being fully fit.

“The age limit has worked well and I would urge the Fire Minister to recognise that not only will firefighters’ health be put at risk, but the general public will be at risk too if these changes are forced through.

“Common sense demands that the Government get round the negotiating table again to solve this dispute as soon as possible.”

Robert F Monks, General Secretary of the Unite Road Transport Union said: “We in the URTU are forever appreciative of the hazardous work that FBU members undertake to ensure the safety of road users in the UK.”

Mark Serwotka, General Secretary of trade union PCS, said: “PCS offers its full solidarity to FBU members in their strike today in defence of the vital service they provide to us all.

“The attack on your pensions is the same attack made by government across the public sector, which seeks to recover the costs of the bank crash from the pockets of tomorrow’s pensioners. It is an assault on your members, their future and the vital public service they deliver heroically.”

John F. Smith, General Secretary of the Musicians’ Union, said: “The MU sends it’s solidarity and support to all FBU members in their struggle for fair pensions and a sensible and reasonable retirement age.”


Fire Brigades Union FBU


FBU pensions leaflet.pdf







Photographer - Media: One Eye on the Road. Nottingham.  UK



Member of the National Union of Journalists [NUJ]


"It is not enough to curse the darkness.

                                   It is also necessary to light a lamp!!"



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Repost: “What were you thinking bringing a child to a meeting?” (Or how I single handedly destroyed the student movement)

26-09-2013 10:55

I just read this great piece and thought I would share it here. To quote: “In short, as communists/anarchists/socialists/feminists or whatever variation of lefty you may identify as, we are seeking to achieve an equal society.

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Wrexham: Report and photos from Peace Day events 2013

25-09-2013 22:05


This is what we did for World Peace Day in our little corner of the planet - Wrexham, north Wales...

Report from Veteran for Peace Ben Griffin's talk on Thursday 19 September to follow

Schools Peace Day - Friday 20 September

Service for Peace - Saturday 21 September

Peace Day on the Library Field - Saturday 21 September

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