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UK Newswire Archive

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Images from March 18 Demo 2006

30-03-2006 15:10

Girl with Respect 'Don't Attack Iran' banner
Pictures from Demonstration against Iraq occupation and attack on Iran - Saturday 18th March 2006, London. International Demonstrations.

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Sheriff Officers Prevented from Evicting Elderly Asylum Seeker

30-03-2006 13:50

Dapper (but surprised) Sheriff Officer arriving
Sheriff officers arrived at a tower block in Cardonald, Glasgow, Wednesday morning (29th March) expecting to take possession of Mr Bajaj's flat and if necessary "place him out on the landing". They were prevented from doing so because they were met by friends and supporters of the family including Glasgow No Borders activists and Rosie Kane MSP.

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One rule for us........

30-03-2006 13:26

One Rule For Us.....
Another for them

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Street Theatre Raised Awareness of Dairy Cow Suffering

30-03-2006 11:22

Last Friday morning, 9 members of Redditch Vegetarians & Vegans donned aprons, dressing gowns and cow masks in a Mother`s Day themed publicity stunt! We used an hoover, mop/bucket, brooms and an ironing board to attract the attention of shoppers, and leaflets were handed out which revealed how the dairy cow is the hardest worked of all farmed animals.

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Call out to fun lovin' BUS activists

30-03-2006 10:16

You are invited to join us in a day of bus fun with the cardboard
people-powered bus.
We will be criss-crossing the town centre, stopping at bus stops to
invite passengers to board and to hand out leaflets. Plus any other
activities the group decide on the day.

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Drop the Community Care Charges

30-03-2006 09:56

In February Sheffield City Council announced a 165% increase in home care charges. The council wants to raise £1.7 million by increasing these charges so it can balance its budget.

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Iranians hold protest at Britsh Parliament against all Deportations

30-03-2006 03:18

This evening Iranian Refugees and Asylum Seekers held a protest outside the British Parliament - to protest against the continued removal by the British goverment of Iranian refugees to Iran and the deportations of other people from around the world who seek asylum in the UK. They were joined in this protest by London Noborders and Rhythms of Resistance samba band.

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Poland: Queer club occupied and under siege

30-03-2006 02:08

Warsaw City Council, run by the ruling party PiS (Law and Justice Party), has ordered the closure of 'Le Madame', a popular gay club and counter-cultural/political hub. The place has been occupied, and surrounded by cops. Apparently, there's a 48 hour period of grace, which expires on Thursday.

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Public Service Workers march for pensions. Nottingham Events Pictures 2

29-03-2006 23:47

Public Service Workers march for pensions. Nottingham Events Pictures 2.
Strikers March for pensions. Gathering at 11.30am on the Forest Recreation Ground, they formed up, marched down the Mansfield Road into the city. Many banners and noise.

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Public Service Workers march for pensions. Nottingham Events Pictures 1

29-03-2006 23:41

Public Service Workers march for pensions. Nottingham Events Pictures 1.
Strikers March for pensions. Gathering at 11.30am on the Forest Recreation Ground, they formed up, marched down the Mansfield Road into the city. Many banners and noise.

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Did the Labour Party exceed expenditure limits for the 2005 General Election?

29-03-2006 21:21

On 28th March, I reported possible criminal offences by the Labour Party in respect of election campaign expenditure during the 2005 General Election to New Scotland Yard.
The Met has acknowledged receipt of my report, but has not yet made any public statement indicating that it is being investigated.

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29-03-2006 21:18

Did you know the British government is trying to ban 'democracy'?

The idea that Parliament - from the French, parler, meaning to speak - should be a place where people can express their political views has been turned upside down by The Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (SOCPA) s132 which bans demonstrations and free speech around Parliament.

Never Fear the Fools are Here!

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Blair = Thatcher = Kissenger = Pol Pot

29-03-2006 19:42

'Blue Peter' are in the news for banning the holders of Blue Peter badges from reduced rate tourist attractions since the badges started going on sale on Ebay.
A moral stance against capitalist exploitation ? If that was true why do they hide their footage of Thatcher endorsing genocide ?
I know this article isn't really news - it also isn't available anywhere else even when it was news, and it is still relevant. Besides, I'd hate for the Socialist Worker to have better information than IM.

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Demo at Belarus Embassy, Friday 31st March.

29-03-2006 19:26

In solidarity with the Belarus anarchists, we are calling a demonstration at the Belarus Embassy Friday 31st March. Assemble 3pm High St Kensington Tube Station.

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BBC Strike Bias caught out

29-03-2006 18:44

BBC have you say exposed as a sham

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May the fourth be with you...

29-03-2006 17:19


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Glastonbury movie uses counterculture archive.

29-03-2006 16:16

A unique archive has been used to make the most anticipated movie of 2006. On April 14 film director Julien Temple will launch "GLASTONBURY" the movie in cinemas across the UK. Swansea based video production company, Undercurrents has supplied both unique images and research facilities for the movie.

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Interview with members of Network Against G8 from St Petersburg

29-03-2006 16:14

Interview with members of Network Against G8 from St Petersburg
March 13th 2006

taken from Abolishing The Borders From Below magazine (

People interested to take part in the protests and brave enough are welcome - Interview with anarchists from St.Petersburg

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All the “thug“ (of the misinformation)

29-03-2006 15:22

A call to action : Be the Media, Block their "Madia" : you know it makes sense !
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