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UK Newswire Archive

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Occupy, Strike, Resist 2012

14-09-2012 14:55

A film looking at why students and workers should march against austerity in the coming months.

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Chile: Anarchist demonstration against Pinochet (photos)

14-09-2012 12:08

Chile: Anarchist demonstration against Pinochet

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Ruin the LibDems' Weekend: Shut Down Workfare in Brighton - Sat 22nd September

14-09-2012 11:00

The Liberal Democrat conference is being held in Brighton on Saturday 22nd September 2012 – there will be a large demonstration organised by Brighton Stop the Cuts Coalition and Brighton Trades Council.

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Reclaim Community - Friern Barnet Library

13-09-2012 20:55

On the 5th of September Occupiers and members of the local community in North London reclaimed the Friern Barnet Library after it had its doors closed in April by the council this year due to public sector cuts. The library is now declared liberated, occupied and reopened to the public. Although today the council served an eviction notice.

Four days after squatting abandoned residential buildings became a criminal offence, [1] three squatters looking for an alternative home entered the closed Friern Barnet Library. Slipping in through an open window, they realised that the building held great importance to the community.[2]

Monday saw locals and the local councillors attend a meeting in which the council offered an alternative building. This offer by the Barnet Council was declined. Local campaigners were adamant that this building was built to be a library, used by the community alongside ten local schools.

"I think it's very important to keep this as a library, I was aware of it closing, but today I have enjoyed just dropping in with my son and meeting people." said Satbir Allman, local resident

Local resident Frances Briers of the Save Friern Barnet Library Campaign also agreed how important the library is to the community. She said; "After talks with the occupiers last week we decided to open the library on Saturday. Since, the occupiers and members of the campaign group [3] have been working together in scheduling workshops and organising rotas."

The occupiers state that the closure of the library is a part of a long list of public services that have been listed by Barnet Council as an unnecessary cost. Barnet council like many others are allowing market forces to determine the quality and quantity of public services.

Occupy supporter Leon Pike stated, "I believe that Occupy is about connecting local issues to global ones. We are here to help the community with their plight in any way we can. But it is important for us to make clear that similar struggles are taking place all over the world. Wherever profit is put before people in a system designed and orchestrated by the 1% we can expect to see the loss of public services like this one. We need to take direct action and reclaim our world."

As the Occupy movement gathers its strength for its one year anniversary, supporters in London are building on events and actions in the coming months and beyond, and linking with actions globally.[5][6]



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Gustavo Esteva Sends Letter Supporting San Marcos Avilés

13-09-2012 18:24

“Worldwide Echo in Support of the Zapatistas:
Freedom and Justice for
San Marcos Avilés and Francisco Sántiz López”

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The Stalinist group behind "Student Broad Left"

13-09-2012 17:28

Who are the secretive group behind 'Student Broad Left'? A nasty Stalinist outfit called Socialist Action - exposed here

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Natalie Bennett is the wrong leader

13-09-2012 15:08

The new Green Party leader is unlikely to improve their electoral prospects. If Kate Hudson can win the Manchester Central by-election, Respect is more likely to bring about radical change.

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Domino's Workers Solidarity

13-09-2012 13:14

Fax and Phone Blockade In Support of Domino's Delivery Drivers Australia Monday 17th September

Domino's delivery drivers in Australia have received a 19% pay cut to their wages this year. Domino's Australia made $105 million in profits last year. There is no need for a paycut.

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A Web Between London and Stockholm: The Julian Assange Case.

13-09-2012 13:05

The first comprehensive investigation to be solely based upon all of the available legal documentation and using only research and reference material of the very highest standards. (See website for documentation downloads and research links).

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Activists 'brick up' Shell HQ as Arctic melt

13-09-2012 10:55

Early morning on the 11th September 12 a group of 20 climate change activists calling themselves ‘Ice Bloc’ unloaded nearly two tonnes of ice into the main entrance of Shell HQ. The protest was timed to coincide with this week's impending announcement of the lowest sea-ice coverage ever recorded, a loss of about 50% more ice coverage than the summer ice minimum 30 years ago.  See video of the action by Small Axe films.

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The Sheffield Star Lied About Hillsborough

13-09-2012 09:52

The first place lurid lies about Liverpool fans first appeared was in Sheffield's 'The Star' "newspaper" on 18th April 1989.

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From Here On In - A new Bristol based periodical

12-09-2012 23:31

A new publication from Bristol

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Who killed Katrina Taylor?

12-09-2012 21:27

Who killed Katrina Taylor?
Katrina Taylor Murder

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Unite News Amnesty UK workers to strike for first time in over 20 years

12-09-2012 21:23

Employees of Amnesty International UK will be taking strike action on Wednesday 12 September to protest against the refusal of the organisation’s senior management to enter into meaningful negotiations over an ill-conceived cost cutting programme, including a significant number of redundancies

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Lowell say we give up

12-09-2012 18:55

Here's the white flag letter that was sent to James Coll.

Proof that even the threat of direct action gets the goods. 

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Swooning over Fashion?

12-09-2012 18:55


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Recent Animal Liberation Front (ALF) actions in UK

12-09-2012 16:47

Open all cages, destroy all prisons, TOTAL LIBERATION!!! Below are recent communiques from ALF cells in the UK for actions of liberation of our furred and feathered kin.

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Rossett/wrexham eviction date 19th september 2012

12-09-2012 15:59

with the ever increasing laws being changed at a whip,it appears the law can do what it wants and thrown honest people to prison and breaking familys up

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Look who's going to Skegness

12-09-2012 14:55

As the NF work themselves up into a frenzy about the importance of their national demonstration in Skegness, we thought it might be good to let the world know what a bunch of Nazi dregs will be turning up on Saturday.

Kev Watmough

Aging Nazi from West Yorkshire, renowned for grassing up his fellow fascists and running away whenever militant anti-fascists turn up to give them a kicking. Kev is the man behind Nazi hitlist website Redwatch, which posts pictures and the personal details of people who turn up to anti-racist and trade union events in the vain hope that other fascists will do something about them. He has quite a history of involvement with fascist groups in Leeds and Bradford, including the BNP and Combat 18. More recently he was the leader of Nazi groupuscle, the British People’s Party, best know for paedophilia and bomb making. Oh yeah, and opposing hip-hop… no, seriously.

In recent times the BPP seems to have imploded over the involvement of one of its few remaining members with a Chinese Nazi. Obviously such dangerous race mixing could not be allowed by Kev. Because, like most far right factions these days, the BPP has hardly anyone in it, in recent times Kev has been cosying up to the National Front, North West Infidels, Combined ex-Forces and anyone that’ll have him. Needless to say, his reputation as a grass mean that he has many enemies even within the fascist movement, such as the author of the “White Lies!” blog:

This blog deals with Kevin Richard Watmough who has systematically damaged the movement here in the UK and will expose him for what he is. A Liar, A Cheat, A Rapist and long time Agent Provocateur.


Shane “Diddyman” Calvert

Best mates with Llama abuser, John Snowy Shaw, and number 2 in the North West Infidels, Shane Calvert AKA Diddyman, has been getting excited about a weekend in Skeggy. Best known for climbing on a roof in full camo gear to say that paedos should get the noose or something, Blackburn’s Diddyman was also recently arrested for smashing up his ex’s house in Hartlepool. Probably realising the NWI are going nowhere, he has been trying to make links with the NF (also going nowhere) so that they can at least have a bit of company on their pointless journey.

Loyalist fascists

A number of those going to Skegness demonstrate their admiration of loyalist terrorist groups such as “Ulster Volunteer Force”, named after the paramilitaries who carried out bombings on civilian targets in Northern Ireland, and “Johnny Adair” named after the Ulster Defence Association commander also responsible for massacres of civilians. “Johnny Adair” is also a member of Liverpool Irish Fascists.

Miscellaneous Nazis

A number of other openly fascist skinheads have also notified their attendance including Leicester fan of Nazi band, Section 88, Sean Guilford and Ade Brooks, a Manchester NF bonehead and admirer of Hitler-worshipping paramilitaries, the British Movement, and white power gig organisers, Blood & Honour.

As you can see, this bunch are very keen on protecting animals and aren’t racist. Honest.

In good news on Skegness, Bristol Animal Rights have published this excellent statement clearly rejecting the far right’s attempts to use animal rights as a cover for xenophobia and racism:

The focus on halal slaughter is a sign of racial and cultural discrimination. When the U.K homes battery farms and companies like the East Anglian Pig Company (exposed by Animal Equality early in 2012) it cannot be argued that halal is “more cruel” than other practices in the UK. Instead, it gives fire to sentiments spread by far-right organisations such as the British National Party, National Front, English Defence League and others, who disguise racial hatred as patriotism, or in this case, animal rights. They have no interest in genuine animal liberation, only pushing their own political agenda.

They conclude:

We believe that groups struggling for animal liberation should have militant anti-fascism as an intrinsic part of their politics, and wherever and whenever fascism appears it should be met with strong opposition.

There has also been the announcement of a counter-demonstration against the NF’s planned demo.

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Protest against drone attacks in Pakistan on 14th Sept in Bradford

12-09-2012 11:16

Protest against drone attacks in Pakistan on 14th Sept in Bradford
Protest Against Drone Strikes, Centenary Square, Friday 14th September 2012, 5:30pm. Speakers to include George Galloway MP, Imran Khan (official) and Yvonne Ridley.
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