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UK Newswire Archive

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Resist the Eviction : Defend St Agnes Place this friday

21-10-2003 21:30

kids games at street party
Defend St Agnes Place - 15 homes up for eviction this friday!
(kennington, south london)
Details at
Plus check out streaming radio.

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Mad Pride at the anarchist bookfair

21-10-2003 20:31

Mad Pride will be sharing the usual stall at the anarchist bookfair, this Saturday October 25th, with Spare Change Books.

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Oil Conference Disrupted

21-10-2003 19:31

21st October 2003 – The Petroleum Geology of the Middle East Conference in Central London, sponsored by ConocoPhilips, Statoil, Hess and PGL, presenting speakers from Statoil, Shell and BP was disrupted by antiwar and green protesters.

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Manchester Camp X-Ray - new panoramic footage

21-10-2003 18:15

Just before the Manchester Camp X-Ray art installation ended, I got some panaoramic overhead footage of the camp on a beautiful Autumn day...

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DONATIONS needed to support FTAA/ALCA Indymedia Organizing

21-10-2003 18:00

Many people associated with Indymedia are preparing to cover the FTAA/ALCA Ministerial meeting in Miami this coming November. Several work groups have been formed to coordinate different aspects of our effort. Since Indymedia is an all volunteer collective, to cover this historic moment in history, we are in need of funds to pay for the costs of computer, video and web radio hardware, Internet access and a public convergence space.

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Boycott U.S. name brands!

21-10-2003 16:06

Stop U.S. warmongering and imperialism with economic direct action! Corporate America funds endless wars! Corporate America benefits from endless wars! Shut down the yank war machine by avoiding yank corporations!

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Protestors welcome Oxford Union members attending the Tony Martin debate

21-10-2003 16:05

200 Oxford Union members attended the Tony Martin debate on Tuesday to find 20 students waiting at the gate holding placards and giving out leaflets.

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free taa happening now EC1

21-10-2003 14:16

a week long explosion of art n culture in a squatted london venue

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Hip-Hop is a true expression of a revolutionary culture!

21-10-2003 13:27

For an oppressed people, there is no valid culture unless it is a revolutionary culture. Huey P. Newton (co-founder of the Black Panther Party)

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Liverpool Students' Union says "FEES ARE PANTS!"

21-10-2003 13:19

The largest student led demonstration against student hardship will take place on Sunday 26th October. We want to say NO to tuition fees. No to top-up fees. NO to student hardship.

This is a battle which we can win by changing the minds of all but a few backbench MP's... it really is that simple.

Get your tickets from the Liverpool Students' Union - only £5 for a day trip to London on the coach.

Get Involved - Make a Difference - Make Yourself Heard.

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The Stop the War Coalition - On leadership, democracy and how to wreck a mass mo

21-10-2003 13:19

On Thursday October 9, the Stop the War Coalition called an activists'
meeting to discuss what action would be taken when George Bush arrives for a state visit to Britain on November 19.

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Public Enemy / Interview + Article

21-10-2003 13:17

Public Enemy: Power to the People and the Beats

The famous Civil Rights movement, which began in the fifties with Martin Luther King and reached a climax in the late sixties with the spread of the Black Panther Party, in reality failed to bring a significant improvement in the living standard for the oppressed black minority within the United States. The reformist current inside the movement eventually took over in the early seventies (mostly because of the typical Stalinist mixture of ultra-left and reformist policies of the Black Panther leadership) and directed the movement towards the Democratic Party. The ultimate achievement of this reformist course over the years was the creation of a tiny layer of black petit-bourgeoisie through affirmative action (positive discrimination), which integrated itself into the American white middle class. Most of the Afro-Americans however, remained stuck in the lowest parts of the social ladder to this very day, living in the poorest neighborhoods of the big cities. The economic crisis that hit American capitalism in the seventies and the movement of industry out of the big cities devastated the living conditions for the black minority. From the year 1967 until 1987 Philadelphia lost 64% of it’s industrial jobs, which had been traditionally occupied by blacks. New York lost 58% and, the well-known working class center, Detroit more than 50%. Minority neighborhoods in the heart of the most advanced capitalist country in the world began to resemble third world communities.

See this Link:

The Interview:
"We don’t care what color the oppressor is, it is the oppression that connects us for real"

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‘Make a Difference’ day - Saturday 25th October.

21-10-2003 13:13

St. Andrews Gardens
On Saturday 25th October, Liverpool Students' Union, liverpool John Moores University and Liverpool City Council are coming together for the National Make a Difference Day.
Involving students, staff and local residents and businesses, the Make a Difference Day will help promote unity between the local community and students.
Focussing on the environment the order of the day will be to clean up the area; ranging from litter-picking to graffiti removal and a general social day.
If you would like to get involved get down to St.Andrews Gardens at the top of Copperas Hill for 2 o'clock on Saturday... help us to help 'Make a Difference'.

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Corporate Watch job vacancy

21-10-2003 11:28

Job going at independent radical research co-operative in Oxford.

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Kings College and Political Reaction: a primer

21-10-2003 10:27

Some of you might have noticed that the Anti Capitalist Action (ACA) group is functional again . For the benefit of new Cambridge students, and the rest of the world it is worth reiterating how last year Kings College tried to kick them out, using bogus reason and a bogus process. This incident, that was qualified by some as a pure political trial, happened at the same time as Edward Said, the world renowned academic, was refused a honorary fellowship, apparently for being too vocal on issues surrounding the Middle East conflict.

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Truth, Lies, and The Legend of 9/11

21-10-2003 08:02

A penetrating overview of the Legend of 9/11. Going back over a decade, Kupferberg uses mostly mainstream sources to build a compelling argument that the events leading up to, and arising from, the September 11 attack were part of a covert global operation, the seams of which may be detected by a plethora of contradictions, coincidences, and curiously timed set-ups.

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Another Israeli Raid Against Civilians INDIRECTLY Funded By US Tax Dollars

21-10-2003 05:29

"Israel's Channel 10 TV said that none of the dead were militants, characterizing the refugee camp strike as a "mistake."Residents said one of the dead was a doctor who was treating victims when a second missile struck. The identity of the other victims was not immediately known."

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21-10-2003 05:26

WIRELESS FM the free radio from St Agnes Place is now live.

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Info War on USA Public

21-10-2003 03:39

Info War on USA Public

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Seymour Hersh on the US intelligence communities failures in reporting WMD's

21-10-2003 02:23

Since midsummer, the Senate Intelligence Committee has been attempting to solve the biggest mystery of the Iraq war: the disparity between the Bush Administration’s prewar assessment of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and what has actually been discovered.
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