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UK Newswire Archive

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#Reclaimlove 2011 Pics

12-02-2011 18:22

On a fantastic day when people were celebrating the people's victory in Egypt, another celebration took place in London at the Eros statue at Piccadily - Reclaim Love.

An affirmation of the power of love. A kick against the commercial choc box of valentine's day. A statement of intent.

Much much talk of egypt, and the campaigns against the cuts, and the March 26th TUC protest in London.

Together we are stronger!

This year the celebration took off for Green Park, leaving a chalk trail across the streets and buildings, for a huge circle in the park.  Sound systems, chanting, drumming, dancing. Then back to piccadily...

Fun and celebration - sometimes we need that ;) 

This was the ten year anniversary since the first reclaim love party in 2001


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Pics from #takeVAT action at heathrow

12-02-2011 18:22

A few quick pics from today's TakeVAT protest at Heathrow airport - see below for leaflet text. What struck me was the number of conversations people were having with holidaymakers and other passengers whilst watching the protest. There's a growing realisation about the unfair way in which the government(s) makes the rich richer, and hits the rest of us making us pay for their crisis.

Leaflet text:

Why we are doing this:

Did you know that the aviation industry pays no VAT?

This year it went up to 20% for the rest of us.

We think its unfair.

Aviation fuel is also tax free.

These tax dodgers cost the person on an average wage an extra £500 a year in taxes.

One of the dirtiest and noisiest industries in the world pays the least tax.

That’s plain stupid!


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Take VAT targets Leeds/Bradford airport

12-02-2011 16:22


Protestors descend on Leeds/Bradford Airport in solidarity with protests at Heathrow

Around 20 protesters targeted Leeds/Bradford airport today in a protest about tax avoidance. The protesters made their journey by bus but were stopped by police as soon as they arrived at the airport. Many made a run for the terminal and a few scuffles with police broke out. Eventually they managed to sit down together to make their point heard outside the main terminal building.

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support anti-fascist prisoner Jock Palfreeman

12-02-2011 13:24


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#TakeVAT lands at Heathrow

12-02-2011 13:08

Where to go
#TakeVAT activists met up at Green Park before heading off for Heathrow's Terminal 3 on the Picadilly Line. Fun and games followed, with press being told that they can't film and protestors being told that they would be arrested for aggravated tresspass if they didn't leave the teminal.

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Marching against the cuts in Oxford

12-02-2011 12:12

People from all over Oxford come together today to protest against the government's cuts. The march, organised by Oxfordshire Anti-Cuts Alliance, will highlight the massive public opposition to the cuts.

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Resist Together - March 26th poster

12-02-2011 10:59

Poster for the anti-government protest on March 26th

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#Feb12 Algerians take to the streets

12-02-2011 10:11

Demonstrators gather in Premier Mai Square
30 000 cops are reported to have flooded onto the streets of Algiers in an attempt to quash a pro-democracy rally planned for today. Trains to the city have been canceled, and activists report that all entrances to the city have seen sealed. Many arrests are reported but protestors have vowed to carry on and the crowd is chanting "Echâab Yourid Isqat Annidham" "The people wants to overthrow the system".

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UKCMRI Lab Parliamentary Inquiry Report

12-02-2011 09:22

The first hearing for the Parliamentary Inquiry into the controversial proposed UKCMRI lab took place on 9th February. MPs questioned representatives of UKCMRI and a panel opposing the plans. More below.......

The first hearing for the Science and Technology Parliamentary Inquiry into the UKCMRI bioresearch laboratory plans took place on 9th February, at Portcullis House- more information here.

Representatives of UKCMRI (Malcolm Grant, President and Provost, University College London, Harpal Kumar, Chief Executive, Cancer Research UK, Professor Sir John Savill, Chief Executive, Medical Research Council, and Sir Mark Walport, Chief Executive, Wellcome Trust) were questioned by a panel of MPs chaired by Andrew Miller MP (Labour, Ellesmere Port and Neston) with interesting results and many awkward silences from the UKCMRI panel. Questions were asked about costs, funding, proposed central London site, scale, size and risks. Representatives from St Pancras and Somers Town Planning Action were later questioned and spoke in opposition. Link here to video of the hearing.

A second hearing with Sir Paul Nurse, Chief Executive and Director, UKCMRI Ltd, Sir David Cooksey, Chairman, UKCMRI Ltd and John Cooper, Chief Operating Officer, UKCMRI Ltd, has been arranged for Wednesday 16th February in Thatcher Room, Portcullis House, from 9.15am. Link here to more information.  Link here to interactive map of Portcullis House.

BACKGROUND: The government has offered £220 million of public money towards this proposal to build a gigantic laboratory complex alongside St Pancras International Station, planned to handle "Biosafety Level 3" extremely dangerous pathogens in 79,000 square metres of building, eight storeys above ground and four storeys below ground, on land behind the British Library, at a time of brutal cutbacks. It has been approved at a Camden Council Committee meeting and Boris Johnson has approved the plans. Link here to more information on  Indymedia London website.  

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Assange, WAR and the anti-war movement. Make Space for Peace!

12-02-2011 07:35

Yesterday, Julian Assange's extradition hearing concluded, with judgment reserved until 24 February, when Assange will be back at Woolwich courts next door to Belmarsh high security prison, to hear the ruling.

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Greenwich March To Save Our Services!

12-02-2011 07:14


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Who do they think they are?

12-02-2011 06:57

Michael Gove's reputation as a Mr Bean-style accident-prone bungler can only have been reinforced by the High Court ruling quashing his decision to scrap school building projects.

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Charnwood Campaign Against the Cuts

12-02-2011 06:48

Meeting on Monday 21st Feb at John Storer House at 7:30.

Please come along and help plan campaign actions.

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Demo to celebrate resignation of Mubarak

12-02-2011 00:23

5.00pm 11th February


Folks gathered outside the Council House in the Market Square in celebration of the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak and support of People of Egypt.

Demo for People of Egypt

Folks gathered outside the Council House in the Market Square in celebration of the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak and support of People of Egypt.  

At 4.oopm this afternoon, resignation was announced. A few speeches, banners and flags waived.  Developments in Egypt still happening by the hour. 

It still of course remains to be seen if the usual suspects remain in power .... and for how long before elections. Still, a first step. 

I understand they're having a bit of a party in Tahrir square, Cairo at the minute.


Support Demo for People of Egypt



Photographer - Media: One Eye on the Road. Nottingham.  UK



Member of the National Union of Journalists [NUJ]


"It is not enough to curse the darkness.

                                   It is also necessary to light a lamp!!"



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BNP Crufts website causing a stir

12-02-2011 00:16

Its Been a day since the website became active.

the website is an almost identical copy of the crufts website claiming this year the BNP are Cruft's official sponsor. linking their similar views whilst explaining Whether you call it 'pedigree' or 'master race', the quest for pure bloodlines is the same thing - the false and dangerous belief that some breeds or races are superior to others and asking true dog lovers to take a bite out of cruelty by boycotting breeders and adopting a lovable animal from a shelter instead.

however since the website was launched and published to indymedia there has been anger amongst both kennel club and BNP members

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Sheffield Celebration of Mubarak's Resignation in #Egypt

11-02-2011 22:35

Protestors gathered in Sheffield on 11th February 2011, the evening of the 18th day of the revolution in Egypt, after hearing that Mubarak had resigned and had handed control of the state to the military.

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Petition - NO Underground Nuke Dump!

11-02-2011 22:22

The Lakes are well known for Lakeland springs flowing from leaky geology.  Leaky geology is brilliant for Lakeland springs but disastrous as a geological barrier to prevent high level nuclear wastes percolating to the top. 

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ubarak 2.0: Egypt VP Suleiman Has Menacing Reputation

11-02-2011 19:39

"Great changes are now “possible” in Egypt and, potentially throughout the Arab world, but are by no means certain. The US/Israel have a plan B, etc. Bet on it. The citizens of Egypt have shown incredible courage and valor in their struggle. But that struggle continues. Egyptians now must fashion an economy and democracy that serves the needs of all it’s people. Resistance to this effort will be intense. And rest assured has already begun."
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