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UK Newswire Archive

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07-06-2004 03:38



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Anti-G8 protests across East Anglia!

07-06-2004 02:22

Next week will see Anti-G8 protests and actions accross East Anglia, in Norwich, Cambridge, Ipswich and elsewhere. Check out

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Bristol STW Regional News : 7th June 2004 (VIRTUAL VERSION)

07-06-2004 01:30


DAY OF ACTION: 30th June (part of a week of action) Sections 5, 6, 7

NOTE: Please see Sections 9 & 10 for more Bristol & Regional events.

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Bristol STW Regional News : 7th June 2004 (PRINTER VERSION)

07-06-2004 00:56

Welcome to June's downloadable version of Bristol-Stop-The-War News. This development is a part of a response to the growing gap between the amount of info we've been able to send those with email, & those without. Please read on to find out how you can help us close this information gap.

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Wiltshire town Calne leafelted against BNP

07-06-2004 00:39

20 supporters of Unite Against Fascism, (including members of the Labour Party, Lib Dems, Greens, Socialist Alliance, RESPECT and hunt sabs, and people who just don’t like fascists) leafleted Calne with 3000 Searchlight newspapers on Sunday 6th June. Calne is a small town in Wiltshire, quite nice, but not at all affluent and there are a few social problems.

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Stop the Archaic Use of Chimps in Adverts

06-06-2004 23:09

The massive Portman Group has started an advertising campaign on 'socially responsible drinking', developed by M&C Saatchi, featuring a live chimp apparently swigging beer and wine. For more info, please see their website To help stop this commercial being aired please read on.

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The Halifax International Symposium on Media and Disinformation

06-06-2004 21:43

Gathering in Halifax to address the problem of disinformation and build alternatives, June 30 to July 4.

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Festival of Resistance in Sussex

06-06-2004 21:19

Details of the Festival of Resistance being staged at 23TOPIA, the new South Coast autonomous squat social centre, have been released.

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Star Spangled Banner (a return)

06-06-2004 20:58

A flag is an important symbol of a country.

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Cannabis Festival in London, Sat 5 June

06-06-2004 20:31

View of the Festival
Here there are some photos of Saturday's Legalise Cannabis Festival in London, and the Indymedia-UK stall. After the annual march from Kennington Park to Brixton, a huge crowd gathered in Brockwell Park to party all day to several sound systems and a live stage ... where different musical styles mixed well with the very particular smells of the day :-)

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The Reagan Legacy

06-06-2004 18:47

Usually, I am very reluctant to criticize the dead. However, since the corporate media seem so fervent in their desire to glorify Ronald Reagan and will probably do so for weeks, if not months, I believe an alternative perspective is only fair.

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The STOP march (Swindonians Together On Planning)

06-06-2004 17:24

"Broken promises!!! 1) Front Garden 2) Coate Water 3) Shaw Forest"
In a show of unity, campaigners and residents from across Swindon marched into the town centre by various routes, converging on Swindon Borough Council's civic offices for a rally addressed by speakers from local campaign groups and organisations and Swindon South's MP Julia Drown. Photos are from the Shaw Forest leg of the march.

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Barcelona Forum 2004: "sans-papiers" in cathedral forced to evacuate it

06-06-2004 14:28

Barcelona Forum 2004: "sans-papiers" in cathedral forced to evacuate it with violence by the police

After the demostration of this sameday afternoon, 2 occupations, the church "Esglesia del Pi" and the Barcelona Cathedral. Cathedral has been disloged, the other resist. We don't know if all the arrested people is free now.

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Occupied Social Centre - Events June 7th - 13th

06-06-2004 13:02

Three weeks later- Still fighting the Eviction!

Events/meetings/gigs @ Ex-Grand Banks occupied social centre 156-158 Fortess Rd, NW5
We open everyday from 12noon until 12midnight.

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Birmingham Indymedia Refugee Week Screening: No One is Illegal - 10th June

06-06-2004 11:23

No One is Illegal Boarding Pass
Birmingham Indymedia presents an evening of independent media activist documentary and discussion on the theme of asylum.

"No one is illegal"

7.30 Thursday, June 10th, Decoy, 22 Green St, Digbeth (opposite Custard Factory, behind Peugeot dealership)

Suggested donation: £4 / £2 (no one turned away for lack of funds)
Any profits will be given to B-MAG's Asylum Seekers' Destitution Fund.

B-MAG's Asylum-seekers’ Destitution Fund was established in 2003 to assist the increasing numbers of asylum-seekers in and around Birmingham whose support and accommodation from the National Asylum Support Service (NASS) have been terminated, or who otherwise become destitute.

Please help us promote the event by printing out the attached pdf file

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GATS Free Zone

06-06-2004 09:25

To show that we don't want GATS, a GATS Free Zone logo is available.

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Seeking info on 1949 WorldFestival of Youth and Peace

06-06-2004 08:14

Anyone who went to Hungary in 1949 should look there at the "Seeking info on 1949 World Festival...." and read the comment querying rewriting History that is about to fall off the bottom of the front page.

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Electioneering and Advertising in Indycymru

06-06-2004 07:51

Note on Indycymru says: Electioneering! and now Advertising! Abandon IMC all ye who enter here. But request from your Library "Throwim Way Leg" by Tim Flannery. And do what you can to destroy this Civilisation that is genociding the tribes in West Papua.

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Barcelona :: noticias del encierro de l*s inmigrantes

06-06-2004 05:46

translation please :)

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bush in paris D-Day demo

05-06-2004 23:36

paris bush protest photo
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