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UK Newswire Archive

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Palestine Today 11 23 2010

23-11-2010 17:21

Welcome to Palestine today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Tuesday, November 23rd 2010

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American Airlines besieged with complaints

23-11-2010 16:32

US airlines face increased customer complaints over the new enhanced TSA security screening procedures

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Anti cuts and fees protest at Uni. Birmingham - 24th November

23-11-2010 16:16

Protest against coalition cuts and tuition fees on Wednesday 23rd November,1 pm; Chancellors Court, University of Birmingham .

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Heterosexual couple refused civil partnership

23-11-2010 15:49

Peter Tatchell 23 November at 15:20 Reply • Report
Heterosexual couple refused civil partnership

Battle for straight equality continues

Next phase: legal action in the courts

‘Equal Love’ campaign opposes exclusion of straight couples

Bristol, UK - 23 November 2010

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updates to the squatting ban in the netherlands

23-11-2010 15:22

 A timeline of actions in Amsterdam and elsewhere in the Netherlands during the squatting ban

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Flyer for Bristol student day of action

23-11-2010 14:22

A bit last minute, but pass it on...
Have a good day!

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Bristol Indymedia Film Night: Where are the women? Here they are!

23-11-2010 13:22

10th January 2011, 8pm at the Cube Cinema, Stokes Croft, Bristol
10th January 2011, 8pm at the Cube Cinema, Stokes Croft, Bristol

Entry £3/£4 (but nobody refused entry for a lack of funds.)
Bristol Feminist Network, Bristol Fawcett have worked together over the last few years to raise awareness of the representation of women in the media. We were endlessly struck by the sheer absence of women from our culture - from the lack of women performing in comedy clubs, to the lack of women headlining gigs, and the dearth of films being shown by women directors and writers. The lack of women's voices on the radio, the invisibility of women on our TV screens and in our newspapers (except when wearing not much or to comment on women wearing not much...)

Tonight is designed to change all that. We are here to celebrate the talent and creativity of women, from film makers, musicians, comedians and artists.

This is a night to end the absence of women in our cultural landscape.

Find The Cube at : Dove Street South, Bristol BS2 8JD
Directions to Cube:

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Arts Show Attacks Plans for Stadium in Greenbelt

23-11-2010 12:23


Soccer drawings, collage and poetry by Lord Biro including a poster attacking Nottingham City Council's
 plans to build a football stadium at the green belt in Gamston for the World Cup in 2018 (if England's bid is successful).

Lorraine Kelly liked my Wayne Rooney Poem” - Art Show


Drawings, collage and poetry by Lord Biro including Cloughie and Roodolph the Red Nosed Rooney etc. Plus a poster attacking Nottingham City Council's plans to build a football stadium at the green belt in Gamston for the World Cup in 2018 (if England's bid is successful). The highlight of the show is a signed autograph from Lorraine Kelly who was amused by Lord Biro's poem about Wayne Rooney’s off the pitch problems. Venue: Crocus Gallery, 1 Church Sq. Lenton Nottingham NG7 1SL (back of the Savoy Cinema, Derby Road) Tues 23rd Nov – Thurs 2nd Dec 11 am til 4pm

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EDF Energy slammed for cruelty to Hinkley badgers

23-11-2010 11:51

Greenfield site EDF plans to bulldoze (Credit: Paul Glendell)
Pressure group warns of future safety risks at nuclear power plant

Energy giant EDF Energy has been blasted for breaching conservation guidelines and forcing a colony of badgers off land earmarked for controversial new nuclear power stations at Hinkley Point in north Somerset. Environmentalists warn that future corner-cutting could put lives at risk if construction of the two new reactors gets the green light.

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The Case of the Angola 3 --A review of the new film “In The Land of the Free...”

23-11-2010 10:20

This new British documentary film tells a chilling tale of political repression in the US. Targeted for their militancy, co-captives Wallace, Woodfox and Robert King had organized a prison chapter of the Black Panther Party and they became known as the Angola 3 after they were falsely convicted by kangaroo courts and all-white juries.

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Picket Nick Clegg in Camden tonight

23-11-2010 10:05

Kings Place Hall
190 York Way, London, United Kingdom, N1 9GU
6pm tonight Tuesday 23rd
Nick Clegg Lecture

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Ahava: Occupation #5 – 22 November 2010

23-11-2010 09:53

Monmouth Street - getting tobe a regular sight
The Ahava shop in London’s Monmouth Street was occupied yesterday by two Palestine solidarity activists who attached themselves to a concrete-filled oil barrel at approx 10:45am. This was the fifth successful occupation of the UK Ahava shop to take place since January 2009. The last occupation was on 2 October which resulted in further negative publicity for the company, a loss of trade, as well as the arrest of two activists on the charge of aggravated trespass.

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Protest concerning the Con/Dem government's proposed public spending cuts outsid

23-11-2010 05:43

Protest concerning the Con/Dem government's proposed public spending cuts outside Gloucester Boots

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"Giuseppe Conlon House" - a Catholic Worker Project Opens in London!

23-11-2010 05:07

Report from the opening of Giuseppe Conlon House - a London Catholic Worker Project offering hospitality to destitute refugees and nonviolent resistance to the war machine.

More reports and photos can be found here:

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angry crowd at haringey council meeting tonight

23-11-2010 00:22

an angry crowd of 50 to 100 people braved the cold tonight to picket a haringey council meeting at wood green civic centre in protest at proposed cuts on public services in the area.

the protest called on councillors to reject privatisation, reject and refuse to implement the cuts, or to resign on principle.

haringey council has already had £17 million central funding frozen or axed, and has announced it is facing cuts of £100 million over three years, with £50 million next year alone.

they have also announced their intention to privatise tottenham and wood green cemeteries and enfield crematorium.

the cuts will have devastating effects on public services and jobs, hitting the vulnerable, the young, and the voluntary sector hardest.

tonight's protest was small but noisy, and was organised and attended by several haringey activist groups.

councils throughout the country are facing similar protests outside town halls on a regular basis, and last week, a lewisham council meeting was closed down by an invasion of angry voters. (

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Improve the UK Animal Rights Feed

23-11-2010 00:06

The UK animal rights feed has been running since early September and has been going very well

The feed collects news from various websites, twitter accounts, blogs, indymedia (animal lib) and the animal rights calender (see bottom of article for full list).

This information is filtered and combined into a single RSS feed which is automatically updated every half hour and made available to anyone who wants too keep up with news on animal rights across the UK.

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Oxford Student Walkout And Protest This Wednesday

23-11-2010 00:01


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Bristol Student Walkout And Protest This Wednesday

22-11-2010 23:42


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Manchester Student Walkout & Protest This Wed

22-11-2010 23:18

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