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UK Newswire Archive

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What Rachel Saw: Rachel Corrie & Palestine

16-03-2007 20:30

Like most IDF crimes, this one happened because the people involved no longer saw Corrie as a human being, but as "the other", dehumanized to the point where she could be killed with no second thoughts. (And the Plant's comments will only further demonstrate this.)

These killings only highlight the hatred that is indicative of such fundamentalist and racist ideologies such as Zionism.

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Grrrl bicycle ride

16-03-2007 20:20

Wednesday 11th April
Women's/ Girl's Only Ride meet 7pm at The Basement for a nice social ride on mostly off road routes ending with a beer in a pub!

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March tomorrow in London

16-03-2007 19:54

Tomorrow there is a march in London (and also in Glasgow) starting at 11am from the Royal College of Physicians. This is to protest against the farce that has been unfolding the past few months related to junior doctors' training which is likely to see between 8-15 thousand doctors unemployed come the beginning of August.

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Torture Investigation Stopped by Canadian Military Officials

16-03-2007 19:52

The practice of handing over prisoners is ``directed by the operational chair of command and is required to be followed by all (Canadian Forces) members involved in the handling of detainees, not just the military police."

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Is Iran Next? What can the average person do to stop a new war with Iran?

16-03-2007 19:25

Marches, petitions, calls, and faxes to congress are important channels for political action, but what could possibly stop a new war with Iran? One has to wonder, are our congressional leaders even reading their faxes? A notable website called recently published over 80 names and organizations of people whom directly influence policy and the president. Maybe through side channels, average Americans can get their message through.

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Transition Culture London

16-03-2007 19:02

Transition Culture London- planning for a post-peak oil, sustainable world

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Corruption in the Defence Industry

16-03-2007 19:00

Last night a very interesting couple of talks took place in the Redlands Friends Meeting House in Bristol, organised by the Bristol Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT).

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Hungary: Budapest is burning again

16-03-2007 18:55

The far-right is rioting in Budapest.

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Go tell the Spartans / against Hollywood war on Iran propaganda

16-03-2007 18:41

New Hollywood “blockbuster” has upset Iran and Iranian nationals living in various parts of the World have started a campaign to hight light this blatant propaganda They say the film portrays the Persians as a bunch of dark skinned savages, 20.000 against 300, white Spartans
Here's a good article by an Iranian living in California.
Touraj Daryaee is Professor of Ancient History at California State University, Fullerton.

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Making Mayhem: Sheffield Suffragettes

16-03-2007 16:43

Sheffiled Popular Arts, a community based arts organisation presents:
'Making Mayhem: Sheffield Suffragettes.'
The story of Sheffield suffragettes' struggle for the vote told in drama and song

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Yet more injustice: appeal courts deny Newchurch 3

16-03-2007 16:31

Jonny Ablewhite, along with John Smith and Kerry Whitburn, had their appeal today against the draconian sentence of 12 years for activities related to Newchurch guinea pig farm. They received no reduction in sentence. The prosecution were even told they didn't need to present their case. This is indicative of the corruption of the judicial system and the state's repression of animal rights activists!

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NAN Conference

16-03-2007 16:09

NAN Conference on anarcho-syndicalism

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Pix of Trident Vote Protest - Wed 14 Mar 07

16-03-2007 14:02

Greenpeace bikes get the message across
Pictures of the protests against replacing the UK’s thermo-nuclear horrorshow Trident submarine/missile systems; from Waterloo to Parliament Square

For permission to copy and use, see CopyLeft at the end of the story below the photos.
For a link to other sets of photos, see one of the comments at the foot of this page.

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London Climate Campers update

16-03-2007 13:32

Only four months to go till the 2007 Camp for Climate Action - are you getting involved?

Get inspired, watch the Reclaim Power movie about last years camp at the rampART social centre tonight from 8pm. (see Copies are now available on DVD in this country from Rising Tide and local groups working towards this years climate camp.

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Ola and family Released From Detention

16-03-2007 13:23

Olawumi Alao and her three children were released on 13 March 2007 from Yarl's Wood immigration removal centre (IRC) in Bedfordshire. Olawumi and her children had been held at the prison for almost 6 weeks. For what reason??? They are now back at their home in Liverpool from where they were kidnapped by snatch squads early on 1 February 2007. But for an injunction filed by her solicitor, the racist authorities would have deported them by 5 February. Ola and her youngest child, suffer from Hepatitis B, but were not been given any treatment at Yarl's Wood detention centre. On 12 February, the 1-year-old, Fayad was violently sick - but still he got no medical treatment. Ola was refused bail, because, said the Home Office, she was likely to 'abscond'; but Ola has lived in Liverpool for the past 18 months, without 'absconding', reporting to Reliance House in Liverpool regularly and keeping her children in the local schools. She did not 'abscond' even after the immigration service thugs twice raided her house whilst the family was out. Thanks to all those who wrote and emailed the councillors and MP about Ola and her children. The campaign goes on, Ola is still in danger of deportation, so watch this space...

Defend Ola and Family!

Defend all asylum seekers!

No to deportations!

No to British state racism!

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Riot At Campsfield Detention Centre!

16-03-2007 13:22

On Wednesday 14 March 2007, another riot began at Campsfield Detention Centre, near Kidlington in Oxfordshire, after racist staff tried to drag an Algerian detainee from his room at around 6:30am, to deport him.
Uprising at Campsfield immigration prison

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New Squatted Centre, Camberwell South London

16-03-2007 13:06

Flyer for the new place
A bunch of local south londoners have opened up a building in Camberwell, South London and are fixing it up to run as a social space. Right now, lots of work fixing and repairing is going on towards getting the space ready for a caff, and social nights with films.

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Mayor of Sofia and Minister of Agriculture Delay Humane Animal Control

16-03-2007 13:05

No any reaction of the letter below.

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14 Landrovers covered in Paintstripper

16-03-2007 11:57

Fourteen 4x4s were covered in painstripper in a Land Rover Dealership near Hereford in an action against climate change. Slogans were also sprayed while the vehicles were left to ruin.

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No deportations to Congo! Public meeting

16-03-2007 11:54

Saturday 24th march 4.30pm-7.30pm
Ladywood Art/Leisure Centre
316 Monument Rd
B16 8TR
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