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UK Newswire Archive

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Bike Film Night @ Rampart Social Centre,Thurs 13 December,8-12pm

10-12-2007 17:37

Bike Films and discussion re. setting up a radical bike group in London and a free bike workshop at Rampart St.

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Petrol price protests planned for Saturday

10-12-2007 16:14

Remember the chaos that the fuel protests caused in 2000? There is a call for more protests of this type on Saturday:

"Transaction2007 have decided to release the date and time of protest action earlier than scheduled. This is to enable the motorist and public to better prepare themselves for the coming action."

"A date of Saturday 15th December 2007 at 10:00am has been decided for protest action. This date was decided by members as the best possible to enable those who would normally be working during the week to attend. This action will be initiated at a refinery or storage depot somewhere near you. Anyone wishing to support action is requested to make your way there at the alotted time. Transaction again wish to emphasise the importance of legal protesting."

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Come To This Party...

10-12-2007 16:07

7.30 - late late late
Free b4 9.30 £3 donation after.

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Palestine Today 121007

10-12-2007 16:01

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Monday, December 10th, 2007.

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Policy on Asylum Seekers is ‘harsh and coercive’

10-12-2007 15:32

A national citizens’ enquiry into the UK asylum system heard evidence of the desperate measures taken by asylum seekers denied benefits and prevented from working under asylum rules- often forced to sleep rough, raid bins or work illegally just to survive.

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Global Climate Change March, London Dec 8, 2007

10-12-2007 10:29

Picket at Tecso Metro, Lower Regent St. (C) Peter Marshall
The march showed growing public concern about climate change with over 6,000 marchers and several hundred cyclists making their way through the centre of London. It was a one of over 50 world-wide actions before the UN Climate Change talks in Bali. Images are copyright.

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Police manhandle Tesco biofuel protestors – corporate protection gone mad?

10-12-2007 09:36

Protestors forced into metal pen
3 protestors who arrived to set up a peaceful protest against Tesco’s investments into biofuels were manhandled by Police in central London on December 8th who forced them into a metal pen. Despite, this a peaceful protest was held for an hour including a stop by 300 cyclists and 1 minutes silence for those who are suffering or who have died as the result of massive expansion of large scale biofuel plantations across the South.

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Come to Tasmania! (Rainforest Protection)

10-12-2007 08:04

Untouched rainforest, 'old-growth' is being logged for paper, woodchips and profits at an alarming rate. Trees turn carbon into oxygen, rainforests are perhaps our greatest ally against global warming and considered by scientists and ecologists alike to be Planet Earth's 'lungs'. In Tasmania you have
people turning the most beautiful land into a temporary desert for profit, ignoring public opinion, changing laws to suit themselves and a line drawn in the sand.

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IWW commence build-up to major assault on NBS bosses

10-12-2007 05:16

Keep it local.
With new phase of IWW campaign against 600 job cuts, the wobblies launch massive recruitment drive.

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Ebola outbreak kills two doctors, causing panic in East Africa

10-12-2007 02:31

The Baltimore Sun is reporting: KAMPALA, Uganda — Health workers, including two physicians, are among the dead in an Ebola outbreak in Uganda, spreading fear among doctors and nurses needed to help treat victims of the highly contagious disease, officials said.

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Pictures from Campaign against Climate Change march in London.

10-12-2007 02:26

Parliament cares nothing for the world
Around 10,000? climate campaigners marched from Millbank to the American embassy in Grosvenor square despite the pouring rain.

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Censoring the U.S. Role in Gaza’s 'Civil War'

10-12-2007 02:25

The media's silence on the issue was absolutely deafening, as was their silence on Israel's Collective Punishment of Gaza, and its plans for a massive military assault to follow Annapolis.

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Channel Tunnel / Eurostar fears as deadly virus container gets go ahead!

10-12-2007 02:21

Fears over the opening of the Channel Tunnel / Eurostar became reality this week. The Channel Tunnel links the UK to mainland Europe and could carry deaqdly disease actoss the world, thanks to the go ahead for a deadly vurus containement facility. The facility is going to be the world'd largest, highest level virus lab.The tunnel will also bring tourists wishing to view thr 2012 Olympic Games.

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Property prices set to plummet as Gordon Brown backs deadly virus lab

10-12-2007 01:26

London property prices are predicted to plummet as Gordon Brown gives backing to deadly virus containment facility. Residents of Camden, Islington and Westminster are likely to see the value of their property decrease by millions as the threat of deadly viruses becomes reality...thanks to the MRC/ Wellcome #Trust /Cancere Research successful bid for land at St Pancras.

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Gordon Brown Backs World Class Deadly Medical Facility

10-12-2007 00:32

Gordon Brown Prime Minister backs horror facility despite widespread condemnation throught UK.

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Arbuthnot backs arms industry campaign

10-12-2007 00:04

James Arbuthnot is the Tory chairman of the all-party Commons defence committee. As a government minister he helped conceal the facts when there were allegations of major fraud on UK arms contracts. This week he's taken a vocal lead in the arms industry's campaign to get even more taxpayer's money. Meanwhile no one is even talking about the continuing problem of fraud on arms contracts.

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Carmel gets fruity with protesters

09-12-2007 21:48

This afternoon 8 protesters from JAGUAR (Jews And Gentiles Undermining Apartheid Regime) attempted to blockade the main UK warehouse of Israeli agricultural produce exporter Carmel Agrexco. The action was the latest in a three year campaign against Carmel Agrexco aiming to disrupt and expose their illegal activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

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Israeli Democracy: Arabs Need Not Apply

09-12-2007 21:31

Ellen Davidson is a longtime Jewish- American peace activist from New York who traveled to Palestine on a delegation with the Middle East Children’s Alliance,

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Child Prisoners in Iraq Suffering Same Abuse as Adults

09-12-2007 21:30

The propaganda of the Neo-Fascists falls apart when they become a thousandfold more brutal and barabaric than 'ze terrorists" we're supposed to fear.

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Summary Number 38/39

09-12-2007 20:19

The magazine The Memory of Our People
Rosario, Argentina. Year III, No. 38/39
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