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UK Newswire Archive

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How U.S. Government Can use NSA Spy-Wiretaps against European Citizens in Court

17-02-2008 00:18


See former U.S. Attorney General Ashcroft's intentions to use illegal-wiretaps against ordinary U.S. Citizens, going back decades: not only against potential terrorists.

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Activists occupy lobbies of HLS customer buildings

16-02-2008 23:41

Inside the lobby at Merck
On the afternoon of Feb 15, animal rights activists staged noisy protests and lobby occupations aimed at pharmaceutical industry customers of Huntingdon Life Sciences.

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Burma situation “significantly worse”, protesters tortured, jailed

16-02-2008 22:38

The overall situation in Burma has deteriorated significantly since the protests three months ago, with 80% of the leadership of the monk and student networks that led them caught and jailed, reports the international public opinion campaigning organisation, Avaaz. The remaining 20% are on the run, hiding in safe houses and constantly at risk, a circular email from Avaaz says. “The Burmese generals have used torture extensively to work their way through these networks. They have also immediately and viciously cracked down on any street protests."

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Oaxacan teachers occupy secondary school controlled by the scabs and government

16-02-2008 22:31

Schoolteachers affiliated to the Sección 22 branch of the education union SNTE (Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores en Educación) - the main protagonists behind the Oaxaca revolt of 2006 - have occupied a secondary school in eastern Oaxaca under the control of the Sección 59 scab union branch.

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Reclaim the Love (pics)

16-02-2008 20:25

Some pics from todays Reclaim the Love event.

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Dead Prez concert ends in a riot after arrest

16-02-2008 17:46

The incident began when a campus police officer arrested a suspect on misdemeanor assault charges... Rioters then smashed in the cruiser's windows, graffitied the car and looted its contents, which included a laptop and radar gun before flipping the car over.

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Planktos Ocean Dumping Scheme Defeated by Anti-Whalers

16-02-2008 17:22

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Our campaign against Planktos Inc. is over. The controversial plan to dump hundreds of tons of iron ore dust into the ocean in a bizarre scheme to seed plankton blooms has been abandoned by the Planktos corporation of California.

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B.A.E Be My Valentine Protest Newcastle Upon Tyne

16-02-2008 17:11

Protestors demonstrate against B.A.E tank factory.

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Rally against ExxonMobil in London this Wednesday 5pm-6.30pm!

16-02-2008 15:47

In the past few days, British, Dutch and US courts have accepted a compensation claim by ExxonMobil and frozen up to £12 billion worth of Venezuela's assets. Hands Off Venezuela is calling for all supporters to protest against these provocative actions and tell ExxonMobil: Hands off Venezuela's oil! Join us outside its London offices this Wednesday (February 20th) from 5pm to 6.30pm, 3 Clements Inn WC2A, nearest Tubes: Temple, Holborn.

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Sheffield activists ruin Friday for army recuiters...

16-02-2008 15:12

To mark the fifth anniversary of the 2,000,000-strong anti-war demo in London, members of the Sheffield Activist Network (SAN) blockaded the city's military recruitment centre on Church Street.

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Britain again comes to Musharraf’s aid

16-02-2008 13:48

A Scotland Yard investigation team has issued a report on the assassination of two-time Pakistani Prime Minister, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader, and PPP prime ministerial candidate Benazir Bhutto. Although the report is largely politically motivated conjecture—Pakistani authorities had themselves destroyed much of the evidence within hours of the assassination—the regime of embattled dictator Pervez Musharraf and its mentors in the Bush administration have seized on it as proof of their earlier claims that Bhutto’s murder was the work of Al Qaeda and/or the Taliban and them alone.

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Britain’s foreign secretary urges no retreat on imperialist militarism

16-02-2008 13:46

Foreign Secretary David Miliband outlined his foreign policy goals before an audience at Oxford University earlier this week. Billed as his first significant speech in his new post under Prime Minister Gordon Brown, his remarks was described as an effort to “recast” British foreign policy in the face of popular hostility to the wars and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq.

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More CDG lies exposed

16-02-2008 13:38

Following inquiries by DWP concerned at adverse comments on Indymedia UK, CDG were asked to comment. Their comments make interesting reading and reveal the extent to which they are prepared to lie to hang on to their lucrative training contracts.

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Monday Love From Lebanon

16-02-2008 12:00

Documentary films 'Deadly Playground' & 'All Flights Cancelled'
presented by Producer/Director Katia Saleh
& 'I Remember Lebanon' by Zeina Aboul Hosn.

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Stop the Swedish "Triangle of Death" Seven polar bears held for attempted air tr

16-02-2008 11:43

Climate activist group Klimax in Sweden are tired of unnecessary short haul and national flights. Especially between the major cities of Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmo/Copenhagen, all directly coupled by the nearest thing Sweden has to a high speed train. That's why that on Friday the 15th of February strange things started happening at airports around Sweden.

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Glasgow May Day planning meeting

16-02-2008 10:44

Planning meeting for this years Glasgow May Day.
23rd Febuary 4p.m.
Kings Court,

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Unlawful Detention

16-02-2008 10:24

An asylum seeker continues to languish in Britains (Guantanamo Bay) Harmondsworth Detention Centre for 8 months after been detained despite the facts that it is against Home Office published policy on detention, on parents enagaged in Child Contact Proceedings and Case law regarding eminent removal.

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Israel's Extremists Lay Groundwork for Assault on Gaza

16-02-2008 02:10

Which means that they will soon be knocking on the Brown Government's door.

Let's beat them to the punch.


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How the EU helps Israel to strangle Gaza

16-02-2008 02:06

Ridiculous as it may seem, the EU takes the view that the opening of the crossing is a matter that may be disputed by Israeli representatives in the liaison office. And if they don't agree to it opening, the EU doesn't send its monitors to the crossing, as required for its opening under the terms of the agreement. So, Israel has a veto over the opening of the crossing, even though, according to Rice and Solana, it is "not controlled by the Israelis."

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Judges condemn police lies after 9/11 attacks that ruined pilot's life

16-02-2008 02:04

So case after case after case falls apart due to the abject lack of evidence to support the Official Conspiracy Theory, yet we're still expected to swallow this fairy tale, and allow those proven, pathological liars and killers who concocted it to continue with their most heinous international crimes, based solely on that Theory ...
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