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UK Newswire Archive

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Scaredy blair knows...BIN CANT LOSE!

16-09-2001 12:54

This is off the central website.

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SELL SELL SELL help the US market crash by selling your shares

16-09-2001 12:44

help the biggest sell off in history on the stock market by selling your shares, this will end US domination of the world...

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How to understand the U.S: What is corporatism? what is fascism?

16-09-2001 11:59

Mussolini came to power after the "March on Rome" in 1922, and was appointed Prime Minister by King Victor Emmanuel.
In 1932 Mussolini wrote (with the help of Giovanni Gentile) and entry for the Italian Encyclopedia on the definition of fascism. Mussolini was also the architect of what we know now as "corporatism".

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Desert Boots for the British Army

16-09-2001 05:52

The British Army has been on a bit of a spending spree at DSEi, one purchase which raised a few eyebrows, and apparently a few smiles (according to was the purchaseeven of Hot Weather Desert Army Boots.

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US Plane Shot Down /Bring back the King /Plot in Phillipines /Nostradamus /

16-09-2001 05:20

US Plane Shot Down on Iraq-US Wants to Bring back the King-Plot in Phillipines-Taliban vows to attack Pak-Nostradamus Predict

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16-09-2001 05:15

Things that make you go hmmmm! as we hurtle toward the ultimate move of the 21st Century endgame under the triumphalist banner of the oil plutocrats

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Afghanistan hasn't got a clue!

16-09-2001 02:30

Afghanistan hasn't got a clue?

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Did Israel launch attacks

16-09-2001 01:19


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Be Prepared. Royal Navy already ready for war

16-09-2001 00:28

rather like the designer of 'the coup' album 'party music', our military rulers demonstrate incredible prescience- the biggest deployment of Royal Navy and Royal Marines since the Falklands left a week before the US atrocities

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Those lives are more human than ours (article and cartoon by Latuff)

16-09-2001 00:14

Those lives are more human than ours (article and cartoon by Latuff)
Thoughts on debris of the New World Order

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RACISM AND WAR! - STOP the AMERICAN Killers - Terrorists!

15-09-2001 23:31

The United States Romance and Love for WAR, HUMAN EXECUTION, and ABUSE of HUMANITY.

"In Spite of Everything, we're getting fatter";
(The #1 national story in the USA- I saw September 13th, 2001, was; "In spite of everything, we're getting fatter"; by Lindsey Tanner; The associated Press. SPITE - is the "key" word here.).

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Be Prepared! Royal Navy already ready for war

15-09-2001 23:17

rather like the cover of 'the coup' album 'party music', our militery leaders show impressive prescience

Full article | 1 comment


15-09-2001 20:16

A fork in the road... I urge people to seriously consider 'the coincidences' I bring to your attention and think these things over sensibly (I am telling the truth)...

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Welfare not WarFair!

15-09-2001 19:35

One of Friday's events at DSEi.

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German Times not impressed by Bush

15-09-2001 19:10

Here is what the German conservative press have to say about Bush's Jihad

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15-09-2001 18:28

How many people have to die before the American and British people realise that all people are people? Now the Americans and British feel like they are losing "some of their own", but as human beings we have been losing too many of our own for too many senseless reasons for years.

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Care in the Community, treatment of mentally ill.

15-09-2001 15:56

Care in the community doesn't work because their is no care and no community, peopl are simply left to rot on the streets.

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Big Brother sinks his teeth in!

15-09-2001 15:41

The measure, proposed by Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Dianne Feinstein (D-California), says any U.S. attorney or state attorney general can order the installation of the FBI's Carnivore surveillance system. Previously, there were stiffer restrictions on Carnivore and other Internet surveillance techniques.

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Cuba calls for 'reflection, restraint and responsibility'

15-09-2001 14:53

Statement from Radio Havana describes reactions in Cuba to the attack on WTC and Pentagon, and places this event in context of US use of terrorist methods.

Full article | 2 comments

Why the WTC collapsed

15-09-2001 14:40

Expert in blast engineering tells why WTC collapsed
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