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UK Newswire Archive

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Free the Yarl’s Wood 3! - New Year’s Eve Solidarity Demonstration

28-12-2010 12:37

Yarl's Wood immigration prison
A solidarity demonstration will be held on New Year’s Eve outside Holloway Prison, London, in support of the 'Yarl’s Wood 3' and all those locked up in immigration prisons.

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Bradford Coalition Against Cuts is now fully activ

28-12-2010 12:23

Ok wonderful people, the site that is mentioned in this article has been built by myself and a couple of friends. The aim is to try and set up a central forum whereby everyone from all over the country can come together and discuss topics ranging from the ongoing fight against public sector cuts, to the more bizarre stuff that goes on in our everyday lives. The forum is almost finished, but the first page of the site is accessible with a flash chat room for open chat to anyone who is online. The reason we set it up was because whilst we were in occupation at Bradford University, it seamed to take forever to get people informed via the many different sites such as face book and twitter. So we are attempting to sort that out by having a central link site that will be able to bridge the communications chaos and help speed up the process of communication. It is an idea that we hope will grow into a flowering grass roots connection page. It is in its infancy but with any luck, we can help unite the various areas of the community to ensure a more united coalition when we end up marching over the government with our true democratic system

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Police State USA (rock music video) Released

28-12-2010 01:28

Anti USA Police State rock music video released by American rocker who has been targeted with a decade of government oppression. Scott X and the Constitution Commandos take on corrupt and criminal acts of the government with their 4th video release (Police State USA) from their new album: "Fighting the U.S. Police State With Music".

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Announcing 40 Scholarships in Authentic Journalism in Mexico, May 2011

28-12-2010 00:41

Narco News announces 40 scholarships for the 2011 session of the School of Authentic Journalism in Mexico.

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Anarchist jailed for Gaza protest

27-12-2010 22:12

Anarchists Against the Wall member jailed for 3 months

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Taking Power Back from Corrupt Corporate Banker Politicians in Ireland

27-12-2010 18:15

The power of bank and corporate money in Ireland, was on full display in the last year, particularly on budget day. With Irish citizen's cuts and taxes to finance a bailout of billions subsidizing fraudulent banks and their off-shore owners.

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The invisible Palestinian liberation struggle

27-12-2010 17:30


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Palestine Today 12 271 2010

27-12-2010 17:06

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Monday, December 27th 2010

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Anti Cuts, Corporate Tax & Student Fees Demo 1

27-12-2010 12:23

Anti Cuts, Corporate Tax & Student Fees Demo

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Un defends human right to wikileak info

27-12-2010 11:23

The United Nations has responded to the ongoing WikiLeaks kerfuffle, urging member states to – ahem – remember the basic human right to access information held by governments and other public authorities.

In issuing a joint statement on Wikileaks with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the United Nations (UN) special rapporteur on freedom of opinion and expression does not mention the US or other involved countries by name. But he does mention "the release of diplomatic cables by the organization Wikileaks" – a reference to the classified US State Department cables released late last month – and clearly, he's concerned that in responding to the leaks, the US and other countries will step on established international legal principles – if they haven't already.

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Microsoft forces NHS workers to delete software

27-12-2010 11:23

Microsoft has warned any NHS worker who took advantage of the huge discounts available for installing MS Office at home that they must now delete the software.

The NHS used to buy its software from Microsoft as part of an Enterprise Agreement. One of the advantages of this purchasing procedure, apart from costing less, was that NHS nurses and doctors or other staff could buy a copy of Microsoft Office to use at home for the not-so-princely sum of £8.95.


But because the NHS-wide enterprise agreement has now ended NHS workers will now need to find £109 to replace their office software.

The Home User Programme can only be retained if the employee's organisation signs up to a new enterprise agreement with a Microsoft reseller.

Microsoft includes instructions on how to uninstall Microsoft Office, assuming it was bought under the enterprise agreement.

There are full details on Microsoft's NHS licensing page here.

The enterprise agreement ended 31 May. All NHS organisations will need to separately license new PCs from that date. They also lose access to Microsoft's technical support line and some other tools like desktop optimisation packs, which will require separate licenses.

Virtual Desktop Access and Office Roaming must also be switched off.

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Wikileaks: Shell has no "Plan B" after Rossport

27-12-2010 10:22

"Shell's Cetti said there 'could be 20 or more Corribs out there – or very little – depending on how the exploratory drilling progresses this year'," said the cable, sent in April 2008 from the US embassy in Dublin and marked confidential.

read more

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*Wed.Dec29 9.30 am - at Northwood HQ, London - "No More War - Remember the Dead"

27-12-2010 08:26

plz fwd - *Wednesday Dec 29 9.30 am - at Northwood HQ, London - "No More War - Remember the Dead"
Join us to read the names of the British and Afghan war dead outside the UK's Military Nerve Centre.

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X3 - X-Tended Account

26-12-2010 16:15

A friends brilliant account of the student happenings.

Please read it on its full of different links that bring it too life!!!!

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Hand Off Our Forest

26-12-2010 15:13

Rally at Speech House, Forest of Dean, January 3rd

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Notts Cuts Watch #11

26-12-2010 12:23

Even as Christmas approached, the cutting of public services in Nottinghamshire continued. The festivities have taken the sails out of the resistance to these attacks, but I'm sure it will be back with a vengeance in the new year. (On which note, make sure you put the Combating the Cuts event on January 15th in your diary.) Until then, why not spend some of the post-Christmas lull reading up on exactly what's being cut? Knowledge is power and all that.


Warning over legal aid cuts from Nottingham Law Centre, Nottingham Post
CITY residents will be less likely to get crucial legal help because of public spending cuts, it is claimed.

Post Comment: Justice for all?, Nottingham Post
JUSTICE secretary and Rushcliffe MP Ken Clarke says there could be financial assistance for Law Centres which do a good job.


MP calls for U-turn over ending of student payment, Nottingham Post
NOTTINGHAM South MP Lilian Greenwood has urged the Government to perform a U-turn on plans to scrap the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA).

Groundbreaking academy plan for Hucknall National Comprehensive?, Hucknall Dispatch
SPECULATION is rife that Hucknall National Comprehensive School is about to become an independent academy.

Why sport could suffer if specialist schemes go next summer, Nottingham Post
NEXT summer promises to be a momentous one for Becky Downie.

Uncertain times ahead, Newark Advertiser
A community workshop that serves elderly, disabled and vulnerable people will have to close next year unless it can find thousands of pounds to keep going.

Fire Service

Union leader voices anger over concerns about impact of fire service cut-backs, Retford Times
THE Fire Brigade Union says it has major concerns over plans to dilute full-time cover for the Retford area.

Playing with fire, Newark Advertiser
Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service has been accused of putting lives at risk with planned cuts.

Warsop and Edwinstowe fire stations under threat, Mansfield Chad
COMMUNITY leaders and union bosses say plans to close Warsop and Edwinstowe fire stations will put lives in danger.

Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue, False Economy
The service faces a £5m cut equalling 12 percent of its budget over two years.


Support grows for fresh hospital review, Newark Advertiser
Support is growing for an independent review into changes at Newark Hospital.

Health bosses’ walk-in centre consultation reaches halfway mark, Nottingham Post
HEALTH bosses say they are taking people’s views on the future of Stapleford’s walk-in centre “very seriously”.

Nottingham City Council

Nottingham City Council to put up day centre costs and other elderly services, Nottingham Post
NOTTINGHAM City Council has voted to increase day-centres charges by 75 per cent from January. at a meeting yesterday.

Cuts sensation: Newstead Abbey to close to public, Hucknall Dispatch
“MAD, bad and dangerous to know” was how the poet, Lord Byron, was once described.

Nottingham children’s services, False Economy
Nottingham City Children’s Services have decided to close down both City Learning Centres in the city – the South eLearning Centre and the North eLearning Centre – on March 31st 2011.

Nottinghamshire County Council

County council must now save an additional £15m next year, Retford Times
AN EXTRA £15 million will need to be found by the county council on top of the savings already identified.

Campaigners point out risks of axing rangers Bestwood Country Park, Nottingham Post
MAKING rangers redundant at Bestwood Country Park will put education, the environment and people’s safety at risk, say campaigners.

Notts SOS

Collective action can stop these cuts, Guardian
Across the country, small but determined groups are spontaneously forming to oppose the ongoing cuts – and I joined my local one last November. I’m a retired maths teacher living in Nottingham and was an active member of the Labour party for decades; I first joined as a young socialist in 1964. Before the 1997 election, I had creeping suspicions about Tony Blair. I finally left the party on the Saturday the Guardian front page led with Blair’s education secretary, David Blunkett, keeping Chris Woodhead on as the chief inspector of schools.


Notts probation workers set to strike, Nottingham Post
PROBATION workers in Notts look set to take strike action over their workload.

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"Dear Afghanistan:" A New Year's Call for Peace

26-12-2010 08:45

On New Year’s Day, 01/01/11, people around the world are invited to raise their voices, through Facebook, Twitter, Free Conference calls, Skype, and blogs at several websites in a massive refusal to accept this war any longer. Let your New Year’s resolution be to stand for the people and end wars by sending a digital or spoken peacemaking message to people in Afghanistan. By amassing millions of messages calling for peace, we can create yet another indication that ordinary people within and beyond Afghanistan have had enough of war.

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The Wombles

26-12-2010 03:48

The Wombles

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WikiLeaks cables: Spanish socialist government plans to renege on election pledg

26-12-2010 01:28

The cables reveal that shortly after the election result, the US Ambassador in Madrid George Argyros wrote that the PSOE “was shocked that they won the elections” and was “scrambling to figure out what to do.” Zapatero had “made a number of campaign statements that might have come out differently had he thought he had a real chance of becoming president of the government of Spain.”
“We have already seen some ‘wiggle room’ in public statements on certain issues, including possibly on the pull out of Spanish troops from Iraq,” the cable continues.
On the economy, “Close associates of Zapatero have been careful to say that the incoming PSOE government will not make significant changes to the PP’s successful economic policies. Some business leaders have voiced the same expectations with us.”

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Student activists plan big things for the new year.

25-12-2010 20:22

On Friday 17th December, student protestors at the University of West England (UWE) chose to end their occupation against education cuts after 26 days for the Christmas break, vowing to continue & escalate the fight back. For almost a month student activists occupied a section of the Frenchay campus in protest at the proposed rise in tuition fees and education cuts. The students used the space as a hub for building national and local demonstrations as well as teach-ins, film screenings and live gigs.

The UWE protest (initially inspired by the student protests at Tory HQ) was the longest running in a wave of student occupations, which jointly with massive marches and civil disobedience have rocked this country over the last 6 weeks. The ‘Camp for education’ received an unprecedented level of support from students at the university and from a large solidarity campaign from trade unions, community organisations and activists across the region.

In the wake of the parliamentary vote, students may be expected to retreat but this betrayal by their parliamentary representatives has only served to pour fuel onto the fire. In France massive education cuts were never implemented despite passing parliamentary votes due to a massive protest movement which struck the country. It is vital that we do the same in this country.

The UWE activists have vowed to escalate their protests with the start of the new term with further demonstrations, stunts, meetings and teach- ins. Indeed since coming out of occupation UWE activists have attended a demonstration against corporate tax evasion and enacted a banner drop from Clifton Suspension Bridge with the slogan “People of Europe join the movement, Make the bankers pay!”

With the new term comes new opportunities to fight back against the proposed retraction in the provision of education in our society and the intended reduction in social mobility that could follow. With a mass movement this energetic and creative this represents not just the first crack in the Con-Dem coalition but quite possibly its grave diggers.

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