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UK Newswire Archive

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Peace Conflict Development Journal features Paul Rogers

23-02-2006 19:47

PEACE CONFLICT & DEVELOPMENT, an open-access journal focusing on contemporary issues in conflict and peace studies

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May the 1st Protest

23-02-2006 19:25

I will form part of a human chain around the Westminster no protest zone.

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Only doing our job!

23-02-2006 18:36

RELATIONS between journalists and the police will be the subject of the London Freelance Branch debate at the House of Commons on Monday 13 March - with the Met's Deputy Assistant Commissioner Brian Paddick and NUJ General Secretary Jeremy Dear kicking off, so to speak.
(from the freelance site )

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Who is discrediting democracy to spite Geoirge Galloway ?

23-02-2006 18:32

This week's doisclosure that the BBC has effectively declared George Gallwoay as 'not the MP for Bethnal Green and Bow' conceals a deeply sinister plot to overthrow democracy in Britain.

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An anti-racist anthem for St Patricks Day

23-02-2006 17:57

The perfect antidote to comedy Guinness hats and plastic shamrocks - a raucous anti racist St Pat's anthem Everybody's Welcome to the Hooley! by ceilidh-rockers Neck

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Stop deportation of severely disabled man.

23-02-2006 17:52

A Nigerian man who has actively campaigned for disability rights both here and in Nigeria is to be deported, Payday is calling on your help.

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Google is evil but copyright more evil still.

23-02-2006 14:51

A judge in the USA has ruled that Google’s search services breaches copyright by displaying thumbnail photographs, in a case brought by porn magazine.

"Google’s display of thumbnails in image search results pages would not be likely to fall within a “fair use” exception to copyright law,", Judge Howard Matz ruled.

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LIVE!@THE SQUARE [No Borders//Bolivia Solidarity//Blutgeil]

23-02-2006 14:11

FRIDAY 24 - SATURDAY 25 - SUNDAY 26 - 2006

LIVE!@THE SQUARE Occupied social/political centre //
21 Russell Square, London WC1H

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Fairford cases reach Law Lords, last day tomorrow

23-02-2006 14:01

This is probably too late for physical support, but the Fairford 5 could do with help towards expenses or just messages of support.

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Statement by the activists of Workers Left Unity Iran

23-02-2006 13:56

The economic policies of Iran's Islamic rulers, in over two and half decades in power have constantly been in pursuit of the interests of world capital. During the rule of successive presidents each with 8 years of government and under deceptive slogans such as 'period of reconstruction’, 'reform' ... the political economy of the Iranian state has been marked by a faithful obedience to neo liberal economic strategy in accordance with the policies of the IMF, the World Bank and in pursuit of a place in the World Trade Organisation, all this within the framework of a plundering corrupt system.

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L'Oreal to buy Body Shop?

23-02-2006 13:55

L'Oreal, the world's largest maker of cosmetics, has announced it may make an offer for Body Shop International Plc, the U.K. retailer of natural cosmetics started by Anita Roddick. Body Shop's share price gained around 13 percent on the news.

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rampART Chechnya film night - tonight

23-02-2006 13:00

Sixty two years ago, on 23 February 1944, Stalin ordered the forcible deportation of the Chechen, Ingush and other nations of the North Caucasus to Central Asia. The people who were were transported with little or no provision in cattle trucks and more than half died in transit or in massacres committed by Soviet troops. Those who survived the journey were left facing starvation and disease in the harsh winters of Siberia and Central Asia. In 2004 the European Parliament passed a motion formally recognising this tragedy as a genocide.

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World Chechnya Day

23-02-2006 12:45

On Thursday 23rd February 2006, Save Chechnya Campaign UK, along with many other individuals and organisations around the world, will commemorate World Chechnya Day.

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G8 Book Out Now!

23-02-2006 12:22

Book Cover
'Shut Them Down! The G8, Gleneagles 2005 and the Movement of Movements', published by Dissent! and Autonomedia is out now and available from or from your nearest radical bookshop/social centre.

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A multi-venue film festival in India for peace

23-02-2006 11:55

God! save us from american peace& liberty
The unipolar, globalised world is witnessing unilateral attacks on nation states and communities. The empire's scorched-earth policy that devastated Vietnam, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Korea, Somalia, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia and many countries in Latin America is now aggressively pursued in Afganistan and Iraq. The next stop may be Iran or Syria.

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Pigbrother multimedia show Friday 24th Feb 7pm onward

23-02-2006 11:34

Your right to watch the police....

Armed thugs are running riot in the streets, maiming and killing without being held accountable...

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Sheffield March For Jobs, Pensions, Services,

23-02-2006 11:00

At last issues that affect the ordinary person on the street are moving up the agenda, please support this demo.

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Yarl's Wood: Inquiry into 'mistreatment' of Ugandan refugee

23-02-2006 10:39

The healthcare of asylum seekers in Britain's detention centres is to be independently monitored following a catalogue of suicides and alleged mistreatment. Tony McNulty, the Immigration minister, bowed to pressure after years of protest from doctors and refugee campaigners angered by the standard of treatment given to detained asylum seekers.

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East London Advertiser plugs Crossrail lies and fakery by John Biggs

23-02-2006 09:26

The 'local' East London Advertiser which circulates mainly in Tower Hamlets has shown that it is as prejudiced and as ignorant of the facts in the community's life in February 2006 as it was a hundred years ago when the cause of democracy and transparency became the hottest local topics. In the almost three years since late 2003 that local people have camapaigned against Crossrail, the East London Advertiser has not been able to publish one report without tainting the facts with ignorance and misinformation. Today's weekly print edition of the paper continues the anti-social record by giving Greater London Assembly member and arch Blarite John Biggs a wholly unwarranted space to peddle more myths to make the perniociuous Crossrail plan acceptable

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Undercurrents death film wins in Japan

23-02-2006 08:54

Undercurrents - big in Japan
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