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01-12-2010 20:27


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More CCTV slipped into Nottingham

01-12-2010 20:23

As part of a scheme to improve road safety on Alfreton Road, yet another CCTV camera is to be slipped into our community. We have enough cameras spying on our everyday lives as it is - we don't want any more!

Yesterday I received a letter from Jennifer Williams of Nottingham City Council's Traffic & Safety team. It details changes to the road junction between Alfreton Road, Bobbers Mill Road and Churchfield Road. On the surface the changes seemed quite sensible to improve road safety. But then the word CCTV caught my eye and I looked again. As part of this 'road safety' development a CCTV camera will be installed to survey the junction. Typical City Council trying to put surveillance into every community 'safety' scheme they come up with.

The area already has too many cameras and we don't want any more thank you very much, especially when disguised as a beneficial road safety improvement.

A recent Big Borther Watch report found that local authorities spent £314m on installing cameras between 2007-2010. You can bet that's an area of spending that won't be affected by the cuts. As unrest in our communities starts to foment the authorities want to keep a close eye on us all.

I suggest that other concerned residents get in touch with (0115 950 60 70) to let her know that her CCTV cameras aren't welcome.

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Parliament Fees Vote on Thurs 9th Dec - Scramble!

01-12-2010 20:22

The parliament vote on tuition fees has been confirmed as being Thursday 9th December.

Commentators are saying that by quickly scheduling it for Thursday evening MPs from Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland will miss the vote.

Student protests against the fees were already being planned but will have to be accelerated. NUS president has responded saying NUS will organise national day of action & lobby of Parliament.



See lists of scheduled demos:

BBC report on vote day / Sky Breaking Blog

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Anti Fascist Benefit

01-12-2010 20:22

Anti Fascist Benefit 10th Dec @ the Plough
- Fresh Milk -
- Belladonna -
- This Ends Here -
- Neon Space Dogs -
- Dub Tom -
Inna Minute Innit Presents
Benefit for defendent arrested during counter demonstration in Brighton

Friday 10th December
The Plough, Easton

West country hardcore/punk/metal

Strange perverse stoner-noise

Easton's D-Beat supergroup

Punky filthy noise

DJing dub/reggae/ragga

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Against the reform, another revolt!

01-12-2010 19:05

In Italy last night the Chamber of Deputies approved the Gelmini reform. 307 votes in favour, 252 against, 7 abstained. The reform will be passed over to the Senate on 9th December for its 3rd reading, then to the Chamber of Deputies again for the final vote.

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Voices from occupied Nottingham

01-12-2010 18:23

I popped down to the University of Nottingham today to see how the student occupiers were getting on. I found a well organised group making use of the space for workshops, meetings and catching up with their coursework. In between these activities a few of the occupiers found time to chat about what it's all about.

As soon as I arrived at the Trent Building the enhanced security presence was obvious. Two guards were stood outside the main entrance (near the VC's office) and a few more were prowling about.

In spite of the snow some of the occupiers were enthusiastically handing out flyers for their 1pm general meeting and encouraging groups of students to come and check out the space.

The Great Hall is a great space for the students to have taken. It is just down the corridor from the offices of the main administrators of the university, including the Vice Chancellors office. It is also mainly used for corporate functions so a) the students aren't disrupting much teaching and b) they're hitting the university where it hurts, in the pocket.

The occupiers are well organised, taking it in turns to do door duty, which mainly involves keeping security away. Security seem to be keeping a low profile at the moment, although one guy did turn up when he saw some lads from Beeston come in for food. He seemed very concerned that they were going to nick all of the occupiers' stuff!

The occupation is well stocked for food and other provisions. Apparently one lecturer turned up with a shopping trolley full of stuff for them. They say they have had a mixed reception from the student body, who are mostly apathetic, but have had a great reception from members of staff.

There is a whiteboard on the wall which is being used to timetable events. While I was there there were a number of workshops scheduled including a speaker from Venezuela, activism and the media and one about staff involvement with the campaign. There was also a general meeting planned which was to be a decision making forum about how to continue the protests and the occupation.

Yesterday the students had a march and rally before starting the occupation. They said it was several hundred strong and included local sixth formers and students from Nottingham Trent.

The occupiers would really like more people to come and support them, so please come along and keep the space occupied!

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Uni of Nottingham Occupation: Update

01-12-2010 18:23

‘Nottingham Students defy the freeze to continue their fight for Higher Education’

 Despite the snow and the heating being turned off, Nottingham Students are occupying the Great Hall in the Trent Building of Nottingham University, for a second day since Tuesday afternoon. Following a general meeting at 1pm today, the students are organising a programme of alternative education, film screenings, workshops and talks, while encouraging regular classes to continue within the space. The occupiers claim that they have doubled in number over the past 24 hours.

This action is part of a larger national student campaign taking place on campuses across the country, against proposed cuts to HE funding and fee hikes. The students are demanding that their university lobby the Russell Group and the government to change their stance and to issue a statement condemning all cuts to Higher Education, EMA and the rise in tuition fees. They have also demanded that The University implement a complete open book policy with regards to existing budget constraints, and ensure no redundancies for teaching, research or support staff.  

 After an unsuccessful attempt by the campaign to have a face to face meeting with university management last week, the students decided that they had no alternative but to pursue further action in an effort to defend Higher Education and the right to education for all. Since the Registrar made a statement yesterday, no further communication from the university management has been received, despite ongoing attempts by the students to initiate a dialogue.

 They have been joined by students from Nottingham Trent University, Bilborough College, Djanogly City Academy and Sixth Form, and New College Nottingham. Tom Anderton from Bilborough College said that he is here because “I’ve received hundreds of emails from students on EMA who are afraid that without it, they will be unable to go to college and tuition fee rises to £9,000 would make it impossible to go to university.”




Facebook: Nottingham Students Against Cuts and Fees

Twitter: @nsafc

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Meanwhile, in Calais...

01-12-2010 17:49

In Calais and Dunkerque, 'sans papiers' people are still stranded, still needing support and solidarity, still showing incredible spirit in the face of police oppression and the terrible cold. Please come over and make a difference to their lives and yours.

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Newcastle students take direct action to make themselves heard

01-12-2010 17:41

Today, students from the Newcastle University Occupation took peaceful direct action in the finance building of the university.

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Hundreds take to the streets of Cambridge on Tuesday (Part 2)

01-12-2010 17:24

More education, fewer Lib Dems - a sentiment shared by many, no doubt.
More pictures from yesterday's demonstration.

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Some DayX2 Demo Pictures

01-12-2010 17:22

A few pics uploaded to flickr from yesterday's DayX2 student fees/anti-cuts demonstrations in London.
(Pics are Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs or Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic CC license)

Pics from:

Other sets published on flickr include:

Demo x 2. 30 November 2010

Student demo: Dayx2

Student Demo, Trafalgar Square, London November 30, 2010

London students protest on Day X2 - 30th November 2010

Third London Student Protest. 30.11.2010


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Introductions to Kebele and facilitation skills

01-12-2010 17:22

Hello all. Please pass this on to members, friends and comrades.
As part of ongoing skills and info sharing at Kebele, on Saturday December 11th we are offering:

Introductions to Kebele infoshare. 2.30-4pm.
This session aims to give practical, useful info about the workings of Kebele; our history, ideas and principles, how decisions are made, how to host cafes, how to get more involved etc... It is intended mainly for people new to Kebele, but old hands may learn a thing or two as well! Please spread the word.

Introduction to facilitation skills for meetings. 4.30-6pm.
We've all been there: shit meetings that go round in endless circles / are dominated by a few voices / end up in chaos and scraps / suck the life out of us all etc etc. Meetings don't have to be a nightmare! Good facilitation skills are essential for organised and energised meetings which will keep people involved.
This is a skillshare which is geared to increasing people's confidence to facilitate meetings that are based on consensus decision making. We believe well facilitated meetings promote horizontal organising and egalitarian principles as well as making for more focussed, effective and fulfilling meetings as a whole.

We would like to offer consensus and facilitation skillshares to activist groups beyond Kebele, so if you or any friends are involved with any groups in Bristol who may be interested, contact to arrange it.

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Hundreds take to the streets of Cambridge on Tuesday (Part 1)

01-12-2010 17:03

The occupation continues... now in day six.
I have a story to tell.

It is a tale of two opposing, elemental forces, one of a ruling elite who thinks they know what is best for their subjects, and then there is a select few of their 'subjects', who have other ideas about what is best for them.

What I saw yesterday in Cambridge was the overwhelmingly creative, but also angry response to the decisions that the ruling elite are currently making.

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Well fed and not an animal dead!

01-12-2010 17:01

Veggies Feed Ratcliffe-On-Soar defendants.

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Palestine Today 12 01 2010

01-12-2010 16:48

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Wednesday, December 1st 2010.

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Student anti-cuts protests snow balls

01-12-2010 16:25

Tuesday seen another day of action against the cuts to higher education, and the wider cuts to the social sector. Hundered of students and workers marched from the occupied Appleton Tower in Edinburgh Uni to the Scottish Parliament to demand free education for all. Steps have been taken to join together with other struggle, with workers and the unemployed.

[ Edinburgh Uni Anti-Cuts | Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty | UK IMC feature coverage ]

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video of police brutality protecting Bristol Uni

01-12-2010 16:25
Police use violence to protect Bristol University from local school kids

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Cruelty-Free Xmas Fair, Sat 18 Dec in Kings Heath, Birmingham

01-12-2010 15:38

Please download, copy & distribute some leaflets (see below)
On Saturday 18th December, the Cruelty-Free Xmas Fair in Kings Heath, Birmingham offers the chance to stock up on a wide range of cruelty-free products(list of 23 stalls below), watch mouthwatering cookery demos, enjoy fantastic vegan food including lots of free samples, listen to inspirational speakers (details below), relax with a free yoga session & much, much more...!!

Free entry, all welcome.

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Mask up? Flyer

01-12-2010 15:37

to print and distribute...

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Manchester Students Cuts Protest

01-12-2010 15:22

This protest was one of several taking place across the UK on Tuesday 30th November 2010.

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