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UK Newswire Archive

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Swindon Anarchists Protest in Solidarity With Striking Hospital Workers

26-02-2012 13:52

For the past fortnight, cleaners and other staff at GWH hospital in Swindon have been on strike against bullying and racism on the part of their bosses at Carillion Plc. On Feb 24th, Swindon Anarchists held a demo in solidarity.

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Witness Bahrain - Interview with Medea Benjamin

26-02-2012 13:23


Medea Benjamin of CODEPINK was recently deported from Bahrain. She travelled there with Witness bahrain, an international solidarity movement that was set up to monitor and report on human rights abuses, collective punishment and suppression of Arab Spring democracy activists in the Kingdom, as the struggle approached its first anniversary.

In this interview she discusses the 'samud' (steadfastness) of the women she met, the arming of the Kingdom by Western Imperialists, and the need to take action against the companies who sponsor and promote the F1 Grand Prix which is set to take place in Bahrain in April. Also worthy of note is her account of how policing is undertaken by foreigners, who are loyal to the king and not the people.

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BP’s Olympic branding defaced throughout London

26-02-2012 13:13

King's Cross
23rd February – For Immediate Release
Today hundreds of BP signs across London were targeted by activists protesting against the company’s role as ‘Sustainability Partner’ of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Around the capital, protesters hit petrol stations, advertising hoardings, and BP-sponsored cultural institutions[1], disfiguring hundreds of the famous BP ‘sunflower’ logo. Advertisements with the company’s Olympic strapline ‘fuelling the future’ were altered with the addition of three asterisks to make ‘f***ing the future’.

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Crackdown on legitimate protest

26-02-2012 12:55

  Daily Hate Mail reports that the government have ordered the police to crackdown on anti workfare protests.

This is in the wake of trotskyist political parties such as the socialist party & SWP jumping on the populist bandwagon as usual & apparently hijacking the fantastic work Boycott Workfare have been doing this past year, informing people of the Mandatory Work Activity, Work Expirence & other work for your benefits schemes. These protests have been non violent direct action on multi million pound profit making companies mandating people to work for free. It seems that the only threat of violence, once again comes from the state & it`s apparatus, the police. It is hoped that the rank & file Police Federation will see sense & refuse to allow it`s members to be stormtroopers for the government & it`s right wing pogrom against vulnerable members of our society. The right to work, a front for the socialist party have jumped on this bandwagon. They also have a front; Defend the right to protest, who have been putting political prisoners safety at risk by publishing names, prisons where held & prison numbers, without prior consent of prisoners. These front organisations, which has been proved many times in the past, jump from one popular protest subject to the next. Not bothering about any damage caused in their wake, all in the intrest of bolstering membership & selling papers.

As far as I`m aware, Boycott Workfare is a grassroots non political campaign without any political mandate or hidden agenda. See


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Militant Camp @ Arcadia Missa : Public events

26-02-2012 12:20


As part of the survival series artist Tom Bresolin will initiate a militant camp at arcadia missa.A week long social experimental performance camp. Involving physical and mental training to prepare for the inevitable apocalypse and collapse of capitalism

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Theresa May and Al-Qaeda's "Assurances"

26-02-2012 10:35

The following article discusses the current approach of the British Government in dealing with terror suspects.

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UG#578 - Disconnecting the Dots (9-11 Commission and theToronto Hearings)

26-02-2012 05:21

Our first hour this week is a presentation by Peter Dale Scott on the events leading up to Sep 11th, focusing on the individuals within the CIA and FBI. In our second hour, we hear Phillip Shenon on the hidden history of the 911 commission. We conclude with another reading from David Graeber's Debt, The First 5000 Years.

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UG#579 - Financial Consolidation (Wars for Profit and More on Primordial Debt)

26-02-2012 05:19

This week we continue our detailed look at money and debt. In our first hour, Edward Griffin speaks on the history of banking in USA. In our second hour, we conclude last week's reading of Primordial Debt, chapter 3 of David Graeber's Debt, The First 5000 Years.

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UG#580 - The Failed Religion of America (Debt, Cruelty And Redemption)

26-02-2012 05:17

This week we look at what Morris Berman terms the centuries long programming of American society. We begin with a talk he gave after the publication of his new book Why America Failed, and conclude by learning how debt has warped the human psyche over millennia, by reading Cruelty And Redemption, chapter 4 of David Graeber's Debt, The First 5000 Years.

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UG#581 - Unmasking the Genocide of Business As Usual (The Hidden Worlds of Comm

26-02-2012 05:13

The show this week unmasks the moral pretensions of globalized imperialism run amok. Professor Anthony J. Hall speaks on the coming home to roost of USA's history of imperialism and globalization through force of arms. In our second hour, we begin reading A Brief Treatise on the Moral Grounds of Economic Relations, the next chapter of David Graeber's Debt, The First 5000 Years, on how the mentality and language of 'exchange' is used both to cloak such predatory hierarchical relations and to obscure our innate drive towards communistic relationships of mutual aid.

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UG#582 - The Cargo Cult of Money (Money = Hierarchy = Slavery)

26-02-2012 05:08

This week we keep our focus on the dark sides of the modern money system, hearing from monologuist Mike Daisy on why he considers money is a cargo cult, and Edward Griffin on the founding of the Federal Reserve system. We continue reading from David Graeber's Debt, The First 5000 Years, reaching chapter 6, Games with Sex and Death.

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The Enemy is Capitalism Not Anarchism

25-02-2012 18:55

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SDL/EDL in Glasgow Saturday 25th Feb.

25-02-2012 18:33

SDL/EDL chanted and went home.

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Appaling conditions at Jessops Farm

25-02-2012 18:04

Investigators discovered appaling conditions at Jessops Farm in Sussex.

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BNP and EDL in Hyde, Manchester

25-02-2012 15:16

The EDL are in Hyde today, responding to "an alleged attack by Asian youths on two white teenagers", despite the fact that "the family of one of the victims has asked the EDL not to hold the protest and said they did not support the activities of the group". The BNP are also in Hyde, protesting with Japanese war-crimes apologist Adam Walker...

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Ken o' Keefe at Israel Apartheid Week

25-02-2012 12:32

Audio After being detained on the Mavi Marmara
Ken's speech at the Israel Apartheid Meeting at Middlesex Uni on Thursday. The meeting was hosted by Middlesex University Free Palestine Society.

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From Bristol with Love #17

25-02-2012 08:11

From Bristol with Love is a showcase for local music, local news and new forms of local thinking.

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Nin's 1937 testament discovered (En,Ru), overcoming label politics in Class War

25-02-2012 07:14

Nin's Testament in hand-writing, page 1
A joint workshop of left Communists and Anarchists in the Ukrainean town of Sumi compiled a multi-language edition (French, English, Russian) of Andreu Nin's last known letter, written just 7 days before his arrest on 15th June 1937 in Barcelona and his subsequent death in custody.
Provoked by the film Tierra y Libertad on working-class militancy 1936/37and Nin's party POUM, we decided to make available this revealing letter to English, French and Russian readers.

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Reclaim the Fields Spring Gathering 2012 - details & updates

24-02-2012 22:11

The first Reclaim the Fields Gathering of the year will be taking place this March 9th- 11th at the Wilderness Centre in the Forest of Dean.
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