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UK Newswire Archive

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Obama boycotts UN racism summit (by Latuff)

19-04-2009 19:27

Obama: Racism Conference Attacks Israel
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's state terror.

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AIPAC order Obama not to attend racism conference

19-04-2009 19:18

Kill the child
And he obeys just as if he and his family have never seen a racist day in their life.

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19-04-2009 19:16

The SWP has taken advantage of the political vacuum left by anarcho-inactivity and set up its own Justice For Ian Tomlinson campaign grafting on its usual cronies in the Muslim Association of Britain and Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Meanwhile the ANARCHIST are invisible - failing to take advantage of te biggest anti-police feeling for decades.

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The El Salvador National elections

19-04-2009 19:10

Mauricio Funes
Will El Salvador’s elections deliver a change of direction for the region?

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Bristol: Can't pay, won't pay - from poll tax struggles to resisting recession

19-04-2009 17:17

event flyer
As the impact of the capitalist crisis kicks in and more and more of us are adversely affected - growing debt, loss of jobs and homes, unable to keep paying our inflated bills etc - we ask what can we do to resist? Many people have no experience of mass campaigns by working class people, and for many older comrades such campaigns are a distant memory! This event is intended to help us learn from recent history and kickstart the debate how how we resist the most recent attacks on us.

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Horse and pony sanctuary open day.

19-04-2009 16:24

Hope pastures horse, pony and donkey sanctuary have two open days a year, and the next one is coming up soon on Sunday 24th May.

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Vegan Prisoner Support Group Benefit

19-04-2009 16:22

On Wednesday 29th April there is a benefit for the Vegan Prisoner Support Group (VPSG) at The Navigation, Wilford Street, Nottm NG2 1AA, with Inner Terrestrials, 4 support bands & DJ's.

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Mayday soon

19-04-2009 15:52

This is an attempt to unravel the causes of and responses to the ´crisis´ in a way that is accesible to the average activist or indeed to the interested person in the street. Hence, the mind-numbing details of particular circumstantial causes and the use of terms designed to be informative to nobody but a select few will it is hoped be kept to a minimum.

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Hundreds demonstrate at 10 Downing Str against genocide in Darfur

19-04-2009 15:38

According to Press Association. Only they talk about 'ongoing crisis' avoiding the ugly world genocide.

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Sooty and Sweep present the G20

19-04-2009 15:22

Tea at the Bank of England the morning before.

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W. Mids coach transport to World Day for Animals in Laboratories

19-04-2009 15:21

Coach seats from the West Midlands are still available to the World Day for Animals in Laboratories march and rally in London on Sat 25th April.

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European call for a counter summit in Louvain against the Bologna process

19-04-2009 13:00


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19-04-2009 12:16

Today a complaint was lodged vide No. 12077 & 12078 dated 19-4-2009 with the Commissioner of Mumbai Police, where as Rubina mother also submitted a complaint against her husband with the Nirmal Nagar Police station, Mumbai for further investigation.

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Immigration Reform in the US and May Day marches for immigrant rights

19-04-2009 12:14

This May 1st, the immigrant rights movement is marching again, in cities across the U.S. but with the hope and enthusiasm that the justice they have sought for so long will finally be achieved this year. I hope you'll join us. For more information about the May 1 actions in a city near you, go to

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Paul Watson - We Need to Stop Eating the Oceans

19-04-2009 10:32

The fisherman has now become one of the most ecologically destructive occupations on the planet. It's time to put aside the outdated image of the hardy, independent, salt-of-the-sea, and hard-working fisherman working courageously to feed society and support his family.

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Register for the Anarchist Movement Conference 2009

19-04-2009 10:16

Inital leaflet
Anarchist Movement Conference 2009 will happen at Queen Mary & Westfield College on Saturday June 6th and Sunday June 7th, 2009. The space will include 20 rooms and a large hall as well as a creche for both days. It is a chance to put our ideas on the table and rebuild ourselves. The barriers that exist need to be broken down, the experiences and ideas of those involved in anarchist politics need to be shared, discussed, critiqued and debated. The task is urgent, practical and necessary - are we as a movement mature enough to face the challenge?

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Shut down BMI Airlines Day - 20 April

19-04-2009 10:14

Please join us on the seventh day of action against BMI. We’d like Nigel Turner CEO and BMI to be made aware of the impact of their actions on the lives of the people they deport. We need to let them know that they can not take part in such activities without consequences.

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Blue NG offices in Bath occupied by 13 members of Action Against Agrofuels (AAA)

19-04-2009 09:59

AAA occupied Blue NG offices on Friday 17th, Via Campesina Day, in solidarity with millions of peasant land-workers demonstrating globally against agrofuels. Blue NG are committing a crime against humanity and the planet by using misinformation* to win support for the new market of agrofuel power stations, when virtually all agrofuels have been shown to cause ecosystem destruction, accelerated climate change & food poverty.

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Statement of solidarity with the Nottingham 114

19-04-2009 09:53

If the 114 climate campaigners who were arrested in Nottingham on 13.4.09
had been planning to shut down a coal-fired power station, we support them
wholeheartedly. Coal is one of the dirtiest fossil fuels and if we are to
fight climate change we need to kick our addiction to it - and all of them
- now. Direct action of the sort that breaks laws to prevent the
terrifying impacts spelt out in worst-case climate change scenarios is
absolutely necessary.

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So what has changed, the police, the media or the evidence?

19-04-2009 06:25

Almost since it began our police force have been injuring and sometimes killing citizens with batons and other forms of violence.
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