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UK Newswire Archive

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media-reportings from the Bologna follow-up Conference in Bergen, Norway

21-05-2005 15:12

a short overview refering the media-reporting and further information about the arrestments yesterday

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City Workers to get High tech ID cards.

21-05-2005 15:10

So it begins (pt 2)
Workers,including cleaners are to be issued with High tech
ID Cards...

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Clarkson's sad anti green stunt..

21-05-2005 15:05

Car addicted twat Jeremy Clarkson chained himself to a London Bus in attempt to ridicule eco protestors.

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FBI- Eco militants are biggest terror threat

21-05-2005 14:59

So it begins... (FBI reeckon eco warriors are worse than
anyone else)

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Witch-hunt and mass arrests following antifascist demo

21-05-2005 14:43

Athens is burnt from police fire against anarchist protesters.The 2500 people march ends up with 250 prosecutions.Slogans from the protest:"fascists stab,democrats shoot",

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G8 Summit 2005 - Major Protest and Mobilisation Events List

21-05-2005 12:05

This page is an evolving list of protests, events and actions against this summer's G8 Summit in Gleneagles (Scotland) that take place from the 6th to 8th of July 2005.

This is a resource that will be kept updated as new information comes in.

Also see PGA Website Timeline of Events

There are also many cultural activities and other events currently not listed. More events are expected to be added - please only post additional public information on events below.

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Stop The War Coalition announces G8 Demo in Edinburgh Mon 3rd July

21-05-2005 11:34

The Stop The War Coalition has announced its intention to hold a mass demonstration in Edinburgh on Sunday 3rd July.

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Scottish Police Attack Sensationalist Press Over G8 Taser Gun Deployment

21-05-2005 11:16

Chief Constable David Strang, President of the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland, and Tayside Police Chief Constable John Vine, the officer in charge of policing the summit, have both denied that Taser guns will be deployed against G8 protestors and have attacked the press for being sensationalist, accusing The Scotsman of a "dangerous form of journalism".

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Asserting our right to demonstrate

21-05-2005 11:02

Some Background.. We can debate and I have no doubt people will debate the rights and wrongs of asking the police for a demo during the G8 protest.. However The Sheffield Against G8 Collective felt at the time it was right to ask the police for a protest. Over the last few weeks this has been an ongoing process we asked Dr Jillian Creasey, green councillor for sheffield city centre, and J smith long term activist to undertake this task. You can view all e mails on this here

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Dear handicapped Friend!

21-05-2005 10:37

Bringing 'US Democracy': the DREAD WEAPON SYSTEM: Devastating, Jam Proof, and Silent - No heat, no recoil, no sound, no gunpowder, no flash - just 120,000 rounds per minute of pulverizing (democracy) power.

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Benefit Gig for Tibet Sunday 22/5 at the Cellar

21-05-2005 10:30

Benefit gig this this sunday at the Cellar 8 - 12.30
Bands: Jambo (funk ++ ) los Zopilotes (Cuban Dance Attack)
DJ: Dan Ofer
3 pounds - cakesale - profits go to a tibetan hospital in

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Stuck out at EDO

21-05-2005 09:05

Workers at Brighton arms dealers EDO/MBM had a sticky reception as they arrived at work on Friday morning. Some local stixies had paid them a visit in the night making sure there would be no easy entry for the warmongers in the morning by glueing all the locks.

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Bush/Bliar war crime victims not killed in vain.. Iraq brings democracy to USUK

21-05-2005 04:27

USUK Victims of 2nd Falluja massacre - November 2004
We owe it to ourselves, as taxpayers who have helped finance the illegal USUK attack, our money going to the US arms/oil cartel to ensure that the
USUK murder at our hands in Iraq from the USUK Falluja massacres to latest atrocities being hidden from our media are not solely for the profit of the Raytheon and haliburton shareholders, Carlyle et al, and their war criminal puppets in "government."

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Orwell Knew or Don’t forget the date. It is 1984!. A few words on “nowspeak"

20-05-2005 22:49

Don’t forget the date. It is 1984. Time for a few words on “nowspeak.”

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Syria: More Black Propaganda from the Bush Lie Factory

"How do Mr. Garwood and the Associated Press know this? Well, a “top U.S. military official” told him, in other words Bush’s Pentagon, the very epicenter of so many lies about Iraq and Saddam Hussein, passed the above bit of nonsense off as news to a mostly gullible American news consumer."

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Nottingham Against Incineration and Landfill [NAIL] Protest against expansion

20-05-2005 22:49

On friday afternoon, the residence of Snienton and surrounding areas of Nottingham, came to protest against an Incinerators expansion plans. The company, Waste Recycling Group Ltd [WRG], are preparing a planning application for expansion. We went along to make our feelings known.

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Satirical site under attack for ridiculing government!

20-05-2005 22:47

It seems that satire is not amusing in government anymore and attempts to bring down a mildly challenging site are petty and tiresome - Is it a "thought crime" now to make fun out of our leaders?

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The US against the UN

20-05-2005 22:45

The Senate's Permanent Siubcommittee on Investigations finds that the US is the main perpetrator in the scandal surrounding the oil-for-food program.

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Save Dale Farm - Public Meeting

20-05-2005 22:26

Public Meeting Sunday 29th May 1pm @ Ramparts, Rampart St. off Commercial road near Aldgate East.

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20-05-2005 19:32

GENOA - Italy's press union, FNSI, on Thursday said it had joined anti-globalization protestors who are suing 28 police officials accused of brutality during an international summit here in 2001. The union said it was suing the police on behalf of journalists who were beaten and had equipment seized during a raid on the Pascoli school, which was used as an independent press centre during the Group of Eight summit.

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Muslims should show some respect to others' religions

20-05-2005 19:17

The desecration of religious texts and symbols and intolerance of varying religious viewpoints and beliefs have been issues of some controversy inside Saudi Arabia. Ruled by a Wahhabi theocracy, the ruling elite of Saudi Arabia have made it difficult for Christians, Jews, Hindus and others, as well as dissenting sects of Islam, to visibly coexist inside the kingdom.
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