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UK Newswire Archive

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Loyalisy violence escalates

23-03-2005 15:24

We wonder why the English media didn't make the fuss over the murder of Pat Finucane, that they currentlty are over that of Robert McCartney.

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Mayday 2001 Protest Detention Damages Case Fails

23-03-2005 14:27

held for over 7 hours
During Mayday 2001, police trapped protestors in Oxford Circus for 7 hours without access toilets, food or water.

Nearly four years later, the High Court has rejected compensation claims by Lois Austin and Geoffrey Saxby who claimed they had been ilegally imprisoned and that their "right to liberty" under the European Convention on Human Rights had been breached when they were held for over seven hours along with thousands of other people.

There are around 150 other claims by people held by the police operation which are depending on the test case outcome.

The pair have been given leave to appeal and say they will do so.

The full judgement will soon be available here:

03/TLQ/0350 Austin v Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis

03/TLQ/0411 Saxby v Same

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Labour treads a carefull path

23-03-2005 14:20

Getting carefull with election looming...

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Mayday protestors lose appeal

23-03-2005 13:29

Mr. Justice TUGENDHAT tugged his forelocks in a judgement that will please the police immensely. He dismissed both protestors claims, although he has granted leave to appeal.

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UK Election: a vote for peace

23-03-2005 11:42

This is one of the most important UK elctions ever this coming May. And much more difficult to fix than the US ones were. Lets make sure it's not a Blair / Howerd Punch and Judy show and that we use our votes - and access to voting record of our MP's - intelligently for promoting peace and sending the gullible and warmongering MP's down into the dustbin of history. If you agree with my three point voting plan please promote it amongst your UK friends and neighbours. The hopes and fears of countless millions around the world are riding on this one.

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Why I'll vote Lib Dem, by Tariq Ali

23-03-2005 10:49

Tariq Ali writes "Punish the warmongers: vote Lib Dem" in Red Pepper. It appears next to an article with a title he'd have done well to remember: "The government always gets in"

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Protesters deliver non-GM soya to Sainsburys HQ

23-03-2005 09:01

GM protesters deliver 3 tonne donation of safe animal feed to Sainsbury's HQ

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Prol-Position-News #1 out now!

23-03-2005 08:17

newsletter on recent class struggles from perpective of auto-organisation

Editorial: Why such a project now?
Wildcat strike at GM/Opel in Bochum, Germany
GM/Saab policies in Sweden
New wage-model at VW, Germany
Last note on VW
Protests against welfare-reform in Germany
Update on Hartz IV/welfare-reform
Struggles of migrant workers in Paris, France
Travel report: More struggles in France
Aviation: Two struggles in Britain and Belgium
Construction: Struggle at Laing O’Rourke/Britain

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Prostitution and its social consequences

23-03-2005 06:37

Sisyphe website delivers cutting edge analysis of women's condition and of other important issues, notably prostitution.

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Through a Glass Darkly: Scott Ritter's Raw Story Interview

23-03-2005 02:02

Eric David Stein critiques Scott Ritters latest comments on the neocons
and the possibility of a terrorist attack in the US, suggesting that

Ritter's views carry serious political liabilities.

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Trial by unrelated video clips

22-03-2005 23:53

Should alleged terrorist suspects be shown on television side-by side-'terrorist training camp film clips' gathered by the government and media archives to give the wrong impression of accused people facing trial?

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The other Greece, the Greece of movements, say no in the war

22-03-2005 23:48

fotos from ecologists blocks
News from protest of 19 Marth at Greece-Fotos from the blocks of ecologists-Common call for action

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Never Mind the Academy, Here's the Packers Field Fun Day!

22-03-2005 23:05

As part of the campaign to save Bristol's open spaces from private development, a community fun day is being held at PACKERS FIELD, WHITEHALL on Easter Monday. Support the Packers campaign for Town Green status, and show that leisure can be self-organised, fun and free. Join us from 12 - 5pm.

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Photos from the Anti-War protest in London

22-03-2005 22:19

Simply a list of photos.

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RESIST G8 // 3rd Southeast Assembly - 3rd April

22-03-2005 21:55

RESIST G8 // 3rd South-East Assembly

Date: Sunday 3rd April

Time: 1.30-6.00pm

Venue: RISC, 35-39 London Street, Reading, Berks.

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International Antiwar Meeting, 7-10th April, Ireland

22-03-2005 21:35

As part of the annual EYFA Wintermeeting,, ‘Gluaiseacht - Irish Movement for Global Social Justice’ and ‘EYFA - European Youth For Action’ would like to invite you to take part in a special Anti-War meeting taking place over 4 days at
The Boghill Centre, Kilfenora, Co Clare, Ireland,
from 7th - 10th April 2005.

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Judgement due for Mayday 2001 Oxford Circus mass-containment

22-03-2005 21:25

During Mayday 2001, police trapped protestors in Oxford Circus for 7 hours without access toilets, food or water. Nearly four years later, we have a finally got a High Court judgement.

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March 19th Anti-War Demo In Warsaw

22-03-2005 20:03

Video footage of Warsaw Anti-War demo from March 19th

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Interview with "unembedded" journalist Dahr Jamail about Iraq

22-03-2005 20:01

"The Pentagon lies daily" says unembedded indie journo Dahr Jamail. He's spent 8 months in Iraq witnessing the total failure of the American led occupation. Here is a short 15 minute interview with Dahr. Recorded in Vancouver, Canada March 18th 2005
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