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UK Newswire Archive

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Tara the Great Feast and Samhain celebration Oct31/Nov3rd

19-10-2007 22:49

Samhain Celebration and big Actions come and revel and resist,calling out to all up for it possee.

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New Ring Fort discovered at hill of Tara-activist arrested

19-10-2007 22:32

Activists on tripod arrested protecting ring fort

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Lies About Israel's Attack On Syria Exposed

19-10-2007 19:27

So then ... what was the purpose of this illegal act of aggression?

It appears this was a "back door" attack on Iran, since Syria and Iran have signed defense pacts, and this was intended to lure Iran into war. Living through these dark times, it becomes much clearer how Israel lured the Arab world into the wars it's used to justify the annexation of so much of the Palestinian State they refuse to recognize.

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Pushing War With Iran

19-10-2007 19:25

It's been interesting to watch the same media that helped sell the LIES about Iraq play the game again in regards to Israel/America's plot against Iran. They've Framed this non-existent 'crisis' in the Neo-Fascists' own rhetoric, again repeating long-refuted LIES with no counter-point or factual examination or rebuttal.

The US media just received its 30 pieces of silver, with the FCC announcement of further deregulation in the area of media conglomeration and mass ownership.

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Boycott Italy for the abuses against Roma People

19-10-2007 18:49

The campaign in favour of a people promoted on an international level by EveryOne Group opens the eyes of the world onto the shame of Italy’s persecution of the gypsy people.

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Berlin solidarity demo for NZ arrestees.

19-10-2007 18:19

German solidarity demo was held outside NZ embassy, in commercial district of Berlin in support of NZ arrestees.

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Chinatown against immigration raids.

19-10-2007 14:22

On Thursday October 11th the Gerrard street area of Soho (better known as Chinatown) received some unwelcome guests. Dozens of immigration officers dressed in body armour and backed up by dozens of cops raided 5 Chinese restaurants and detained 49 people working in them. The people concerned have not been heard of since. Community leaders are furious about the raid describing it a victimization of an established law abiding community.

Some of those held were initially taken to Dover though their lawyers now been told that they are elsewhere in the immigration system. The lack of information is causing serious anger. It is thought that several individuals have been deported already.

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Untrue Anti-Tatchell Smears Rebutted

19-10-2007 14:15

A statement by friends of Peter Tatchell, written in co-operation with him asserting that the defamatory smears made against him in this thread are untrue.

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Trafalgar Club mugs meet again

19-10-2007 14:15

Tomorrow night at the plush Ardencote Manor Country Hotel in Claverdon, Warwickshire, the great and the bad who support the British National Party through its Trafalgar Club dining club will tuck into a meal that they hope will be better than the stale sandwiches they were fed last year.

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Bodybag dumped on doorstep of nuclear bomb makers / Big Brother agents Lockheed

19-10-2007 14:15

“We never forget who we’re murdering and spying for”. Cornerstone of the UK military-industrial complex / Orwellian state, US-based firm Lockheed Martin were targeted on Thursday lunchtime at their central London HQ by activists from Trident Ploughshares.

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Solidarity with prisoners, not with screws!

19-10-2007 11:48

Prison officers’ national strike
Article published in Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! 199 October/November 2007

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There are 5 Days Left to ask your MEP to Act on cars and climate change

19-10-2007 11:14

Take action at

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GLA damage the grass of Parliament Square.

19-10-2007 09:20

Fence damage
One excuse after another to harass Brian Haw's legal protest.

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Will P Hain practise the morality to end poverty

19-10-2007 08:26

The BBC has reported Peter Hain as saying on the BBC1 Question Time programme, "I think the people that paid their money in on the basis of what they believed was the case and found their money was being smuggled away and robbed from them - that's very serious indeed."

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Activists crash biofuel party 2 [afternoon]

19-10-2007 02:06

This week Europe’s largest Biofuels event took place in Nottinghamshire amid growing concerns about severe impacts on climate, biodiversity and food production.

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World Peace by 2015 : According to Harvey?

19-10-2007 01:49

An Irishman who recoverd from a brain haemorrhage 22 years ago, has now began a Global Pilgrimage for Peace. He has completed a 6,000km walk across Australia, pushing an invisible character sitting in a wheelchair. It is Harvey, the indisible dream for peace. HOTPRESS continue the interview

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Activists crash biofuel party 1 [morning]

19-10-2007 01:48

This week Europe’s largest Biofuels event took place in Nottinghamshire amid growing concerns about severe impacts on climate, biodiversity and food production.

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Photos from Bio-Diesel Expo banner demo

18-10-2007 21:53

gates were closed as soon as we arrived
During the bio-fuels expo at Newark Showground there were sucessful direct action and banner protests. Some photos of the banner protest are below.

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24-hour Total petrol station shuts due to protest

18-10-2007 21:33

During the Thursday evening rush hour, the 24-hour Total petrol station on Marylebone Road in London shut down due to the presence of protestors calling for Total to pull out of Burma.

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Birmingham students take action against RBS

18-10-2007 20:14

Students enter the bank...
On Monday 15th October over 30 students from the University of Birmingham flooded their campus NatWest branch (who are wholly owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland) in protest at their disproportionate and unsustainable funding of oil and gas projects and the contribution this is making to climate change as part of the 'National day of local action against the Royal Bank of Scotland'.
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