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UK Newswire Archive

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Never Trust A Hippy – The Green Charity With 20,000 Workfare Slaves

30-11-2012 19:05

The Conservation Trust for Volunteers (formally BCTV) have been exposed as one of the largest exploiters of unpaid labour.

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Veolia Plan to import an extra 15000 tonnes of waste to Bernard Road Incinerator

30-11-2012 17:28

The 15,000 tonnes is coming from an extended catchment area from as far as Mansfield, Newark and Derbyshire Dales. Join the campaign to stop this insanity by objecting individually to the application to show the strength of feeling in Sheffield and beyond that objects to the incinerator and all it entails.

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Abuse of Process: Factors in Prosecution Denial of Assange London Interview.

30-11-2012 16:19

The Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) Letter of Request (LOR), Disclosure and Abuse of Process in the Julian Assange Case. The factors requiring the prosecution to deny an
interview in London.

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Bradley Manning takes the stand - Reports from court

30-11-2012 11:19

Courtroom illustration by Clark Stoeckley
Bradley Manning is back in court this week at Fort Meade in Maryland, where he faces 22 charges in connection with the biggest anti-war whistleblowing act in history. This week's pretrial hearing is dealing specifically with the mistreatment Bradley suffered during his detention at Quantico brig in the US and evidence has been heard about his treatment from his arrest in May 2010, his detention in Kuwait and then in Quantico until his move to less punitive conditions at Fort Leavenworth in April 2011. Brad took the witness stand yesterday and will testify again today.

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Israel military boycott over Gaza assault

30-11-2012 11:13

Nobel peace laureates call for Israel military boycott over Gaza assault ...... Letter with 52 signatories including artists and activists also denounces US and EU 'complicity' through weapons sales ..... A group of Nobel peace prize-winners, prominent artists and activists have issued a call for an international military boycott of Israel following its assault on the Gaza Strip this month. The letter also denounces the US, EU and several developing countries for what it describes as their "complicity" through weapons sales and other military support in the attack that killed 160 Palestinians, many of them civilians, including about 35 children.

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Prisoners for Peace day on 1st December

30-11-2012 10:25

War Resisters' International urges supporters to contact people imprisoned for their actions for peace, marking 'Prisoners for Peace day' on Saturday, December 1st.

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Two Years of Cablegate as Bradley Manning Testifies for the First Time

30-11-2012 08:54

Yesterday was the second anniversary of the publication of the first Cablegate leaks in newspapers around the world. It was also the day on which Bradley Manning took the stand for the first time in the court martial proceedings against him. In this particular hearing, Bradley Manning's Defence is calling for all charges against him to be dropped on account of his severe and illegal mistreatment in pretrial detention, so in effect it's the US Military that's in the dock this week.

Julian Assange marked the occasion with an article in Huffington Post.

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News from the Library Street Social Centre

30-11-2012 02:11

The Library Street Social Centre, is a fairly new autonomous community centre situated on in the Large Colorama Building on Library Street in Elephant and Castle (SE1 0RY) we regularly hold talks, film screenings, and social events. Anyone is welcome to approach us and put something on. Below is a report of the Peoples Kitchen and Film Night we had yesterday (29/11/12) for more infor see our website librarystreetlondon(dot)wordpress(dot)com.

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Italy: Monti’s government “democratic and sober” response to the crisis

29-11-2012 19:39

The demonstrations that took place all over Italy on 14th November as part of a European Day of Action against austerity are already setting the pace of the new management of public order. In Rome in particular it’s been forbidden for months to get anywhere close to the political headquarters during demonstrations, despite the revocation of the decrees introduced last year by the Mayor to turn the whole of the city centre into a red zone.

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Veggies of Notts land in London

29-11-2012 15:45

Veggies to feed London!

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Starbucks Vice President awarded “Prize Mug” As Company Dodges Paying UK Tax

29-11-2012 12:15

Students at the University of Birmingham, along with members of the public, awarded a golden mug to Starbucks VP Marketing Ian Cranna yesterday ahead of a speech in Birmingham.

The mug was awarded for the company’s ‘mugging’ of the UK taxpayer. The VP Marketing was speaking at the University of Birmingham Business School as an engineering alumni – students wondered why someone from this particular company was invited to talk.

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“This is it then, this is the end.”- A view of the NUS Demo 21/11/12

29-11-2012 01:49

A a reflexive view from the streets during the NUS demo last week and some thoughts about the student movement as a whole.

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Anti-Workfare Picket Superdrug Glasgow Sat. 8th Dec. 11.30 a.m.

28-11-2012 23:15

Anti-Workfare Picket Superdrug
Public event · By The Crutch Collective

Share, join and invite friends:

Saturday, 8 December 2012
11:30 until 12:20
Superdrug, 117 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3ER.

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Week of Action against workfare 8th Dec – Charities stop exploiting ...

28-11-2012 19:04

...Charities stop exploiting the unemployed. Take action 8th December onwards

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EDL leader among six hit with fraud charges

28-11-2012 15:42

"THE LEADER of the English Defence League (EDL), Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Lennon, has been charged along with five people on a series of fraud charges.

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Bristol art project for better banking

28-11-2012 14:55

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Wake -Up Call To Stop Damaging Legislation

28-11-2012 14:13

The government is proposing to allow large scale mineral planning applications to by pass the normal, local democratic process. This press release give some background info on this and how anyone can participate in a consultation exercise on this proposal and say NO!

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Growth and Infrastructure Bill: Proposed 100 Hectare Threshold

28-11-2012 13:36

The Government is intending, by means of legislation which forms part of the Growth and Infrastructure Bill (Clause 21), to introduce a 100 hectare threshold on all future mining and quarrying planning applications in England. It has issued a consultation document ‘Nationally significant infrastructure planning: extending the regime to business and commercial projects: consultation’ [1] to assess reaction to their proposals. This Briefing Note outlines the impact that this proposal would have on current English opencast mine proposals.

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Union branch votes for one-state solution for Palestine

28-11-2012 12:21

Lambeth’s Local Government Branch of UNISON last week voted to endorse a one-state solution for Palestine based on equality and justice for all citizens, and supporting the right of return to millions of Palestinian refugees. A motion was tabled in response to Israel’s ongoing attacks and siege on Gaza.

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REPORTS from Bradley Manning pre-trial hearing Ft.Meade/USA & London Solidarity

28-11-2012 09:10

20 anti-war and solidarity activists gathered outside the U.S. embassy in London on Tuesday in solidarity with Bradley Manning. Those gathered included veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, former anti-war prisoners, members of Veterans for Peace, Catholic Worker, London Guantanamo Campaign, Pay Day Mens Network.
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