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UK Newswire Archive

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Fascist freindly shop opens in Brum

21-05-2013 16:51

"For now we're going to try and be nice" - please contact the shop and shopping centre - details in article.

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Another CCTV camera for Forest Fields

21-05-2013 12:57

Yesterday a pair of CPOs were knocking on doors in the Wiverton Road/Foxhall Road area asking whether people were in favour or against a camera being installed at the crossroads. In their words - "We want to know if you're in favour or not, and if you are in favour we'd like to take your name and address to pass to the council."

The council are trying to pinpoint the people in our community who feel isolated and alienated from their neighbours. They presumably want to use these people as examples of why we should all submit to being watched every time we leave our houses.

This is probably a response to the groups of lads who've been hanging around on doorsteps in that area since the cameras were installed at Foxhall/Gladstone and Berridge road a couple of years ago. Where will the kids go next? Surely the state keeping a beady eye on two streets is never going to solve problems with anti-social behaviour - at best it just pushes the problem round the corner. It also increases the general level of alienation, fear and mistrust in our society, which surely ultimately results in more anti-social behaviour.

Not forgetting the cost of course - last time the council installed cameras in this area they told us they were spending £20,000 per camera. Are they going to spend the same portion of our council tax again? Surely that money would be far better spent on youth provision, which in forest fields is mostly left to volunteer-led self-funded projects.

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Leeds No Borders public meeting

21-05-2013 12:09

Leeds No Borders & Movement for Justice are holding a public hearing on the UKBA's murder of
Jackie Nanyonjo, with testimonies from asylum seekers, refugees and

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Faslane Peace Camp support group in Glasgow

20-05-2013 22:55

As you may know Faslane Peace Camp recently put out an appeal for new members. Fortunately the publicity has generated more people moving to the camp and the good news is that it now looks like the peace camp is not going to close at this crucial time in the debate about nuclear weapons in Scotland.

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Sheffield Workfare Protest, June 1st

20-05-2013 21:29

The government is running scared of protests over workfare. They've been to court to try and keep the names of workfare exploiters from being published because they're scared that protests will cause the whole scheme to collapse. If we keep the pressure on, we can turn their fears into reality.

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Mental Health COI - Criticising diagnosis and DSM5

20-05-2013 16:55

  One of the key criticisms of traditional mental health services is the reliance on psychiatric diagnosis, which many argue are detrimental to service-users and unsupported by scientific research. This debate has recently come to the fore with clinical groups breaking ranks from the psychiatric establishment. Links to the story in other media are provided. 

From Steve Coles:

"Hi All

Some very interesting developments in the realm of 'mental health':

Division of Clinical Psychology Release Position Statement on Diagnosis last Monday (official version out on Friday) criticisms functional psychiatric diagnoses and the need to develop alternatives ways of thinking about emotional well being which looks far more at psychosocial causes.

In  response to the above release the Observer ran the the story on the front page and double page spread,The DCP positon has been discussed radio on Monday 13th May () and five live victoria derbyshire programme on Friday 17th. It may have been covered elsewhere

The Mental Health Europe have now released Interesting times - hopefully it will help bring positive and sustained change to the quality of understanding and support for service users' / survivors and family members and wider networks.



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Facebook Bans Message to Peter Jackson About Filming Bilderberg Protests

20-05-2013 11:57

Eco-warriors and other anti-capitalist protesters are preparing for massive protests against the Bilderberg Conference at the Grove hotel at Watford England from 5 to 9 June 2013 where presidents and prime ministers will secretly meet the bankers and corporate leaders who illegally employ them just one week before the G8 summit in Ireland.
Most of the mainstream media is refusing to publish or broadcast any news about the protests against the secret world government of the Bilderberg Group and even Facebook has banned a message to Peter Jackson proposing the filming of the reality TV show for the children about the imminent extinction of the human race by global warming as a result of the burning of fossil fuels.

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Hospital Campaign Song Heading For The Charts

20-05-2013 08:56

Clare Palmer in Studio
CAMPAIGNERS fighting to save acute services at Stafford Hospital have teamed up with a singer-songwriter from the town to release a song in protest of the cuts to the NHS and Mid Staffs.

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thousands join london #may18 NHS rally - pics and report

19-05-2013 17:59

march assembles
several thousand people took part in the march yesterday to show disquiet and resistance to the implementation of new legislation that will bring charges and further cuts to a beleaguered NHS.

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International hip hop & spoken word benefit - 8th June @ LimaZulu, London

19-05-2013 13:38

Come down to LimaZulu, north London, on 8th June for a night of excellent spoken word, poetry & international hip hop, with a headliner from Mexico! All in the name of an excellent cause, that being the Anti Raids Network ( & SLSF (

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UG#639 - Grave Reflections on Technology & Freedom (Techno-totalitarianism)

19-05-2013 01:35

We hear the voices of three now deceased authors on the topics of technology and Social Control. First a vintage 1962 recording of Aldous Huxley speaking on the prospects for technototalitarianism. Next it's a more relaxed interview with science fiction author Kurt Vonnegut and we conclude with a musical collage of 1970's wisdom from E. F. Schumacher.

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Audio from the Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair 2013

18-05-2013 22:25

Audio Sheffield Anarchist Book Fair 2013

Attached are audio recordings from 8 of the talks at the Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair which was held in the Showroom and Workstation on 11th May 2013, see also the photos of the stalls.

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Why was a Sunday Times report on US government ties to al-Qaeda chief spiked?

18-05-2013 21:15

FBI whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds was described as "the most gagged person in the history of the United States" by the American Civil Liberties Union. Was the Sunday Times pressured to drop its investigation into her revelations?

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Lets get Organised Share the Load!

18-05-2013 16:55

A LOCAL campaign group set up to provide support and information to people affected by the Bedroom Tax in Renfrewshire urged other communities to follow its example following the tragic death of Stephanie Bottrill.

The 53-year-old from Solihull took her own life , leaving a suicide note blaming the government.

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Sheffield: 65th Anniversary of the Nakba, the 1948 Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

18-05-2013 13:49

Supporters of the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign marked the 65th Anniversary of the Nakba, the 1948 "ethnic cleansing" of Palestine, with a vigil outside the Town Hall on 18th May 2013. In a short interview attached Musheir El Farra explaines what the protest was about and what people can do to support the campaign.

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Sheffield Protest Against the Bed Room Tax

18-05-2013 13:26

There was a protest in Barkers Pool, Sheffield, on 18th May 2013 against the Tory / LibDem changes to housing benefit which came into force on 1st April 2013.

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Is NATO planting the 'sectarian' bombs in Iraq & Pakistan?

18-05-2013 00:32

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits Moscow to try to persuade Russian President Vladimir Putin to agree to his plans to get his friends in the US and the EU to invade Syria and Iran but gets a frosty response. Meanwhile another Russian fleet moves into the Eastern Mediterranean and Syria and Iran get a Russian upgrade to their anti ship missile systems.

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UK nuclear warhead convoy travels through Oxfordshire 14.5.13

17-05-2013 22:24

A UK nuclear warhead convoy tavelled through Oxfordshire on Tuesday 14th May 2013 from Burghfield Atomicb Weapon Establishment (AWE) near Reading.

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Promote the Carnival against capitalism on Twitter

17-05-2013 17:53

Calling all activists to use Twitter to promote the carnival against capitalism on Tuesday June the 11th in central London. Millions of people can be reached very quickly via Twitter so get spreading the word of the June 11th carnival.
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