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UK Newswire Archive

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Delivering the answer to GM spuds in Norwich

30-07-2011 09:04

Growers from across the country kick off the campaign against field testing.

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UG#561 - $100,000,000 to Crack A Lone Nut? (Amerithrax, Gladio, 7/7...)

30-07-2011 06:44

Focusing on the Anthrax attacks of 2001 in the weeks after Sep 11th, we look at the deep state's policy of blaming its false flag attacks either on nebulous foreign terrorist groups, or, as a fallback, on a domestic 'lone nut'. Mark Crispin Miller speaks on the changing use of the term 'conspiracy theory', researcher Danielle Ganser on NATO's Operation Gladio, ex-UK police researcher Tony Farrell on 7/7, and researchers Meryl Nass and Graeme MacQueen on the 'Amerithrax' attacks.

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Digging dirt on Scotland Yard: spiked stories of Michael Gillard & Laurie Flynne

29-07-2011 21:54

Insight into institutional police corruption in the light of the phone hacking scandal.

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Colchester Council Hates Gypsies

29-07-2011 19:30

With the eviction of Dale Farm looming, the local papers around Essex seem to be filled with anti-gypsy stories right now. Not to be left behind in the racism stakes, Colchester Council are getting in on the act to...

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This Week in Palestine week 30 2011

29-07-2011 16:22

Welcome to this Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for July 23rd to the 29th 2011

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Animal cruelty in and around the Midlands - Please take action!

29-07-2011 14:55

Please contact 99p stores.
Please contact the outlets below asking them to stop profiting from animal abuse. Thank you.

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Politically motivated (presumably) supsension of Alaskan scientist

29-07-2011 14:08

A scientist working for the US government who identified the link between polar bear deaths by drowning and climate change, has been suspended after a complaint from an unidentified source. This is thought to be a politically motivated suspension as oil companies are currently lobbying to drill in the Arctic next year.

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'Israeli Summer' Follows 'Arab Spring'

29-07-2011 13:27

Young people are demanding affordable housing
In years to come, the entry of the Israeli working class into independent action may well be seen as a pivotal moment in world history. While the 'Arab Spring' has seen governments toppled in Tunisia and Egypt, another key US ally now finds itself confronted by its masses - and the event raises the objective possibility of class alliances stretching across Egypt, into Israel, and even into what remains of Palestine.

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The war on Libya : An imperialist project to create three Libyas

29-07-2011 13:01

Diplomats from 32 countries attend Libya Contact Group Meeting,Istanbul,15-07-11

The division of Libya into three separate countries is part of the US-NATO imperial design. It is part of a project shared by the U.S., Britain, Italy, and France.

The NATO war launched against Libya in March 2011 was geared towards the breakup of the country into three separate entities.

The NATO led war, however, is back firing. The Libyan people have united to save their country and Tripoli is exploring its strategic options.

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Council attempts to seal Heygate entrance

29-07-2011 12:16

Gate open
Council attemps to seal New Kent Road entrance to Heygate Estate in London. The people open new entrance in response.

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White Power Band To Play Openly In The North Of England

29-07-2011 09:57

Nazi band Steelcapped Strength invited to play a gig in Wakefield.

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Freedom: Norway Massacre - An Anarchist Perspective

29-07-2011 08:02

I’m sure many of you watched the scenes taking place in Norway with horror and rightly so. Particularly disturbing was the knee jerk reaction, reminiscent of the news coverage following the immediate aftermath of the Oklahoma bombings, the continual repetition that the incident had all the characteristics of an Islamist plot. The “gates of Vienna” mindset tirades posted in the comments sections of online coverage (before they apprehended the white blonde suspect) made for particularly infuriating reading; page upon page of ranting amounting to nothing less than an incitement towards a Muslim/Asian Pogrom.

This prejudged notion of Muslim involvement lasted right up until the shocked exclamations that the gunman was blonde and of Norwegian appearance. The Daily Express still couldn’t resist putting in a section about Jihadists and cartoons of the prophet Muhammed the next day despite contrary evidence, and The Sun went with the even crasser “Al-Qaeda Massacre, Norway’s 9/11.” This coverage is merely a manifestation of a wider arching problem created by an amalgamation of factors created by politicians, the media and the far right all pursuing their own particular agendas which happen to have a convergence of mutual interest.

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Namaste update & call for support - help asylum seekers

28-07-2011 22:46

Namaste encourages and supports local volunteers to offer a spare room to an asylum seeker who would otherwise be destitute. People may choose to host a guest for a few weeks, or a few months, or in some cases longer. Throughout, Namaste offers support to both the host and the guest.

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Greece: 'Coming soon... in a square near you.'

28-07-2011 20:19

Nice romantic video of what's been going on in Greece recently:

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Mayo - Shell’s construction stopped for fifth consecutive day

28-07-2011 19:23

-- Campaigners blockading heavy vehicles prevent construction of Shell’s onshore pipeline -- Press release from earlier today - more details from today plus photos to follow as soon as the folk involved catch their breath!

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Calais: migrant camp cleared in pest control operation

28-07-2011 17:37

Familiar sight in Calais: police convoy seen
Another camp destroyed in Calais...

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Who Is Causing the 90 to 150 Degree Days? How To Cool Down the Earth?

28-07-2011 17:25

39 ways to cool down the earth in summer and warm it in winter... please multipost

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Benefit gigs for SHAC and Anti-Fascist prisoners

28-07-2011 16:50

This year's North London Punx Picnic is a benefit for S.H.A.C. prisoner Jason Mullan (JJ) and the recently imprisoned Anti-Fascists

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Palestine Today 07 28 2011

28-07-2011 15:37

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Thursday, July 28, 2011.

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Dale Farm Solidarity Bulletin 27th July

28-07-2011 14:55

The date for eviction looms heavy. Dale Farm family homes are liable to bulldozing from midnight on 31st August. Dale Farm residents are devastated. Meantime, Saturday activity days at Dale Farm are growing in strength each week. Supporters from across the UK are visiting Dale Farm each Saturday, spending time with residents, taking part in legal observer training sessions, helping with practical logistics for the site, meeting with experts from Essex University Human Rights Clinic, and joining a growing network of committed solidarity workers preparing for resistance through civil disobedience. There’s a huge amount of work to be done, but each week brings new faces, ingenuity, thoughtfulness, energy, and hope.

Actions for supporters:

1.   Attend the next solidarity activity day at Dale Farm on Saturday, 30th July

Come to Dale Farm this Saturday, 30th July, 11am.  Another briefing for later arrivals at 1pm.  See for details.  We're only 30 mins from London Liverpool St. and can pick you up from the station

2.   Sign up to join ‘Camp Constant’, opening 27th August

To sign up to a txt alert in case of eviction, or to spend a night at Dale Farm so that we have a constant presence there, visit .  Please send this link to your friends and share it on social networking sites.

Dale Farm Solidarity Demo – demo callout, Saturday, 10th Sept:

Dale Farm Solidarity together with numerous other groups (including No One is Illegal, London No Borders, Unite Against Fascism) has called a demonstration starting at 1pm on Saturday, Sept 10th or earlier if the eviction starts before then.  Join us at Wickford Train Station, just 30 minutes by train from London Liverpool Street Station. The march will then proceed to Dale Farm and Camp Constant, a base at Dale Farm for human rights monitors and those who will engage in civil disobedience to stop the bulldozing. Buses will also be available.  Please share the link or use this callout to spread the word.  Please invite your friends to the facebook event here:

Sign and send a letter to Kenneth Clarke, Secretary of State for Justice expressing your concern that the Legal Aid Bill as currently formulated which will disproportionately impact on Travellers and Gypsies. This Bill threatens to remove Gypsies and Travellers access to legal support, and as a consequence seriously undermines the protection under the law of their rights. Here’s a letter written by members of the Essex Human Rights Clinic, which can be printed out and signed; just add your name and address, and put it in the post, or you can email a copy to:  .  You can also sign the petition here:

5.    Oppose the Localism Bill. See previous post here.

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