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UK Newswire Archive

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Climate Camp demo - Save the Woodhead Tunnel

19-07-2008 10:19

This year we have a unique opportunity to re-open the Woodhead rail line.

Join the Save the Woodhead Tunnel Campaign in demanding the Government hold to their promises on sustainable transport and climate change and re-open this historic and important line.,53.495117,-1.830297&om=1&msa=0&msid=100950118038398329239.000441a586b51a597a528&ll=53.478239,-1.897888&spn=0.122593,0.274658&z=11&source=embed

Cycle from Hadfield, meet train station, midday

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Myspace deleting profiles of animal rights groups

18-07-2008 23:56

Mr Murdoch
In the last few days many animal rights Myspace pages/accounts such as Speak Political, Love the Animals, Free the Caged, Atillas Battle and Animal Aid have been closed/cancelled without explanation. Interestingly, the SHAC and the SPEAK (groups usually in the firing line for repression) myspace pages have not been taken down.

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Kentucky Fried Cruelty...

18-07-2008 22:12

To highlight the incredible suffering inflicted on millions of animals by KFC, including a staggering 960,000 chickens every hour, the Nottingham Animal Rights crew spent a productive Thursday evening leafletting outside KFC.

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Briana Waters' snitch gets 1 year less

18-07-2008 22:05

Briana Waters; a caring mother and environmentalist
Briana gets 6 years with 3 years probation, her snitch - Jennifer Kolar - gets to serve a year less and pay $7.1 million to the University of Washington.

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Antispeciesism - The way it is

18-07-2008 21:48

Ollibapril65 / Vegan Reich - The way it is

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Merseyside Peace & Ecology Festival 2008

18-07-2008 20:55

DATE: Saturday 26th July 2008
TIME: 11am - 7pm
LOCATION: St.Luke's Church (bombed out one) top of Bold Street, Liverpool City Centre


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Demo @ Polish embassy against sacking of radical union activist, Monday 4.30

18-07-2008 19:32

Bartosz Kantorczyk, a member of The Workers' Initiative Trade Union in Gdansk in Poland and the initiator of postmen strike in November 2006, has been unlawfully dismissed. The unionists in the Polish post office had demanded improvement of job security in accordance with the law and had denounced violations of the workers' rights by the management of the Polish Post. Management sacked Bartosz because he was such a high-profile union member, and therefore a threat to their ongoing exploitation of the workers.

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Rebel Music Presents - Cuba Fiesta - 26 July.

18-07-2008 18:26

26 July 2008.
Celebrating 55 years since Fidel Castro and his revolutionary rebels attacked
the Moncada Barracks, sparking the Cuban Revolution. The Party includes delicious Cuban cuisine, bar, stalls, Cuban dance classes, kids' games, face painting, films and live music.

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Guardian about Austrian Activists

18-07-2008 17:56

Peter Singer forgot about people in prisons in UK

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This Week In Palestine – Week 29 2008

18-07-2008 17:48

This Week In Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for July 12th, through July, 18th, 2008.

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Traps & Enclosures Sabotaged - Ilkley Moor

18-07-2008 17:32

Grouse Liberation Front Communique:
Reported 18th July

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Dissident Island - Climate Camp special tonight

18-07-2008 17:26

Listen to the NUM, Climate Camp UK, Climate Camp USA, Climate Convergence USA as well as some tasty music and the usual chat and randomness

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Thatchers State Funeral

18-07-2008 17:10

it's still a class war.

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Local Government Strike: Day Two

18-07-2008 16:35

The second day of the 48 hour strike by local government workers in the Unison and Unite unions was rather wetter than the first, but many school remained closed across Nottinghamshire and the country and there were picket lines outside many council offices.

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Uhuru Radio interviews Catherine Austin Fitts

18-07-2008 16:05

Catherine Austin Fitts
War on Crime/Drugs = wealth for Wall Street, genocide for African people

Former Wall Street investment banker discusses relationship between illegal drug economy, prisons and corporate profits.

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Town centre regeneration schemes

18-07-2008 15:34

For whose benefit has disastrous town centre regeneration schemes been foisted onto local communities?

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Anti-Wembley Academy occupation comes to an end

18-07-2008 15:27

Anti-Wembley Academy Roof Top Protest
The Tent City Occupation of Wembley Sports Ground was evicted this morning at 6.30am (report to follow). Hank Roberts - Brent Secretary of the NUT and ATL - had to be removed from the roof of the Community Centre on the site, where he had d-locked himself to a flagpole. Specialist baliffs had to use an angle-grinder to seperate him from the pole. Supporters gathered in front of the gate to the carpark; as he was removed from the site, he was bestowed with rapturous applause for his brave stand.

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Private Equity Headquarters Under Lock Down in London July 17

18-07-2008 15:01

beginning of demo at Trafalgar Square
On the Global Day of Action against Private Equity, 50 people collectively delivered a giant invoice to Kohlberg, Kravis Roberts's (KKR) headquarters in London.

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Operation Stop The Monkey Business: Day 5

18-07-2008 13:57

The action alert from Day 5 of the week of action against Nepal for their plans to export rhesus monkeys to vivisection labs!

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Unlawful Crossrail shortchanges tube and Londoners £16bn - another central line

18-07-2008 13:56

The Crossrail Bill is due to receive Royal Assent on Tuesday 22 July 2008 after petitioning in the House of Lords and House of Commons. Residents are beginning to realise why so many publicly funded projects go wrong if the level of scrutiny is similar to that of the Crossrail Bill, the Millennium Dome of public transport schemes. The Department for Transport, the House of Commons and House of Lords Crossrail Committee, who have favoured the City over ordinary London residents, taxpayers and farepayers have slammed the final nail in the coffin of the Crossrail Bill. We now know why so many publicly funded schemes are so poorly scrutinised.
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