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UK Newswire Archive

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Another rejected petition from our friends at Downing Street

15-05-2007 15:50

Is anyone home?

The lights appear to be on and I question as to whether they are all brain dead down the road that is Downing Street???

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Haringey Critical Mass 2007

15-05-2007 15:01

Can't make it to Germany? Sick of the all those cars getting in your way on the autobahn! Don't despair...join us on Saturday 9th of June for the 2007 Haringey Critical Mass. A leisurely ride down the Green Lanes to reclaim our streets and send a breath of fresh air to those meeting in Germany.

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Food and Hospitals Not Bombs - April 28th

15-05-2007 14:53

hospitals not bombs
Workers publicising the campaign against local NHS cuts joined by Food Not Bombs, rebranded for a day.

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Lessons we learned from the 6th Hemispheric Meeting in Havana...

15-05-2007 14:38

A new World is possible and necessary
We are aware that most of the wars in the last few decades have been waged over control of energy sources...

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Democracy and its Enemy, Capitalist Globalization

15-05-2007 11:37

The core problem of globalization is the dismantling of democracy. The elected are without power and those with power are not elected. The bonds between the generations and between the past and present burst. An absolute asocial individualism dominates in the most progressive states of capitalism (cf. Hobsbawm).

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World Naked Bike Ride 2005 - A Film By Johnny Zapatos

15-05-2007 10:59

As a taster for what the York Ride is about we have organised two showings of the 2005 film by Johnny Zapatos film _WORLD NAKE BIKE RIDE_. This is a short documentary about the 2005 London ride, narrated by Channel 4 newsreader and President of the Cyclists' Touring Club, Jon Snow.

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Secret BNP meeting stopped by Anti-Fascists in Bath

15-05-2007 10:55

After having his talk at Bath University cancelled, it looked like Griffin would be giving the city a miss. However, a report on BBC 'points west' stated that he would be holding a secret meeting arranged by nazi Bath student Danny Lake.

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London Rally on Saturday 2nd June

15-05-2007 10:15

A major anti-poverty rally to remind Blair and the G8 about their commitments

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Empire as a Way of Life, Part 7

15-05-2007 10:11


The current imperial slaughter in the Middle East, justified by the "Global War on Terror", that has resulted in at least 600,000 deaths in Iraq, is nothing new — the U.S. Empire has a long and sordid history of genocidal mass murder.

The history of the US imperialism and Empire is the subject of a series of ten monthly seminars from Dr John Marciano, "Empire as a Way of Life". Attached is a recording of the third of these seminars and the text upon which it was based. The first 8 of these seminars have taken place and the intention is to have the whole series published on this site; the last 2 will take place between now and June.

This seminar, recorded on 20th March 2007 by the L.A. Sound Posse, runs for 44 minutes and includes the discussion following. It has been made available under a Creative Commons license. If this recording is broadcast please let the L.A. Sound Posse know. This recording was originally made available on the A-Infos Radio Project site.

The following text has been reproduced here with the kind permission of Dr John Marciano and he can be contacted at He introduced this series of seminars in the following way:

A fundamental purpose of our meetings is to understand the systemic nature of the U.S. Empire and the economic and military imperialism that is its lifeblood. The historian William Appleman Williams argues that empire became "a way of life" in the U.S., a "combination of patterns of thought and action that, as it becomes habitual and institutionalized, defines the thrust and character of a culture and society." This "way of life" has convinced many U.S. "Americans" they have a right or "manifest destiny" to impose their political and economic policies upon others.

Dr John Marciano is Professor Emeritus, State University of New York at Cortland, where he taught courses on social and historical foundations of education and class, gender and race.

Previous parts of this series:

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save festival site: lobby of council

15-05-2007 09:46

campaign to save the festival garden site from greedypig developers.

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Demonstrate at Communications House - Friday 18 May

15-05-2007 09:33

Protest against detention and reporting centres! Show solidarity with asylum seekers

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Christiania under attack and Copenhagen-Update

15-05-2007 08:35

The police entered christiania yesterday to evict and demolish a house, that partly burned down a couple of years ago. The eviction lead to a night of street fighting in the area. Timeline is translated from

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National Weekend of Action For Refugees / 9 events in 7 cities

15-05-2007 01:52

This weekend actions will be taking place around the country in defence of asylum rights, following a call put out by Tyneside Community Action for Refugees. It's only by working together and building opposition locally that the Labour government's war on asylum seekers will be beaten. Please make an effort to get to your nearest action and get involved. Together we are stronger!

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Pledge to Protect Tara from the M3 Motorway in Ireland

14-05-2007 23:45

A new national monument was recently discovered by the National Roads Authority, close to the Hill of Tara, in County Meath, Ireland. TaraWatch is calling on activists worldwide to pledge to come to Ireland and help protect this important national monument. Please sign our confidential Tara Protection Pledge, and we will contact you.

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Notes on Cultural Renaissance in a Time of Barbarism

14-05-2007 23:30

We live in a time of imperial-driven destructive wars in the name of ‘democracy’, savage exploitation in the name of ‘emerging world powers’, massive forced population displacement in the name of ‘immigration’ and large-scale pillage of natural resources in the name of ‘free markets’. We live in a time of barbarism and the barbarian elites employ an army of linguistic and cultural manipulators to justify their conquests.

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The CIA -- a Terrorist Organization

14-05-2007 23:16

Agency uses same tactics it claims to be fighting

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“The Color of Blood, the Color of Resistance, the Color of Iraq.”

14-05-2007 23:10

“If I ever get married again…..I don't want any of this white dress business. I shall wear red.
Bright red.
The color of blood, the color of roaring, erupting volcanoes, the color of a dying sun, the color of passion, the color of Resistance...The color of Iraq”.
Layla Anwar; Arab Woman Blues, “A Bed of Roses, A Bed of Thorns”

I wonder what goes through Cheney’s mind when he visits Baghdad. Does he ever look out the window of his armor-plated limmo and see the wasteland he’s created---the burned out buildings, the pock-marked streets, the wretched orphans sorting through the garbage for something to eat? Al Arabiya news says that there may be as many as 100,000 orphans in Baghdad now. These are Cheney’s kids, aren’t they--the Vice President’s gift to the “New Middle East”? The next generation of terrorists?

What a horrible legacy. What a horrible man.

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IRAQ: Collateral Genocide

14-05-2007 23:01

Two elements are necessary to commit the crime of genocide: 1) the mental element, meaning intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, and 2) the physical element, which includes any of the following: killing or causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting conditions of life calculated to bring about the group’s physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births; or forcibly transferring children to another group.

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May Update on Liverpool Garden Festival Campaign

14-05-2007 20:11

It's been a busy month in the battle to save the former Garden Festival site from a fate worse than death: being turned into yet more luxury flats for yuppies.
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