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UK Newswire Archive

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Day 9 of Mersey Fire Strike: FBU publish alternative cuts plan

12-09-2006 19:19

FBU General Secretary Matt Wrack with Croxteth Strikers
As Merseyside firefighters began a second eight day strike against the cuts proposed by the Fire Authority, the FBU published details of their own money-saving scheme.

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Poverty drives children to work at checkpoints

12-09-2006 18:58

Please find the following article, that was published on Welcome to Baqa'a Refugee Camp and highlights the situation being faced by Palestinian children.

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The Colder War

12-09-2006 18:25

An old article - but worth revisiting. This is a little disseminated story about how America - under Prez Carter - created, funded and trained the Taliban. This is the selfsame Taliban who violate women's and human rights, and against whom the war of terror - sorry! war on terror - is perpetrated, killing untold thousands of innocents in the process, reversing human rights and civil liberties in the name of freedom, etc., when meanwhile, back at the ranch - this was an enemy bought and paid for by the Americans. This needs to be widely circulated and the leaders of the so-called "democratic" and "freedom-loving" nations called to account for their atrocities.

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Trident Replacement Conference, 2 Sept 2006

12-09-2006 17:17

These are a few of the points made at the No Trident Replacement meeting organized by CND, Sept 2nd, 2006

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First Wessex plan takeover of Portsmouth housing

12-09-2006 16:55

First Wessex Housing Group, consisting of Pavilion Housing Association and Atlantic Housing Association, are planning to takeover Portsmouth Housing Association.

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Critical Mass End of Summer Party

12-09-2006 16:50

Critical mass happens every last friday of the month 6pm central library

The next critical mass is on FRIDAY 29TH AT CENTRAL LIBRARY AT 6PM

We cycle round the city to celebrate the bicycle:

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Greenham - Peace News online archive published

12-09-2006 15:39

This month, to mark the 25th anniversary of what was to become Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp, Peace News delves into its archives from the 80s and publishes a new Greenham archive with almost 40 articles online (more to follow when we find the time/energy/volunteers).

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12-09-2006 14:33

Welcome to this page which exposes the most dangerous Anti-Semitic people and organisations that are around today. The list below is of one the best lists of Anti-Semites you will find.

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Roof of St.Pauls Cathedral occupied to commemorate 9/11

12-09-2006 14:21

I case you were wondering 9/11 is not just the anniversary of General Pinochett's US backed coup which installed a fascist government and murdered 30,000 people. Nor is it just the day that the people of New York discovered what it is like to be Palestinian.

It is also the day that Gandhi announced his strategy of peaceful non violent direct action. A way of doing things that would eventually see the liberation of an entire continent and inspiration for many of the great civil rights movements of the last 100 years.

Whether or not such tactics could work now is a matter of debate. One of the first things that US troops did when 'liberating' Iraq was to gun down 'peaceful non violent' demonstrators demanding jobs from the 'Coalition' government. Personally I think that if Gandhi was alive now he would be carrying an AK47 and dedicating his spare time to making roadside bombs.

Anyway, yesterday was the 100th anniversary of Gandhi's declaration. So to remember the great man and his work, 3 women occupied the roof of St.Pauls Cathedral and dropped a banner. Below is their press release.

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EDO Corp. Hits Forbes Beltway Index Rock Bottom Again As Protests Grow

12-09-2006 13:48

On the fifth anniversary of 9/11, arms firm EDO Corp, who had till this year profited more from the 'war on terror' than nearly any other company in the US, are now regulars on the Forbes Beltway Index 'worst performing' stock list. Once again this week, EDO hit the bottom of the list in the Forbes Magazine monthly overview of US equity performance.

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Rail Against Ken Livingston the Scab and Privatisation!

12-09-2006 13:22

Rail Against Privatisation - keep the East London Line public!

RMT is campaigning against moves by London Mayor Ken Livingstone and Transport for London to privatise the East London Line.

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Dems Rally Around War Criminal Clinton

12-09-2006 13:01

Democrats really have no problem destroying the Constitution and killing people in faraway lands, so long as a Democrat president does the killing and trashing. In fact, when it comes to war crimes, Bill Clinton leaves George Bush in the dust.

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Bikounga Family Must Stay

12-09-2006 12:34

"It's time to fight for our right to stay" Judith & Juslain
"We've had it all in the UK: Economic persecution, hardship, legal and administrative prejudice, brutality and detention, years of waiting and now destitution and the four of us living in one room. It's time to fight for our right to stay." - Judith and Juslain Bikounga, Tuesday, 12th September, 2006

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Haringey , the Child Snatchers

12-09-2006 12:26

Social services abuse of power

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Request for Reflections on Battle Against GM

12-09-2006 10:51

Call out for stories, reflections and analysis on action taken against GM for pamphlet.

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Women in Burkas Surround Afghan Embassy in Washington DC

12-09-2006 10:32

American Women Chained to Afghan Embassy on 9/11/2006
American Women Demonstrate in Chains and Burkas Against Afghan Embassy on 9/11

"America did not invent human rights. In a very real sense, it is the other way around. Human rights invented America." - President Jimmy Carter

Following that credo, on September 11, 2006, American women handcuffed and chained themselves to the Afghan Embassy in Washington, DC to protest against Hamid Karzai's oppressive government. A spokeswoman stated that this was "just the start of demonstrations against the Afghan Embassy in Washington to protest President Karzai's illegal imprisonment of innocent Americans and treatment of Afghan women." The women also announced that demonstrations will take place at the Afghan embassies in Washington and London on October 12th, 2006.

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It’s time to get Watty! - British nazi admits to running Redwatch

12-09-2006 09:59

A veteran British nazi has publicly admitted to being behind the pernicious Redwatch website. Kevin Watmough, from West Yorkshire, made the claim in June on a nazi bulletin board. While Watmough’s role has long been known to Searchlight, this is the first time he has publicly confirmed his involvement in writing.

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Blair: Beating Washington’s war drum in the Middle East

12-09-2006 09:01

Blair’s pose as a peacemaker is, in fact, aimed at neutralising popular opposition to the creation of a truncated Palestinian entity, with Israel permanently annexing much of the West Bank and the whole of Jerusalem. At the same time, he wants to offer some respite to Olmert, who like Blair has been badly weakened by the failure to defeat Hezbollah in Lebanon. More important still, he is seeking to create the best conditions for Israel, as the key regional ally of Washington, to be able to focus its political and military capabilities against Iran and Syria.

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The other 11th of September, the Catalan Nation carries on the fight

12-09-2006 02:38

On the 11th September 1714 the Catalan Nation lost its capital to the hands of the Castillian troops, initiating a long a bloody period of systematic destruction of the Catalan language and culture.
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