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UK Newswire Archive

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National Union of Journalists Oppose All Immigration Controls

27-03-2006 22:04

The motion below, opposing all immigration controls, was agreed on Sunday, 26 March 2006, at the NUJ Conference.

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Nottingham photographer arrested by armed officers

27-03-2006 21:34

pic: Pete Jenkins
On saturday 18th March, on the way to do some shopping and visiting in town, I diverted to follow some police activity, that turned out to be an armed turnout. Helicopter overhead and the heavy mob tearing about near Huntingdon Street and the Mansfield Road, with many guns, here in Nottingham.

Pictures [outside court] thanks to Pete Jenkins

Left: Kevin Stanley, Nottingham Branch secretary NUJ

Middle: Me, with my posh togs on.

Right: Diana Peasey, Nottingham Branch Chair NUJ

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27-03-2006 21:27

It is ironic about claims that we should all be grateful to the security forces who apparently spent millions on a surveillance operation protecting Kember. However, lets consider the facts - no shots were fired, no hostages found and oddly enough lots of money was spent by special forces. Any operation to save a hostage required real intelligence not the kind Prince Harry specialises in or that of Sir Mark Thatcher's coup types.

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Update on Harrods anti-fur campaign and subsequent court case

27-03-2006 20:31

A brief update on the legal action brought by Harrods department store against anti-fur protesters. Following this a more general article about Harrods and the fur trade with background information. For further details see or email:

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Protesters against dawn raids give Tony McNulty the send-off he deserves

27-03-2006 18:48

50 protesters, including asylum seekers, church ministers and charity workers gave Tony McNulty, immigration minister - the man who refuses to end dawn raids on Scottish soil - the send-off he deserves, letting him know in no uncertain terms that asylum seekers are Scotland's future lifeblood and are needed and wanted here, but he is not.

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The BPP's Steve Smith - Electoral Fraudster

27-03-2006 18:34

Steve Smith, big fry or small drip?
For the first time, the fascist BPP, reckon they will be standing two candidates in the May elections - Eddy Morrison in Leeds' Bramley ward, and Steve Smith in Burnley. Both individuals are well-known swindlers.

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Help stop this eviction of Glasgow asylum seeker family

27-03-2006 17:08

Glasgow the Caring City tries for the third time to evict elderly disabled refugee.

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Gurgoan Call Center Employee looted the customers

27-03-2006 17:06

A Gurgoan Based call center employee used the company's condidential information. He breached the company's network security and access the server from his new Delhi residence. CEO Priyank Verma who repotred this incident is in question for not taking any legal action against him earlier. Company like to pay US$ 1 million as compensation.

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Call for submissions

27-03-2006 16:58

This is a call for submission for videos for a proposed DVD of recent IMC UK Video content. The aim of the DVD will be to provide an up-to-date video newsreal for screeners which contains short grassroots videos of reasonably high production value, specifically informative videos which will empower people and inspire action and involvement.

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George Bush arriving in Gateshead ( and Manchester and Leeds? )

27-03-2006 16:01

On Wednesday June 7th, George Bush is returning to the North East, where a young man called Ross gave him a public mooning last time.
On Thursday 8th he's off to Manchester, and Friday 9th to Yorkshire, perhaps Leeds?

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G8 policing in Sheffield last year

27-03-2006 16:01

If you were hassled by the police for no good reason last June, there might be something you could do about it. You will need to make your complaint to them within 12 months of any harassment you may have recieve from Officer Friendly...

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Terminator Technology rejected again!

27-03-2006 15:56

Biotech industry moves to over turn global moratorium on GM sterile seeds thwarted!

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come along to Rising Tide this Thursday!

27-03-2006 15:16

All welcome to this Thursdays special interest meeting.

Come find out more about London Rising Tide - a grassroots, direct action group fighting against climate change and for a sustainable future! We areholding a special meeting onThursday 30th March for people to come along and find out more about who we are and what we get up to.

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Yet More Pictures on the static "March for Free Expression"

27-03-2006 14:39

Maryam Namazie speaking
I seemed to have been standing next to Mark. At times there seemed to be more photographers than demonstrators and we probably all have the bruises to show it from when a couple of people threw some food into the goldfish bowl.

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The BPP - Towton or business in a puddle off the B1217

27-03-2006 14:36

'Honour Guard' or silly sods waving flags?
Finding themselves irrelevant in the 21st Century, the BPP are now reaching back to 1461!

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Ivorian Women Call for UK Support

27-03-2006 14:17

Women from the Ivory Coast living in London marched on Saturday 25 March, 2006, calling on the UK to support the president, Laurent Gbagbo and protest against the French manipulation of the international community and support of the armed rebels.

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Suburban Racism

27-03-2006 13:54

Zubair Ansari in the street where he lives
A family in Southgate, north London held a protest on Saturday, 25 March, 2006, about continuing racial abuse from some of their neighbours.

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Canning Street Revisted: An Appeal

27-03-2006 11:05

Appeal to anyone arrested at anti-G8 Carnival in Canning Street Ediburgh on 4th July 2005. Trials are still going ahead. I am a defendant & want to compare charges...

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Next Climate Camp Gathering

27-03-2006 10:46

The next climate camp gathering is happening in Leeds in 2 weeks. It is an ideal opportunity to get involved in organising this exciting camp. Please email us if you are interested in going from Notts as we might be able to sort some transport.

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Planning Mayday in Manchester

27-03-2006 10:18

People in Manchester are working towards a Mayday weekend full of fun and action. It all kicked off with an AMAZING Mayday fundraiser squat party on Saturday. To find out more and to get involved, come down to the Basement on Monday 27th March, 7pm.
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