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UK Newswire Archive

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Stop Genocide of Baloch People in Iran and Pakistan

24-09-2007 00:15

Baloch Society of North America
APPEAL TO WORLD : Stop Genocide of Baloch People in IRAN and PAKISTAN

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Report: Tyneside March in Solidarity Against Immigration Prisons

24-09-2007 00:05

On 22nd September Tyneside Community Action for Refugees organised a march from the West End to the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne, in solidarity with the international day of actions against immigration prions called by the No Borders network, which in Britain centred on a march against the building of another detention centre near Gatwick airport.

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The Statue of Liberty Should Weep

23-09-2007 23:19

When children fainted in school, the reason was usually: 'It's not my turn to eat today' - courtesy USA and Britain.

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Busy weekend for Bath activists

23-09-2007 21:18

Its been a busy weekend for Bath Activist Network, with several well recieved awareness raising events.

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Save Tara: The Greenman goes to the Green Party

23-09-2007 21:17

17 August 2007, if two actions in the day were not enough, the Greenman, backed up by Save Tara campaigners and the International Culture Conservationists headed to Dublin to confront the Irish Green Party.

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Progress in Iraq: up to 80 US dead/month and rising

23-09-2007 19:47

A linear fit to the rate of killing US occupants in Iraq per month since May 2003 (excluding the initial invasion in March and April 2003) shows continued average progress, starting from about 40 US state terrorists killed per month and now at about 85 US state terrorists killed per month. The fit implies an average rate of killing 100 US state terrorists per month by the end of 2008. Data source:

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Who allies with whom against Iran?

23-09-2007 14:12

PKK, which increasingly consists (made to consist) of Kurds from Iran (and Syria), has been transformed into a subsidiary "organisation for attacking on Iran". This was done by the "host Iraqi Kurdish leaders", on "the master of the masters' " USA (and Israel) account.

Now they will also get the French [Prime Minister] Sarkozy, who "doesn't want Turkey in the EU", but clings to the USA and Israel and "wants an attack on Iran", to adopt a "carrots and sticks policy" towards Turkey. In other words, Sarkozy will use the EU as bait for our territory, airspace and bases.

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Protest ringtone vs. the NBN-ZTE contract in the Philippines

23-09-2007 14:00

Political protest ringtone directed at President Arroyo's henchmen implicated in the NBN-ZTE scandal

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Stricken lender Northern Rock has attracted a buyer.

23-09-2007 13:51

Institutions see no value in purchasing Northern Rock. The alternative exists: the Depositors are acknowledged as the de-facto owners of Northern Rock and the whole enteprise is mutualised. Northern Rock has a buyer: its depositors.

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Tescos Not Welcome!

23-09-2007 13:28

It's a sign!
Yesterday (22/09/2007), a small but significant contingent of local activists picketed and flyered in front of the proposed site of a new Tescos store on Mill Road, Cambridge.

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Video - Carmel Agrexco protest during Camp for Climate Action

23-09-2007 13:21

Where Have All the Flowers Come From?

A film of the action vs Carmel Agrexco in Hayes, Middlesex during the Camp for Climate Action 2007.

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Join Big Blockade of Faslane Nuclear Base 1st October

23-09-2007 13:17

Hundreds of peace activists will risk arrest on October 1st when over a thousand people are expected to join in a “Big Blockade” of Faslane Naval Base. This will be the culmination of the Faslane 365 year of actions against Trident, Britain’s weapon of mass destruction. People and groups from all over Britain (and abroad) will use diverse nonviolent methods to block the entrances to the nuclear base and disrupt the ongoing deployment of Trident.

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actions against detention boats in the Netherlands

23-09-2007 12:31

Thursday evening All Included had a workshop at the noborder camp on actions against detention centres in the Netherlands.

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The BBC and 'others' 'war' on George Galloway - a Bethnal Green commentary-1

23-09-2007 11:51

By©Muhammad Haque
1150 GMT
London Sunday 23 September 2007

Last Friday's edition of the BBC2 programme 'NEWSNIGHT' promoted the voters-rejected candidate Oona King as if she had just come back from climbing Mount Everest! As had the Andrew Neill-fronted 'THIS WEEK' slot the previous night shown on BBC1. There is such an acceptance of this token of 'multiple ethnicities and affiliations' being flaunted on all the mainstream media channels that the ordinary people face a serious risk of being almost told that defeat at an election in Britain no longer means that.

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The Bitch in the Ditch vs. ''General Betray

23-09-2007 11:21

Captain May, the Internet intelligence writer, compars the kid glove treatment that General Petraeus has gotten from the media and Congress with the brass knuckles approach That the Bush League took to Cindy Sheehan back in the days of the original Camp Casey, where he was part of the antiwar forces assembled.

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Reporting In Palestine Film/discussion on Tues Sept 25th

23-09-2007 10:38

Film/discussion on Tuesday 25th September at 7.30pm at Oxford Town Hall, St Aldates. Central Oxford. All are welcome to this free event.

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Urgent - Zapara Leaders in Grave Danger

23-09-2007 09:16

Today, September 22, the offices of the Zapara organization were broken into. Computers, files and more were stolen. This break-in comes just as investigations are underway on two recent attacks on the Zapara.

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Bolivia needs our solidarity

23-09-2007 08:27

As Evo Morales said, "right from the start Bolivia's right wing said this little Indian is only going to be president for three or four months. That day passed and now they say this little Indian is going to be here for a long time, we have to do something about it; and that means encouraging confusion or destabilisation." That is why today a resurgent right wing is determined to destabilise the country and government — even if it means plunging the country into civil war or provoking a violent military coup...

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Gypsy children murdered in Livorno (Italy): Petition

23-09-2007 06:55

In Italy the racism against the gypsees grows. Groups of racists attack the Roma and Sinti people with bombs "molotov". The police and the judges tolerate those events. Four gypsy children have been burn to death in Livorno. There are the definitive proof of the homicide, and a letter by the murderers. But the judges have imprioned the children' parents! Help us to fight racism in Italy against Roma and Sinti.
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