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UK Newswire Archive

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Stop The War photos

30-09-2005 07:46

Guilty As Charged
Some slightly belated shots of the Socialist Workers Party (sorry, Stop The War) demo last Saturday.

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Azelle Rodney murdered by Police (his murderer is still on a paid holiday)

30-09-2005 00:56

Azelle Rodney (police shot him dead). His family want justice.
Mother asks why was her son shot dead in the street by Police?
"My son, Azelle Rodney, was tragically killed on Saturday 30 April 2005 outside a pub in Hale Lane, Edgeware by an armed officer of the Metropolitan Police. Azelle, who had just celebrated his 24th birthday and was looking forward to the birth of his first baby, had been busy making plans to build a life for him and his new family."

Officer who shot and killed Azelle Rodney still on holiday as letters to Sir Ian Blair ignored (30/09/2005)
Members of the Azelle Rodney campaign are incensed that the officer who shot and killed him on 30 April has yet to be interviewed although he remains on holiday. Blair's orders to "shoot to kill" have murdered innocents, and Blair has not responded to Azelle's family.

The police must obey the same laws as everyone. Ignorant racist police should go to jail when they commit a crime such as the murder of Azelle Rodney. If bad police are allowed to go unpunished, they will continue to commit crimes. It is because we have a Prime Minister like Tony Blair that murderers are allowed to walk free. New Labour have caused the high crime rate.

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Graphic of Tony Blair's speech

30-09-2005 00:45

SchNEWS graphic 514
This week's colour graphic from SchNEWS

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29-09-2005 23:38

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, and Cuba.

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Rising Tide CLIMATE ACTION NEWS SHEET 52, 28.9.05

29-09-2005 23:08

Back from the summer lull and ready to roll…

Compiled and sent out by Rising Tide UK:
To receive this News Sheet monthly, email
with the subject line 'subscribe' (without the quotes)

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Italy need passport to internet /PH/FX

29-09-2005 23:03

Be prepared for a major invasion of their privacy!
Anyone visiting Italy and wanting to use an internet point, or cafe, will need to take along their passport – and be prepared for a major invasion of their privacy.

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Day of Action Against Climate Chaos?

29-09-2005 22:39

One of the proposals to be discussed at the Dissent Gathering in Sheffield (Oct 15/16) is for a day (or days) of action against the real causes of climate
chaos. At a number of the feed-back sessions there was support for an action camp in the summer of 2006, similar to the anti-G8 ecovillage in Stirling. The idea was to have it near potential direct action targets including oil refineries, at a time of our choosing.

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What Wolfgang saw.

29-09-2005 21:17

What has changed?

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29-09-2005 20:07

A funeral encomium for a once vibrant political force

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The Nursery Social Centre Birmingham

29-09-2005 19:57

The Nursery at 1 Bournbrook Road, Selly Oak in Birmingham was shutdown by Birmingham City Council and left empty for two years. The council shut the community nursery down and handed it over to its Economic Development Department (E.D.D). E.D.D. are a private company who sell our public property to the private sector. There is no public consultation about this process. Local projects from council nurseries to sports centres are being closed and sold off to the private sector for re-development across the city.

Here's a very short intro to a longer film about the Nursery Social Centre. Sorry I haven't got round to encoding it with an open source codec yet. If you have any problems playing the film in it's Mp4 format download vlc player - an open source player:

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it's september critical mass!!!

29-09-2005 17:19

wow its the last friday of the month tomorrow and i know what i'll be doin..

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Stirling Palestine group Campaign - Pressure the President

29-09-2005 16:41

The Stirling Palestine Solidarity Campaign has been recieving a lot of criticism about its campaign to twin the Stirling University with a Palestinian university and get the Students Association to condemn the illegal Israeli occupation.

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DISORDA benefit gig full line up

29-09-2005 16:33

Nick Manassa - Youth - Baraka - Nova - D.S.A

Benefit gig to raise money for G8 prisoner support, the Campaign
Against Climate Change and the Oxford Action Resouce Centre

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Spots and Stripes

29-09-2005 15:03

It is well known that John Howard, infamous lackey and liar, is devoid of anything that could be remotely regarded as masculine or manly; the draconian measures he has implemented to ‘secure’ Australia against the terrorist bogeyman are astounding. Few if any previous Prime Ministers have openly displayed such unadulterated cowardice and fear. It would be easy to believe that Howard fears a terrorist strike, but that is not his primary fear!

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Problem of disabled people living in poverty needs to be addressed

29-09-2005 13:54

The government's proposed welfare benefit reforms must address the problems of disabled people living in poverty, John Knight, the head of disability charity Leonard Cheshire told a Labour party conference fringe meeting today, writes Maria Ahmed from Brighton.

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Mass bordercrossing from Morocco to Ceuta (Spain)

29-09-2005 13:51

Tonight, 4-500 refugees from Morocco tried to enter the Spanish territory of the Exklave Ceuta. Spanish police has killed two with rubber projectiles. Prime Minister Zapatero asked for the deployment of soldiers.

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Time Autonomy for Everyone

29-09-2005 13:44

Given the enormous advances in productivity, radical reduction of working hours is an overdue demand. However working hours are actually lengthened while millions of long-term unemployed must manage with social transfers.. Power relations are hidden behind the distribution structures.

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Craig Murray exposes SOAS academic's complicity with Uzbek tyrant

29-09-2005 13:28

Is SOAS academic Shirin Akiner on the payroll of Islam Karimov?

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Don't dare to object to New Labour

29-09-2005 12:15

The days of dissent are limited it seems. No protests (or perhaps evening lobbying) allowed outside the House of Commons, and no dissent in the party conference...

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Vucaj family deported today - Protest, Saturday - Glasgow

29-09-2005 12:15

A march in rally in Glasgow city centre against racist deportations will have added anger and sadness this Saturday. The protest was called by school-friends and neighbours of the Vucaj family, imprisoned 2 weeks ago, deported today.
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