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UK Newswire Archive

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Info regarding Jade Hancock, Neo-Nazi from Hebburn.

17-06-2015 15:43

Jade Hancock
Info regarding Jade Hancock, Neo-Nazi from Hebburn.

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ANTIFA: Convicted Murderer Paul Teed Joins Bluehand @thechikky @slatfascists edl

13-06-2015 19:22

A Bradford-based mass murderer who was jailed for 23 years for killing his parents, and broke his parole last year and was jailed for a further six months for operating a cannabis factory, has come out of jai to set up and extremely racist Twitter account @teed_paul David the James Bond fanatic has welcomed him to Bluehand.

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HITLER SALUTES AT DUDLEY FAR RIGHT MARCH #antifa #edl @edlnews @misscheeky666

13-06-2015 15:16

The usual crowd of EDLers and associated far right nutjobs gathered in a car park in Dudley to march un-noticed to a deserted park to give speeches to fellow fascists, chanting the usual range of racist and Islamophobic chants including "if you hate p*kis, clap your hands". Not only did the police fail to take action. They also turned a blind eye to blatant Adolf Hitler salutes.

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The World Revolution to Stop Global Warming

13-06-2015 10:22

And when the broken-hearted people living in the world agree, there will be an answer, let it be. - Paul McCartney.
Global warming is destroying the earth and driving the human race to extinction but the official censorship in the mainstream news media is suppressing the truth about the catastrophic apocalyptic consequences of climate change and preventing the people of the world from taking the urgent action that will be necessary to save themselves and help ensure the survival of future generations.

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Next National Meeting in Newport South Wales

11-06-2015 18:27

All welcome except cops and journos.

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Marat Qacem: About gay-lobby in Latvia or…. silence means consent!....

11-06-2015 10:14

Marat Qacem, a graduate of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, a political analyst and expert on Russo-Latvian relations.

I happened to witness in live the preparations for many essential summits and festivals, including Universiade in Kazan and Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. But it’s the first time when I have to observe and discuss some events of a different sort. This concrete event called “EuroPride 2015” is to take place in Riga, the capital of my home country and so I don’t see how I can stay ignorant.

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The forbidden texts of refugee activist Joke Kaviaar

11-06-2015 01:57

Hereby I post the forbidden texts of writer and refugee activist
Joke Kaviaar, who is convicted by the Highest Dutch Court to two
months conditional imprisonment because of the exposing of
the inhuman Dutch policy against refugees.
No man or woman is illegal!

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March on Streatham Jobcentre June 26th

10-06-2015 19:06

Speaking to a BBC Journalist a DWP spokesman stated:

The government plans to place 350 psychologists in job centres by the end of the summer to help benefit claimants beat depression and get back into the jobs market.

Having learnt that Streatham Jobcentreplus is the site for a pilot of the scheme, the Mental Health Resistance Network have called a March on the Jobcentre for Friday 26th June.

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UG#709 - Facing The Failing Culture Of Control - 2 (Atoms For Profit)

09-06-2015 16:01

Power "too cheap to meter" offered humanity a whole lot of control, but that hardly describes what the plutonium industry actually delivered. Our continuing examination of the failing culture of control looks an aspect more serious than climate change - the nuclear power/weapons complex. Our first hour focuses on the close connection between the refinement of the technology of murder and the concomitant degradation of the deliberative process of waging war. Our second hour examines the intimate connections between nuclear war and nuclear power and between the privatization of the nuclear weapons establishment and the abandonment of any kind of effective oversight. The disturbing combination of a nuclear complex beyond government control and a commercially-controlled media which refuses to address the issue will be all too familiar to students of Deep Politics.

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The travelling circus road tour runs on

09-06-2015 11:40

The regular guest performance of the joint troupe started in Ukraine last year. The sponsors of the show decided to carry on a repeat run of the famous performance in view of previous massive success of the Maidan-show 2004.

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Exposing Exposers of MH17

09-06-2015 11:31

Turning onto Ukrainian problems I even started calling back my Russian lang (instead of improving my bad German, shame of me!) Thus exercising at Russian blogs I found a large assay by a popular blogger,
part 1
part 2

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Anti-G7 protests in Germany

08-06-2015 13:31

Spirited resistance has been taking place against the neoliberal G7 jamboree in the German Alps over the last few days.

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Tower Hamlets voided votes - who is 'winning'? So far, corruption heads the news

08-06-2015 09:31

Thursday's scheduled re-election of the 2014 Tower Hamlets Exec Mayor Poll is already hitting the
news in predictable manner. Already 16 allegations are under reported investigation by the Police.
But will any of these alleged offences lead to any root and branch change? Will Tower Hamlets
ever become a decently run democratic Borough? Signs today are that we may have to wait for years before that happens

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HELP AT HAND FOR #BLUEHAND #edl #antifa @begs_alixx @slatfascists @thechikky

07-06-2015 00:39

From the simmering embers of the BNP and EDL, the online-only far right pressure group who never hold real life goosestomps, Bluehand, have risen from nothing to nothing, and are such a pitiful group, posting repeated homophobia, racism and sexism online, using Twitter as a hate tool, the brainy boffins of Internetz Land have felt sorry for these fascist idiots.

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Audio: No Platforming of Radical Feminists - @bindelj @TerrorizerMir @RadFemUK

06-06-2015 22:52

Audio Julie Bindel
Following is a audio recording of a meeting on the No Platforming of Radical Feminists held on Saturday 6th June 2015 at the Quaker Meeting House in Sheffield which was addressed by Julie Bindel and Miranda Yardley and organised by RadFem Collective.

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Resisting Fracking in Chester: Pics from Upton Community Protection Camp

05-06-2015 20:44

At the gate of Upton Community Protection Camp
Photos taken during a visit to the camp on Friday 5 June.

The camp is on organic farmland, Dutton's Lane, Upton, Chester CH2 2PE, the site of IGas's proposed test drill for coal bed methane. It was set up to protect the local community from IGas and, over a year later, is still going strong.

Visitors are welcome and guest accommodation is available on site, with plenty of room for camping too.

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05-06-2015 17:40

Clutton Parish Council is urging developers who want to build in the village to work with it to find suitable sites that will benefit the local community following news that Curo Housing is pulling out of a scheme to build new homes.

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Wrong Decision - Bradley Mine Approved by Inspector

05-06-2015 13:09

The site at Bradley
On Wednesday (3/6/15) it was announced that UK Coal's application to mine 520,561 tonnes of coal from a site called Bradley, was approved. The site is currently agricultural land in Leadgate, Durham. This is a highly contested site with really strong and well orchestrated opposition from local people.

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Kiev is set to simulate EU integration.

05-06-2015 07:27

During the Eastern Partnership Riga summit German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President of the European Council Donald Tusk and President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker made it absolutely clear that they wouldn’t grant EU membership to Ukraine lacking both political and economic maturity for it.

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Pictures from Borras anti-fracking camp

04-06-2015 15:18

Unwelshcome: The gate to the proposed fracking site
These pictures were taken at the camp on Wednesday 3rd June.
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