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UK Newswire Archive

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Pat robertson calls for hugo chavez's assassination

23-08-2005 16:29

Right wing tv evangelist calls for chavez to be killed

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23-08-2005 16:27

Again testfields have been destroyed in the Netherlands. At least 3 out of 8 testfields didn't survive the weekend of the 23-24th July.

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Seriously Organised Crime

23-08-2005 16:10

Parliament passed a law stating that we can't protest in central London without first asking for permission from a certain Commissioner Ian Blair. Should you ever wish to ask for permission, you'll have to fill in the application form and submit it by hand six days before you want to protest. PLEASE DISTRIBUTE this application form to those who would like to protest.

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The 'new constitution' in Iraq is illegal.

23-08-2005 15:27

The Geneva Conventions (IV) of 1949 - also signed by the United States - prohibit the modification of the domestic laws or legal institutions of the occupied power.

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Newsflash: Indymedia Working "Within the System"

23-08-2005 14:43

So . . . you're a political activist and you think that it's necessary to use the mainstream media to educate people about certain issues. It seems to make sense that you should use these methods to reach people, because otherwise, who will notice you?

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Caterkiller demolish 300,000 homes in Zimbabwe

23-08-2005 13:21

Destroying homes

Many people are familiar with Israel’s use of Caterpillar armoured bulldozers in Palestine and the US military’s use of militarised bulldozers in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bosnia. Now news has emerged that Caterpillar machines are responsible for the destruction of over 300,000 indigenous homes in Zimbabwe, during Operation Murambatsvina, (literally “clean out the trash” in Shona), in which impoverished supporters of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change were driven out of urban settlements into strenuously guarded rural camps.

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Newchurch victory

23-08-2005 10:46

strategic retreat?

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DIAPER DSEi – BABY BLOC!! 13th September 2005

23-08-2005 09:34

As part of the week of action against Defence Systems and Equipment International (DSEi) this is a call for parents and children (and anyone wishing to support them) to take part in a baby/kids bloc on the fluffy day at DSEi.

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The Beginning and the End of Life

23-08-2005 01:12

Ten years post - war, Serbia continues her legacy of destruction.

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Gay Manchester: Operation Fundraiser's deceptive Annual Report

22-08-2005 23:08

Nowhere in the Operation Fundraiser 'Annual Report 2004-2005' does it mention the £200,000 that was very likely handed over to Manchester Pride to cover running costs.

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Nottingham Squatting Project, The Tidy-Up :: The pictures

22-08-2005 22:16

A building empty for many years has been occupied. The neighbours constantly fed up with the council inaction, a mess in the garden, drug abusers round the back of the property, windows smashed. Not something you would like to live next door to. Thus, the group has much community support, and now they're secure in their new home, there is much tidying up to do and this has already begun.

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Nottingham Live Music Festival :: Reggae Set 2

22-08-2005 20:23

The Nottingham Live Music Festival is a series of four one day music and arts events aiming to deliver a fresh approach to festivals in the inner city with the goals of strengthening community pride and opening new doors for musicians and artists to show their work in the local community. Showcasing some of the community’s most creative local bands, artists, storytellers and performing artists for your entertainment.

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Nottingham Live Music Festival :: Reggae Set 1

22-08-2005 20:19

The Nottingham Live Music Festival is a series of four one day music and arts events aiming to deliver a fresh approach to festivals in the inner city with the goals of strengthening community pride and opening new doors for musicians and artists to show their work in the local community. Showcasing some of the community’s most creative local bands, artists, storytellers and performing artists for your entertainment.

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Blair for the dock in US?

22-08-2005 19:59

Tony Blair seems to be about to get his comeuppence if this article has any truth in it at all - and the source appears to be a good one.

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An open letter to the British media

22-08-2005 19:22

A response to post 7/7 media coverage of Muslims.

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*Iraq - Economic Occupation on Trial - Support Needed*

22-08-2005 19:19

**Call for Urgent Support**

In less than a month, four British activists will face trial for
challenging a British company involved in facilitating the Economic
Occupation of Iraq. The chaining of Iraq’s economy to irreversible
economic conditions through Orders passed by the Coalition Provisional
Authority, accompanied by Structural Adjustment Programs rammed through
using Iraq’s odious regime incurred debt, has lead to the steady
imposition of free market lead structures upon Iraq without the consent
of the Iraqi people. This process is barely known, and barely reported
on but has longterm implications for the people of Iraq, their futures
and the future of US empire in the Middle East.

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Scottish Parliament to Dock IWW Members' Pay

22-08-2005 14:14

The IWW’s Scottish Parliament Job Branch has filed a strong protestagainst the Parliament’s decision to strip the Scottish Socialist Party members’ 14 staff of one month’s wages, noting that the decision – taken by the Labour Party majority – violates the workers’ fundamental labour rights.

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Alternatives: Another World is Possible!

22-08-2005 13:06

"The neoliberal policy of the last years is entangled in a deep legitimation crisis. Unemployment is not lowered through social cuts.. Dismantling democracy and increased repression go along with militarization.. Another world is possible when we reorganize cooperative global life.."

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US Police Sue Taser Company after training injuries with 'non-lethal' weapon

22-08-2005 13:01

A funny story about cops shooting each other with taser weapons and then taking legal action against the gun maker.

Several UK police forces have already armed themselves with this weapon.

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Jordan arrests 2 Egyptian suspects over Aqaba attack

22-08-2005 12:58

AMMAN — Police on Sunday detained two Egyptians suspected of involvement in a rocket attack on US warships moored off the southern Port of Aqaba, a day after arresting an Iraqi, security sources told Agence France-Presse. "The security forces detained two Egyptian suspects," one source said, declining to elaborate.
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