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UK Newswire Archive

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Demonstrators Blockade Mexican Embassy in London

11-12-2007 15:19

Today Monday 10th December demonstrators blockaded both the Mexican Embassy and Mexican Consulate in London, in solidarity with the Zapatistas and in opposition to the attacks on their communities by the state and paramilitaries.

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Channel 4 - Political Awards - nominate Brian Haw

11-12-2007 13:34

Channel 4 News are drawing up a short list of the 'most inspiring political personality of the last ten years'.

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Critical mass

11-12-2007 13:01

this saturday to show the fuel protestors that pedal power is the way forward

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The globalization of fabricated terror plots

11-12-2007 12:31

Human Rights Watch have documented the case of 22 men who were accused of plotting terrorist attacks by the Egyptian government. The evidence was gleaned from tortured confessions and the media hype surrounding the case enabled the state to extend its emergency powers. However, they remain silent on the question of probable CIA involvement and homegrown manufacured 'plots'.

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Guantánamo Britons To Be Released: A Mixed Result

11-12-2007 12:29

Andy Worthington, author of The Guantánamo Files: The Stories of the 774 Detainees in America’s Illegal Prison, explains why news that four British residents are to be released from Guantánamo provides grounds for cautious celebration, but also points out that two British residents will not be coming home.

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Support the Villagers of Nandigram!

11-12-2007 11:47

protest against the massacre perpetrated by armed CPI(M) goons at Nandigram
Support the villagers of Nandigram, W Bengal against eviction from land and corporate greed.

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Important Broker Breaks With NYSE Euronext

11-12-2007 10:55

Van der Moolen, a very important broker on the NYSE Euronext
stockexchange has announced that they were exiting the business with NYSE Euronext.

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Bali Demo for Climate Justice

11-12-2007 10:08

WALHI/Friends of the Earth Indonesia
My colleague and I are at the Bali COP and we took part in the Day of Global Action here. For the duration fo the COP meeting, the Indonesian Civil Society Forum have been hosting their alternative events, including workshops, discussions and actions.

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Campaign against Climate Change - London Rally

11-12-2007 10:00

George Monbiot
Some photos from the rally near to the American Embassy in London on Saturday 8th December.

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Drivers to demonstrate around Parliament.

11-12-2007 09:13

Because of the way SOCPA legislation is worded it is unlikely that fuel protesters will be stopped by police under that particular law when they stage a juggernaut go slow around Parliament Square at noon on Wednesday.

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Moazzam Begg and Andy Worthington on Human Rights in The War on Terror

11-12-2007 01:12

Audio Moazzam Begg
Moazzam Begg, Guantanamo Survivor and author of Enemy Combatant, Andy Worthington Journalist and Author of Guantanamo Files, a student from the Amnesty Society and Shazia Rashid from the Stop Islamophobia Society all spoke to a public meeting titled Human Rights in The War on Terror at Sheffield University on 10th December 2007.

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Caught in Lies

10-12-2007 23:38

With the NIE, President George W Bush was actually exposed as a liar. By fomenting war hysteria, he made use of misinformation as in the preparation of the Iraq war. When Bush threatened a `third world war," he tried to blackmail the world.

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Protesters Call for Foie-Gras Free Christmas in Cambridge 15th December 2007 (NE

10-12-2007 22:52

Press release issued for anti foie gras demo, please circulate widely and ask Cambridge Evening News to cover it. Click Here

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The Cuban Five: Leonard Weinglass Interview

10-12-2007 21:47

With an energy belying his age, the lawyer has just completed a hectic 10-day tour of the UK in order to mobilise international support for the five Cubans, who are currently languishing in prisons scattered across the US.

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10-12-2007 21:27

Planning is beginning for a radical Tour of Climate Action around the UK's campuses and universities. The tour is being organised by The Student Climate Project, a new non-hierarchical collection of students from around the UK aiming to inspire radical climate activism amongst the wider body of students. The Student Climate Project needs more people onboard, and has its next open national planning meeting in Leeds from the 19th-20th January at the Common Place, Leeds. All our welcome!.

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Bath Bomb issue 5 now!

10-12-2007 19:16

Just your Christmas edition of the monthly Bathonian rabble rousiness, from deep within gentrify central

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Seeds of Destruction: GM Food for Fuel

10-12-2007 18:33

Genetically modified seeds to grow biofuel crops threaten the food supply.

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Irish Allies of US Stoptorturenow Show: CIA Can't Keep A Secret

10-12-2007 18:19

CIA Plane: Spotted in N. Carolina, tipped to planespotters at Shannon.
Pity the poor CIA. What use is a secret service that can't keep a secret? Agents of other secret services should be aware the the loose lips and poor tradecraft of the Americans put the foreigners at risk of arrest and worse.

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Fuel protests on Saturday

10-12-2007 18:17

Fuel protests have been threatened for Saturday 15th Dec at 10am at refineries and storage depots. If people want to, it could be an opportunity for climate campaigners to attend the demos and talk to them and the media about climate change? Campaign for Better Transport (formally Transport 2000) have produced a myth-buster about fuel duty in readiness for the protests - see
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