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UK Newswire Archive

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3 reasons to demonstrate at the Home Office this Tuesday 30th June

29-06-2009 11:31

12-5pm: No More Deportations to DR Congo!
5.30pm: Defend the SOAS Nine
Against the "Ethnic Charter Flight" to Nigeria... from 12pm or 5.30 in solidarity with these earlier call-outs.
Marsham Street, Millbank, SW1 (nearest Tube Westminster)

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Climate campaigners target coal power construction firm

29-06-2009 11:09

For the second time this month, protesters have focused on major building contractor BAM Nuttall due to its potential role in building the controversial Kingsnorth coal power station. Protesters have climbed the company’s flagpole and raised a flag reading “no new coal”. People have attempted to enter the building, asking to speak to Chief Executive Martin J. Rogers in order to give him a letter about the disastrous implications of building more coal-fired power stations.

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Rossport: A Tripod, A Lock-On And A Compound Infiltration

29-06-2009 10:02

Sunday June 28th saw the most intense burst of direct action against Shell in Erris so far in this phase of the campaign to thwart the Great Gas Robbery and the destruction of Erris along with its community. A tripod on a road bridge near McGrath's Bar held up vital repair gear for the pipeline winching operation for over four hours. This was followed up by a five-person lock-on on the same road a bit nearer the Shell compound. Together, they delayed winching operations for twelve hours, and there were nine arrests in all. Meanwhile, three Solidarity Campers managed to sneak into the Shell compound at Glengad and get out without being arrested.

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Protests against Detention Centres

29-06-2009 09:21

Notes from a workshop at the Calais Noborder Camp about Resistamce against Detention Centresin which activists talked about the situation in different countries.

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Calais migrant solidarity _ practical things you can do:::

29-06-2009 09:08

The 4 activist field kitchens at the No Borders camp in Calais have been taking food to migrants in the city centre and going out to jungles so people don:t have to walk all the way to town: In August; when France pretty much goes on holiday, the voluntary associations here don,t give out food, so if you want to provide practical support to migrants in Calais; August is a key time to get a ferry over with an empty rucksack, bike or car, buy a load of food at the supermarket and take it out to people: Some detail in the main article, but more will follow on Tuesday when we get home cos we,re packing up the kitchens now,,,

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After Calais Noborder Camp - What's Next?

29-06-2009 08:55

Here you can find information on upcomig protests related to the of migration; against borders - for the freedom of movement.

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EDO MBM/ITT blockaded

29-06-2009 08:39

Early this morning the Home Farm Road premises of arms manufacturer EDO MBM/ITT were blockaded in solidarity with those made refugees by global military aggression.

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Armed Forces Day protest - report

29-06-2009 08:35

SEVERAL hundred leaflets were handed out outside the Armed Forces Day event in Worthing on Saturday by a small group of local campaigners.

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Coup d'etat underway in Honduras: Obama's first coup d'etat

29-06-2009 08:24

School of the Americas Graduate and Coup Leader Romeo Vasquez
In the early morning hours of 29 June, soldiers took President Zelaya of Honduras to the air base and flew him to Costa Rica.

The modus operandi of the coup makes clear that Washington is involved. Neither the Honduran military, which is majority trained by U.S. forces, nor the political and economic elite, would act to oust a democratically elected president without the backing and support of the U.S. government.

Many believe the coup has been executed as a method of ensuring Honduras does not continue to unify with the more leftist and socialist countries in Latin America.

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Ark Academies, Ron Beller and Subprime Mortgages

29-06-2009 03:50

Ron Beller, trustee of Ark Academies, finds it appropriate to make a fortune from the subprime mortgage disaster, and act as a 'philanthropic' trustee for Ark Academies, at the same time.

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Coup in Honduras - Protest Tuesday

29-06-2009 03:18

Obama's first military coup?

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Military Coup in Honduras: Global Terrorism showing its true face

29-06-2009 03:06

Will the USA as the accustomed "world cop" now, all of a sudden, NOT meddle in the internal affairs of Honduras and other countries? As the world is awaiting a clear statement, anything can happen to the defenseless people in Honduras, who have been left literally in the dark and without communication.

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More mayhem - garment workers' rioting continues in Bangladesh

28-06-2009 23:09

The unrest continues in the garment industry - another worker killed as rioting spreads across the whole garment factory area in Ashulia.

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The Great Divide-Iran and Leftists

28-06-2009 18:40

A discussion of the possible reasons for the great divergence of opinion among leftists about the situation in Iran

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Drax 29 trial starts Monday 10am - Leeds

28-06-2009 18:31

Last June 29 people stopped a train taking coal into Drax power station to draw attention to Climate Change and the contribution of carbon emissions from coal powered fire stations and in particular Drax.

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Iran crisis 2 (by Latuff)

28-06-2009 18:06

Iran crisis
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Protests continue in Iran – Free All Political Prisoners!

28-06-2009 17:56

Protests are not fizzling out
Quick report and videos from the continuing protests in Iran along with an appeal to support political prisoners. Please repost.

Videos can be found here:-

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Pirate Party Makes Bid for German Parliament !!

28-06-2009 15:43

Pirate Party Makes Bid for German Parliament
Germany's recently enacted legislation against online child pornography has sparked a new movement, Germany's Pirate Party

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met police officers in court for cannabis fit-up

28-06-2009 13:32

three metropolitan police officers are in court for perverting the course of justice after a digital voice recording was played to the court raising suspicion of their statements. the three officers including a sergeant are due to appear at southwark crown court in a five day trial from august 17th 2009.

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Transnational NoBorders Demo, Calais - Pics

28-06-2009 13:10

Around 2000 people demonstrated yesterday in the French port of Calais calling for the freedom of movement for all and the abolition of migration controls.
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