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UK Newswire Archive

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documentary:a little bit of so much truth (Oaxaca rebellion)

13-02-2008 22:41

a little bit of so much truth
In the summer of 2006, a broad-based, non-violent, popular uprising exploded in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. Some compared it to the Paris Commune, while others called it the first Latin American revolution of the 21st century.

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Athens: Police surveillance camera deactivated

13-02-2008 22:41

This is how we do it!

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Liberation & Sabotage: Italy, USA, UK & Spain

13-02-2008 22:14

Things have been busy in Italy with 20'000 pheasants and 6 rabbits liberated as well as Zoolanda (pet shop) owners cars and zoo construction machinery sabotaged. In Spain as the HLS march arrived at Novartis HQ a group of masked activists smashed a CCTV camera, windows and spray-painted the walls. Also three goats rescued in California and abuses locks glued in the west of the UK.

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Gypsies in Turkey: Int'l voice raised for Sulukule (EveryOne Group)

13-02-2008 22:02


Since November 2007, when Istanbul began its large-scale project of urban transformation, Sulukule, old and legendary neighborhood of Istanbul famous for its Roma population, has received its share of attention. Moving the Roma community to a new district is being advocated by an Italy-based social activist association.

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Sea Shepherd Launches Operation Migaloo II

13-02-2008 21:19

Sea Shepherd preparing for take off...
The Hunt for the Japanese Whale Poachers Resumes...

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Another Killing Spree in Mesopotamia: “Pacifying” Mosul

13-02-2008 20:56

In words and deeds, happenings in Iraq are chillingly redolent of Nazi Germany. Neighborhoods walled in and “cleansed” of Sunnis, others of Shias, Christians and Iraq's richness of minorities ... people who have lived together and inter-married since time immemorial. The distinctions were imposed with the incoming tanks and troops - divide and rule writ large. In Falluja, Goebbel's ghost walks tall. The residents even have their own identifying arm patch to prove it. And it has certainly been cleansed, in uncountable thousands - exactly how many unknown, since in the words of General Tommy Franks it is not “productive” to count Iraqi deaths.

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The Power of Nightmares - the Shadow in the Cave

13-02-2008 20:37

Manchester Projectile Films nest show. Monday 25th February.

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Japanese G8 Info Tour comes to UK

13-02-2008 20:18

From 22nd to 28th February, Japanese activists are coming to UK to do an information tour about the anti G8 mobilisations this year in Japan.

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Copenhagen prepares for siege of town hall

13-02-2008 19:58

Plans and preparations for the siege on city hall are moving forward. On Saturday the 2nd, the first set of workshops was held and more details on the blocks and their structure was given out.

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Women To Widdecombe: "Get Your Rosaries Off Our Ovaries"

13-02-2008 18:55

A group of about sixty protesters - three quarters of whom were female - showed up at the Liner Hotel in Liverpool City Centre last night, to show their anger at Ann Widdecombe's anti-abortion 'Passion For Life' tour.

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We Own The Streets - Campaign for Free Assembly meeting 16th February

13-02-2008 17:31

Campaign for Free Assembly public meeting
Saturday 16th February 2pm-4pm
London School of Economics room H103, Connaught House

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Iraq 5 years on... events at Housmans in March

13-02-2008 16:23

Extraordinary Renditions – with Lucy Edkins
In light of the sombre fifth anniversary of this most recent invasion of Iraq by the US and UK governments, Housmans is hosting a series of events reflecting on what has come to pass, and examining different facets of the fallout of the war and the continuing occupation.

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Palestine Today 021308

13-02-2008 16:15

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Wednesday February 13th, 2008.

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British government widens police stop-and-search powers

13-02-2008 14:51

The British government has given the police more powers to stop and search people. It says it will implement a number of recommendations published last week in the report, Review of Policing, by the Chief Inspector of Police Sir Ronnie Flanagan. Using the claim that it will cut the “bureaucracy” that “burdens” the police, Flanagan recommends more stop and searches without the police having to explain the reasons and scrapping the form police have to fill in that records why they stop someone and his or her name, address and ethnic background.

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Che Guevara's deputy, Orlando Borrego, coming to Britain

13-02-2008 14:17

Three Cubans with intimate knowledge of the Cuban revolution are coming to speak at meetings throughout Britain from 21 February to 4 March. One of them, Orlando Borrego, was Che Guevara's deputy from 1959-65. Fidel Castro's illness has thrust Cuba into the spotlight and these speakers bring first hand experience to the discussion of Cuba past, present and future.

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first protests against Dresden commemorations

13-02-2008 13:49

anti-fascists throw paper-planes at cemetary
On 13/14 February 1945, the Royal Air Force bombed the city of Dresden. 35,000 Germans died. This morning, an official commemoration on the Heide-cemetary was attended by Neo-Nazis, town officials and Dresden citizens alike. Together they attempted to mourn the deaths. Yet, the commemoration was disturbed by anti-fascist protest.

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The Power of Community: How Cuba survived peak oil

13-02-2008 13:30

Film screening: Thursday 21 Feb, 7pm

Aigburth Cricket Club, Southwood Rd (beside St Michael's station)

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DR Congo: Monthly Human Rights Assessment: December 2007

13-02-2008 11:46

The UN Independent Expert on the human rights situation in the DRC concluded an eight-day official visit to the country; FARDC and PNC elements were allegedly responsible for at least 7 arbitrary executions of civilians as well as several violations of the right to physical integrity, including 12 cases of rape of minors;

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Charly and Kiefer attachments

13-02-2008 11:39

Model letters to fax ASAP

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Charly and Kiefer face anoather removal tomorrow

13-02-2008 11:33

Charly Julienne Mbongue Ndongo and her 4 month old baby, Kiefer Nkana Moudiki (born in England) from Leeds are currently detained in Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre. They have survived previous removal attempts to Cameroon. They face another removal attempt tomorrow , Thursday 14th February 2008 on Brussels Airlines flight SN2050 at 06:30 from Birmingham Airport to Brussels and onwards on flight SN351 to Douala, Cameroon.
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