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UK Newswire Archive

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Sheriff Scott throws out charges of racism against SPSC

09-04-2010 12:33

The charges of “racially aggravated conduct” which were levelled at the 5 members of the Scottish Palestine Scottish Camapign were thrown out by Sheriff James Scott at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Thursday 8th April 2010.

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Walk to unite faiths in celebration of multi-faith Sheffield

09-04-2010 12:04

Sheffield residents of all faiths and none are to take part in a walkabout of the city’s places of worship. The sixth annual ‘Peace Walk’ will be a celebration of Sheffield’s diverse communities and a show of unity and solidarity in opposition to the racist politics of the British National Party and English Defence League, who seek to divide our city.

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Ambush The Ambassador! - Israel's PR Man coming to Cardiff

09-04-2010 11:31

Monster human rights demonstration outside the Israeli Ambassadors speech at Cardiff University
Main Building, Cardiff University, Park Place (opp. Student Union)
Wednesday 14 April, 5.30 pm onwards
We will also have people on the inside . . .

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BP Fortnight update

09-04-2010 11:11

Here is a new graphic for the BP Fortnight of Shame which people can use, and a report of a BP action in Plymouth.

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Canadian Genocide

09-04-2010 09:26

Video: Unrepentant: This documentary reveals Canada's darkest secret - the deliberate extermination of indigenous (Native American) peoples and the theft of their land under the guise of religion.

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"Racism" charge dropped against Israel protestors

09-04-2010 06:51

Five Palestine campaigners who contested the relevancy of a “racially aggravated conduct” charge in relation to their protest against Israel’s blockade of Gaza had all charges against them dropped yesterday.

The campaigners, all members of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC), had interrupted the August 2008 Edinburgh Festival concert by the Jerusalem Quartet. Tours by the classical musicians are regularly sponsored by the Israeli Government, which the campaign group claims makes them a legitimate target for protest.

The campaigners had been accused of making “comments about Jews, Israelis, and the State of Israel”, but during a three-day legal debate at Edinburgh Sheriff Court, a BBC audio recording of the event revealed that there had been no reference made to “Jews”. Comments included “They are Israeli Army musicians”, “End the Siege of Gaza”, “Genocide in Gaza”, and “Boycott Israel”.

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Dog fighting ring in Midlands UK prosecuted, imprisoned, named and shamed.

09-04-2010 03:24

Claire Parker 43 of Kexby Lane, Kexby, Lincolnshire was found guilty of letting people use her garage for dog fighting, of possessing 3 dogs for fighting and using them for fighting, attending dog fights and breeding fighting dogs. Her cruel husband John Parker died while in prison on other charges. Mohammed Nasir Farooq 34 of Daniels Road, Bordersly Green, Birmingham was also prosecuted.

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UK Citizens living in Latin America

09-04-2010 02:23

Washington Passport says my bank statement

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Police Working Heavily Alongside University Vivisection Labs

09-04-2010 02:16

Extract From Official Documentation - Plymouth University
Nothing to hide? Nothing to fear!

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Great British Circus protests and much more

08-04-2010 23:05

Campaign against deaths and injuries in horse racing; the captivity of animals in cruel circuses; the suffering of animals in the false 'science' of vivisection; and much more...

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Reminder: 5.5 Days till Counter Terror Expo

08-04-2010 22:41

Office of Exhibition organiser Clarion
Assemble 12 Noon, Olympia Way, W14, on Wednesday 14 April.

Sponsored by arms company Thales, and organised by Clarion Events—responsible for Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEi) the world’s largest arms fair, the Counter Terror Expo( takes place between 14-15 April 2010 at Olympia, London.

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Shut Down Guantanamo! Monthly Demo - Friday 9 April, 6-7pm, US embassy, London

08-04-2010 21:03

US Embassy, Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, London (nearest tube: Bond Street / Marble Arch), 6-7pm

Join us for just ONE HOUR for our monthy demo outside the US embassy to call for the closure of Guantanamo, Bagram and secret CIA prisons, the return of British resident Shaker Aamer to the UK, the release of other prisoners not facing any charges to countries where they will not face persecution, and an end to the US practice of kidnap, torture and indefinite detention without charge or proper trial.

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Struggle stepped up as another whaling ship is sabotaged in Norway

08-04-2010 20:40

Norwegian whaling vessel Sofie

"Norway announced an increased quota of minke whales so we decided to increase our quota of sunken whalers" - AGENDA 21

Another whaling vessel was sabotaged a few days ago, on April 2nd, nearly a year since the last attempted sinking of the Skarbakk, another Norwegian whaling vessel. The attack was claimed by Agenda 21, a group responsible for last years sabotage and a string of other actions against Norway's whaling industry. Using the name of a 1992 United Nations Conference on the Environment, the group is a spin off from the more known Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and promised Norway that if they did not comply with international conservation law, they would sink their whaling ships.

It wasn't an empty threat, with Captain Paul Watson supervising the sinking of two ships; the Nybraena in 1992 and the Senet in 1994. The anonymous and covert goup Agenda 21 then took over with the scuttling of the Elin-Toril in 1996. Claimed on the website of animal rights magazine Bite Back, the activists explain: "Entry was made through the wheelhouse. The engine room was accessed by removing the locked door from its frame using axe and crowbar. Two sea valves were opened fully submerging the engine and electrical systems."

Related Features: Schnews: Ships in the Fight | Norwegian Whaling Ship Scuttled | The Whale Wars - Sea Shepherd Returns From Antarctica | Japan issues arrest warrant for Nottingham activist | Arrests As International Whaling Commission Fails To Protect Whales | Nottingham Activist Returns From Whale Saving Mission In Antartica | Sea Shepherd activists injured as Japanese military open fire | Activists Held Hostage By Japanese Whalers In Southern Ocean | Whalers use Public Relations to twist the truth

Links: United Nations Agenda 21 | Sea Shepherd Conservation Society | Ocean Defence topic page

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Malcolm Mclaren Dead

08-04-2010 19:34

Today Malcolm Mclaren has Died

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Bin men escape from unsafe waggon - who ordered them back to Bradley Fold?

08-04-2010 18:36

Cost cutting and the harrassment of agency workers in Bury could have led to deaths.

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Pets At Home & Centre MK: More campaign success

08-04-2010 18:01

Everyday animal rights activism still going strong..

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Corporate Watch: Further Information About EDOM UK

08-04-2010 16:21

After finding an Edom UK packinghouse inside the settlement of Tomer in the Jordan Valley a few weeks ago, we decided to look more closely into this joint Israeli and British company and their exports.

Visit our web-site for frequent research updates from Palestine.

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Two Issue Statements as the Leeds Fur Fightback Begins

08-04-2010 16:18

Two Issue Statements as the Leeds Fur Fightback Begins

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20 Mainshill Wood eviction cases in court today

08-04-2010 15:13

The first of many court hearings following the forced eviction of the Mainshill Solidarity Camp is taking place in Lanark Sheriff Court today, with 20 protesters appearing and ready to challenge their Aggravate Trespass charges.

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GMP officers jailed after assault

08-04-2010 14:41

Two police officers of Greater Manchester have been jailed for 18 months for inflicting “deliberate cruelty” on a 19-year-old woman while in custody. The judge told the court that her treatment was “little short of torture”.
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