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UK Newswire Archive

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Peace & War Summer Solstice Party

09-06-2006 16:23

Summer Solstice Party to launch


A video installation by multi-media artist Gaynor O'Flynn. The aim is to generate a dialogue of the public's thoughts on Peace & War

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We're in danger: save our souls if you don't speak english

09-06-2006 16:07

Because Landless Brazilian farm workers invade a Congress building in Brasilia, smashing furniture and windows, the state wants to criminalize social movements and to kill us.

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Crossrail - the facts

09-06-2006 16:01

Crossrail is a an East West rail scheme promoted as being London wide but it primarily benefits only City-based interests. The company behind it is Cross London Rail Links (CLRL). Crossrail is a publicly funded 50/50 joint venture company formed by 'Transport for London (TfL) and the Department for Transport (DfT)...
tasked with promoting and developing two new routes through London...
Crossrail was allocated a budget of £154m in 2001...'

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Liverpool Housing Disaster

09-06-2006 15:53

John Prescott's plans to demolish hundreds of houses in working class areas of Liverpool will be as disastrous as similar programmes in the 1950s and 1960s, a public inquiry was told yesterday.

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One-off showing of superb, heart breaking and informative film 'Arna's Children'

09-06-2006 15:23

Film - Arna’s Children Tuesday June 13th 8pm at The HUBS (Sheffield Hallam Students Union Building), Paternoster Row. Tickets, on the door: £4.50/£3.00.

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Greg Palast speaks on his new book in London

09-06-2006 15:07

Campaigning journalist Greg Palast will be in London at the start of July to discuss his new book, "Armed Madhouse".

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09-06-2006 15:02

Edinburgh Stop the War announce a public meeting in Edinburgh on Saturday June 17th. The venue is the Augustine Church on George 4th Bridge (near the Central Library). The `HANDS OFF IRAN` event starts at 2.00pm.

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This Weeks SchNEWS - Pricks and Mortar

09-06-2006 14:56

“I think this housebuilding thing started because Tescos came sniffing around and that’s where the big money is.” - a local resident speaking to SchNEWS at the Titnore Woods protest camp.

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straw bale building

09-06-2006 14:06

Straw bale building at ecoworks – hungerhill allotments, st annes, Nottingham

24th June – 2nd July

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Event tomorrow at the Common Place

09-06-2006 13:50

Don't worry if you haven't booked - you can stil come along!
On the 10th June, at the Common Place, Leeds, there will be a benefit dinner and gig in aid of the prisoners facing the current "Green Scare" repression in the United States.

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(BAYER)Chemical Pollution: Abnormal Birth Rates in Canadian Native Reserve

09-06-2006 12:58

There's something is in the air at the Aamjiwnaang First Nations reserve near Sarnia, Ontario. But it's not just in the air. It's also in the water, the soil, and in the residents themselves: alarming levels of toxic chemicals, believed to be behind the area's skewed birth ratios. In Aamjiwnaang, two girls are born for every boy.

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Venezuelan Elections

09-06-2006 11:29

Preparations for Hugo Chavez re-election in December

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Dead? Who created the story of Al Zarqawi?

09-06-2006 11:22

It's probably a surprise for many, but this most sought after terrorist, al Zarqawi, was never on the FBI's list of the '10 Most wanted'. Nor on the FBI's list of 'most wanted terrorists'. ('Links' below) - With a reward of $25 million - like Osama bin Laden - on his head? Didn't they want him?

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English Cat Gets Gassed in Athens

09-06-2006 11:14

A Diary of Events of the Student Protest 8/6/6 Athens, against iminent privatisation laws

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Crossrail - The Mayor's Millennium Dome for taxpayers

09-06-2006 08:30

The Mayor has given no guarantee for his recent claim that the City will put 3 per cent on business rates for Crossrail. Previously the Mayor and Crossrail chairman waited until the Government brought the Crossrail Bill to Parliament to back out paying for the scheme leaving taxpayers to pay for the next 30 years. Crossrail will be the millennium dome of public transport projects. Read on to find out more...

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Why the UK press are mistaken about Blair's cronyist act for Minister's wife

09-06-2006 06:43

UK Home Office minister Tony McNulty's wife Christine Gilbert is controversially in the news today [Friday 9 June 2006] over her appointment to head OFSTED, the English schools 'inspectorate' quango. There is more to that appointment than just the Blairing cronyism. Christine Gilbert has been ‘chief executive’ in the East London Borough of Tower Hamlets Council. She has really messed things up for the people in that role. Christine needed salvaging for two reasons - one her wrongful role in promoting the Crossrail hole Bill attacks on the East End and her utterly incompetent or pro-corruption role in allowing the massive votes theft, fraud and abuses at the recent Coucnil elections held 4 May 2006 and at the general election held on 5 May 2005.

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Europe’s Biggest Corporate Responsibility Summit London: A Family's Plea For Help

09-06-2006 06:36

Novohotel Europe's Biggest Corpororate Responsibility Event Venue 2006
One week ago Ethical Corporation’s* 5th annual flagship European event, held at the Hammersmith Novohotel came to an end. During the two days summit, 31st May -1st June 2006, one Family-man also candidly petitioned Ethical Corporations for help, both at the summit and elsewhere, at the very heart of the City of London.

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Blair's Quick-Fix Nuclear mistake

09-06-2006 06:11

Mr Blair is finally starting to realise and admit that Global Warming is rapidly damaging our environment; some scientists have startling estimations on how quickly the polar ice caps could disappear if the right things aren’t done. Fast. I have spent a lot of time researching the possible problems and benefits of nuclear and renewable energy. This article will shoot Mr Blair’s reasoning down in wood-burning flames, and expose it to be (self-confessed) foolishness.

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09-06-2006 05:09

justice is an elusive
In Afghanistan justice is an elusive theory a best. Afghanistan’s history is one of war, violent uprising, chaos, and lawlessness. Now there may be hope in the selection of a new Attorney General.

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Death of a Glacier: Valle de San Felix, Chile.

09-06-2006 04:18

An email doing the rounds of millions of internet users is upsetting the planet pillaging, and earth trashing 'Barrick' mining corporation.

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