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UK Newswire Archive

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This Border Kills: two years of police violence in Calais

24-09-2011 12:10

Over the past two years, activists in Calais have been intervening in and documenting police raids, arrests, beatings, evictions and destruction of property, as part of campaign of resistance against the war on migrants Calais.

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Lessons of the Miners Strike & Poll Tax Riot

24-09-2011 11:51

The Anti-Cuts movement will succeed if it defends true democratic principles, but FAIL if it is perceived to be opposing them...

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What Is Nationalism? Part I

24-09-2011 11:18

The beginnings of a short historical analysis of what nationalism is, exploring the various philosophers and historical conditions which lead to the birth of many different parties, separated by history, like the National Socialists, Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionario and English Defence League. Only by understanding these things will we be able to triumph against the real menaces in Nationalism and build a truly borderless society - but the trouble is, the problem may not be what it seems at first sight! There is a man, who may be ignorant, but history and his mother made him. He might beat us, he might cause much suffering, but this does not mean he understands why he causes it. We must defend ourselves physically, but the defence of the Truth is another thing. If we defend against the wrong aspects of any ideas, we may find in the end that lies, and therefore suffering, triumphs.

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Solidarity occupation NOW at RSAMD / Royal Conservatoire in Glasgow against 9k fees for non Scottish UK students

24-09-2011 06:55

Solidarity occupation NOW at RSAMD / Royal Conservatoire in Glasgow against 9k fees for non Scottish UK students

Please get along now if you can. We have freedom of access. Renfrew St opposite back of Savoy centre and M&S.

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Extreme Rain, Dengue Fever, R.F. Kennedy Jr.

24-09-2011 03:24

Pakistan is flooding again, millions more homeless. Panic about Dengue fever. Dengue in the Caribbean now, 12 cases reported this year in Florida. Learn what Dengue is, what to do. New diseases with global warming. Then a powerful speech by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., at the Commonwealth Club of Calif. How coal poisoned us all, & fish too. How corporations control media, stifling Progressive radio. Plus a vision of fossil-free America.

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Khethiwe Must Stay Saturday Lunchtime Campaign

24-09-2011 00:29

Campaigning for Khethiwe on College Green Fri 23rd Sept
Khethiwe Mashavave is still detained in Yarls Wood. Her flight is booked to Harare on 29th September. Please come and protest with us at 12:30pm today.

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NHS Meetings

23-09-2011 18:55

Protest at NHS meetings this week.

There are two significant meetings to do with the NHS next week:

NHS Nottingham City AGM and Annual Public Meeting,  Wednesday 28th. September 12.00 to 15.00, Council House, Old Market Square

Nottingham University Hospitals Annual Public Meeting, Wednesday 28th. September 17.00 to 19.30, Cityside Restaurant, City Hospital, Hucknall Road

These meetings are open to the public but Notts SOS has not made any plans for action.  We are going to attend these meetings in order to point out that:

1. The reorganisation of the PCT being carried out by NHS Nottingham City is illegal because the legislation to authorise this action, the Health and Social Care Bill, has not yet been passed by Parliament.

2. The plan by Nottingham University Hospitals to become a foundation trust should be dropped.

We are preparing the text for a suitable leaflet for these occasions and when it is ready will post it on these sites.  The Notts SOS meeting on Monday may care to consider whether they want the leaflet to go out under their name.  We need to know by Tuesday morning.

We urge as many people as possible to attend these events.  It is all very well expressing indignation about NHS privatisation, such as at the meeting last night, but what is needed is effective, as opposed to token, actions to disrupt the"reforms".

Maria and Ross

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Cops to stop recording ethnicity of stop-and-account subjects

23-09-2011 17:50

Half of police forces nationwide, including 5 of the 10 forces with the worst record for targeting minorities, are to scrap the recording of the ethnicity of people they pull over under stop-and-account powers. The recording is being scrapped as part of the agenda to cut down police red tape. Of the 43 police forces in England and Wales, 21 are to scrap the recording of ethnicity, including West Midlands, Avon and Somerset, Thames Valley, Sussex and Hertfordshire, all of which already rank among the top 10 forces for targeting minorities. A West Midlands police officer is 7 times more likely to enact a stop-and-account on an Afro-Carribean than a white. [1] [2]

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State strategies to wreck UK Uncut, Dale Farm & March 26 etc

23-09-2011 16:23

The activist community needs to acknowledge the fact that the establishment is (often, if not always) much better at contesting campaigns over issues like public sector cuts etc than we are. The proof of this hypothesis is the fact that they've been able to implement such cuts etc at all. We need to face up to this, to coldly analyze how it is that they're able to de-rail our campaigns, and modify our beliefs and actions accordingly.

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National treasures 'under the hammer' as campaigners auction off public services

23-09-2011 15:21

Protest against the government's plans to sell off ALL our public services. Meet outside Westminster tube station (opposite Big Ben) in London at 1pm this Saturday 24 September. (Ring Cat Hobbs for more information or to join the protest 07817 885 131.)

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Brighton9: 4 acquitted, 5 Conditional Discharges

23-09-2011 15:09

Four of the uk uncut activists on trial for criminal damage were acquitted at Brighton Magistrates Court this afternoon. The 5 found guilty were sentenced to 6 months conditional discharge and costs of £2000 each.

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Dale Farm injunction extended to monday

23-09-2011 13:32

Breaking news: Dale Farm clearance delayed again, high court cannot conclude today so the injunction remains in place until at least monday. More legal challenges are racking up including requests for judicial review.

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Greyhound track horror: a steward’s eye view

23-09-2011 12:33

A new survey - the largest of its kind undertaken - offers a disturbing insight into the world of greyhound racing and the set task demanded of these athletes: the racing at speed on tight anti-clockwise tracks.

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EU opens up on secret fishing deals

23-09-2011 11:28

The European Commission has been under pressure from NGO's over the issue
Ever since us Europeans were able to, we have sent our fishing vessels to go far beyond our own shores and catch fish the world over. With an increasing market demand for cheap fish and overfishing problems in our region we needed to look elsewhere. Now what would be easier than to fish in the waters of developing nations which have little option but to accept little incentives, such as extra humanitarian aid, in exchange for the over-exploitation of their waters?

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Brighton 9: Verdict this Friday

23-09-2011 09:49

On Friday afternoon, after a 9 day trial, the verdict for the 9 activists accused of criminal damage as a result of the Brighton Uncut action at Top Shop on the 4th December last year, will be announced. That day 8 activists super-glued themselves inside the windows of the shop (where they remained for around 4 hours) while a demonstration took place outside. In total 21 people (out of a total of around 50 people who took part) were arrested that day, with many people kettled and arrested outside the shop.

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Protesters in US Occupying Wall Street!

23-09-2011 06:55

For six days, protesters in the U.S. have been camping out on Wall Street in front of and near the New York Stock Exchange. There have been arrests and some were violent.

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