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UK Newswire Archive

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Report on an inspection of Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre

21-08-2008 08:11

"An immigration removal centre can never be a suitable place for children".
Anne Owers

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UK government pushes impunity deal for disgraced dictator Pervez Musharraf

21-08-2008 07:46

UK Ambassador to Pakistan Sir Mark Lyall Grant has been lobbying hard for western client Pervez Musharraf to be gifted immunity from prosecution over his crimes against the Pakistani people

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new solidarity-movement for kurdistan in germany

20-08-2008 23:29

this is a report about the new german kurdistan-solidarity.
my english is bad, but i hope you will understand it

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ALF Support The Carnival

20-08-2008 21:57

Screenshot from www,
It's official...kind of!

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Latest News on Breaking the Siege of Gaza

20-08-2008 20:23

SS Free Gaza & SS Liberty all set to sail for Gaza

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Gremach Infrastructure's Google India Attack,Mozambique Coal Baron Squalor

20-08-2008 19:15

The original purpose of this article post was to point out that India's
Gremach Infrastructure Equipments & Projects Ltd that is threatening
to sue Google because of an anonymous poster 'using the name 'Toxic
Writer' criticized the company on, a site that allows
individuals to create blogs....' is no more than an India stock market
version of U.S. incorporated penny stock pump and dump scams and has
lost 80% or so of investor money in the last few months.If anything
their own investors it should be sueing them. However when I say
'investors' -I do not mean such international stock sharks and hedge
fund entities as Merrill Lynch or Templeton Funds or Eureopean Swiss
Finance Corporation or Caytman Island based LB India Holdings Cayman
II Ltd., offshores.These international securities parasites are in my
opinion part of the problem and have aided and abetted Gremach and its
insiders and promoters,such as or particularly Mr. Ratanlal Tamakuwala
and Mr Rishi Raj Agarwal,to take retail or small investors for a

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Worker killed - Fatal Accident Inquiry in Glasgow hears damning evidence

20-08-2008 18:30

The main Health and Safety inspector attending the scene told Glasgow Sheriff Court that the lorry tail-lift that killed Dr Graham Meldrum at Allied Bakeries Glasgow depot in July 2005 was not operational. The lorry should not have been on the road, he stated. The Fatal Accident Inquiry into Dr Meldrum’s workplace death started its fifth week on 11th August, and heard damning evidence of corporate disregard for workers’ safety.

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Tibet Activists Take on the Chinese Government on their Own Turf

20-08-2008 17:29

Banner on a billboard next to the CCTV building
Over the last few weeks activists from Students for a Free Tibet have been taking action inside Beijing to protest against the Chinese governments brutal crackdown on peaceful demonstrations inside Tibet. You can follow all developments by watching the Windhorse Report live every night on

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Case dismissed: first SOCPA 128 on nuclear licensed site

20-08-2008 17:06

Flying the flag
Newbury magistrates today dismissed a case of trespass on a nuclear
licensed site against an Aldermaston peace campaigner. The prosecution
was the first of its kind brought under the Serious Organised Crime and
Police Act (SOCPA s128, as amended by s12 of the Terrorism, Act 2006, to
apply to nuclear licensed sites).

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"Salute" - Speaking Truth to Power at the Olympics- the Price Paid and the Solid

20-08-2008 17:00

As Tibet solidarity and other human rights activists are rounded up in Beijing, a designated protest pen is transformed into a trap from where people disappear (77 applications were made to enter this "protest pen" - all have been withdrawn, suspended or rejected!), a Chinese girl is ditched from the Olympic Opening Ceremony for not having "the look" to go with the voice, the Party promotes, the corporates profit and prima don athletes are expected to keep a housebroken silence - one's mind is cast back to an iconic image from Mexico '68.

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Post-Climate Camp Tat Audit

20-08-2008 16:53

Do you have lots of equipment in your home/social centre since the Climate Camp that you don;t know what to do with? Did you learn some new skills you'd like to share?

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Crossrail - Bechtel makes its move for more UK taxpayers money

20-08-2008 15:29

The Crossrail scheme which is already proving itself to be worst public transport fiasco presided over by Britain even in its planning stages. Following a Huttonesque Royal Assent achieved by avoiding any scrutiny of Crossrail, chief executive of Crossrail, a Douglas Oakervee a man who was said to be economical with the truth when he presided over the Hong Kong fiasco is currently negotiating contracts using taxpayers money even though the funding for Crossrail is not place. We name and shame some of the characters.

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Eddy Shah help sought on Baluchistan

20-08-2008 15:29

Mother of Khalid Baloch, who was killed last year. A second son is in prison.
Eddy Shah, founder of Today newspaper, is widely respected in South Asia and Europe. The American Friends of Baluchistan in Washington D.C. has sought his help to balkanize Pakistan, which is today the Al Qaeda headquarters.

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Palestine Today 082008

20-08-2008 13:49

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Wednesday August 20th, 2008

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new social centre space opening in cambridge

20-08-2008 13:33

Squatters have moved into the Rose and Crown by Newmarket Road / East Road roundabout, with the intention of opening a new social centre, following the recent closure of the Mill Road Social Centre by Tesco.

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Shell to Sea: Notice served on Solitaire

20-08-2008 12:38

As part of the ongoing week of action in Rossport, a letter was today delivered to the Solitaire demanding its withdrawal from the project.

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Interview with Amadeu Casellas Ramon, 60 days on hungerstrike

20-08-2008 12:10

The Catalonian anarchist prisoner Amadeu Casellas has been on hunger strike for 60 days to demand a solution to his critical situation of imprisonment, already lasting for more than 22 years. He has paid for 22 years for struggling against the state, for bank expropriations carried out in the 70s and 80s to help finance the workers’ struggles of that time.

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Balochistan: Baluchi Ha'al launched in Washington D.C.

20-08-2008 11:37

Dr.Wahid Baloch , President of Baloch Society of North America
Baluchi Ha'al launched in Washington D.C.

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Sarkozy puts his troops in harms way

20-08-2008 11:32

For nothing

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11 year old becomes youngest person to visit the Angola 3

20-08-2008 10:52

An 11 year old from London has become the youngest ever British person to visit two prisoners in Louisiana State Prison, who are the longest serving inmates in solitary confinement. Herman Wallace and Albert Woodfox have spent over 35 years held in 6ft x 9ft cells for crimes even a federal judge has overturned.
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