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UK Newswire Archive

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Pix of Anti-RBS Action, London - Fri 10 Oct 08 (2 of 2)

11-10-2008 23:02

E1. Looks & Smiles
What do a Distraught Bengal Tiger, a Sacked Financial Analyst, a Homeless Polar Bear, and a Jobless Banker all have in common? Why they're all victims of the Carbon Crunch - the conflation of Capital's toxic Carbon Addiction and it's self-made Credit Crunch. Oh, and they're also all characters in a protest drama played out at the Olympia Exhibition Centre between some radical smart cookies from...
• People & Planet -
• Rising Tide - &
...and some shitty-brown suited security drones.

For permission to copy and use, see 'CopyLeft' at the end of the story below the photos.
For links to the other sets of photos, see one of the comments at the foot of this page.

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Edinburgh Financial Protest: "We wont pay for your crisis!"

11-10-2008 20:55

SWP protest on the 10th
"We Wont Pay for Your Crisis!"

Edinburgh is set to have a demonstration against the government's criminal bank bailout, at the Corporate Headquarters of HBOS.

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Big Turnout for Liverpool Critical Mass

11-10-2008 20:30

This month's critical mass was bigger than ever. The ride ended at Next To Nowhere (social centre) where the riders got free refreshments and saw a film.

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Mule office warming and info day

11-10-2008 18:56

Mule – National (based in Manchester), independent, volunteer-led newspaper and website with local to international news and analysis. Quarterly print run of 20,000

Celebrating a new office and preparing for upcoming web launch plus January's print edition- Now is the time to get involved!

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Demonstration Against Ugandan Human Rights Abuse, London 9 Oct, 2008

11-10-2008 18:17

Outside Uganda House
October 9 is Uganda Independence Day, but for gay Nigerians in particular there is little to celebrate. Around 50 people met in a demonstration sponsored by the NUS outside the Ugandan Embassy in Trafalgar Square at noon on Ugandan Independence Day, Oct 9, to protest against human rights abuses in Uganda.
Photographs (C) 2008, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Call for creative responses to Shell's 'Oedipus'

11-10-2008 17:50

Shell is sponsoring the National Theatre's new production of 'Oedipus',and, unsurprisingly, Art Not Oil is preparing a response on variousfronts. We're asking people if they're up for making an artwork of some kind as a response. This could be an image, song, film or poem to appear on our website, or to be printed on a postcard or something similar. We're open to ideas. (Unfortunately, we aren't able to pay for your work, but we have no wish to possess it!)
If this is of interest, we'd love to see it as soon as possible, as 'Oedipus' runs until January 2009 only.

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Free Speech Crushed In Liverpool! Arrests Made!

11-10-2008 16:57

A crowd of two hundred people, angry and disgusted, watched as legal
campaigners from 10 protest groups had their leaflets and tables confiscated in Church Street, Liverpool this Saturday 11th October. Two arrests were made.

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Roma people in Italy. Urgent appeal to the Spanish (and European) authorities

11-10-2008 16:29

EveryOne Group has sent an urgent appeal to His Majesty King Juan Carlos I; to the President of the Spanish Government, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero; and to the Ministers and Spanish Members of Parliament, asking them to provide – by way of exception and given the gravity of the situation – humanitarian protection on Spanish soil for a small community of Romanian Roma which is about to be evicted from a derelict building in the city of Pesaro after suffering long and terrible persecution in Italy. The clearance would cause a humanitarian tragedy.

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Liverpool stands up to police repression against campaigners

11-10-2008 15:01

Police riot vans surrounded & intimidated legal protestors and campaign stalls in Liverpool city centre this afternoon, but surrounding crowds helped intervene to block the police and defend the stalls. Two people were arrested and others questioned, and literature & other campaign materials were confiscated from all the stalls

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aktivix and other tech collectives statement on 11 Oct 08

11-10-2008 12:17

As part of a Day of Action Freedom not Fear, radical tech collectives from Europe and beyond have come up with the following statement which summarises what their position on privacy rights is.

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Support NPL cleaners unfairly sacked!

11-10-2008 10:00

Last week, five Latin American cleaners were unfairly dismissed by the company responsible for the cleaning at the National Physical Laboratory.

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Help stop a school being torn down for "private affordable housing"

11-10-2008 09:42

the old burradon community school. is being tared down to make way for "affordable privet housing" this is an outrage especially with the current finances in ruins

there need to be quick action as demolition has already started to take place but if were quick we can get this turned over and even possibly turned in to a community center as the council prommised



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Picket Nottingham Student Union

11-10-2008 09:07

Campaign poster
The campaign to remove Craig Cox from his position as education officer moves forward. Dialogues over racism within the university.

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New £12billion spy system to monitor all email, browsing and phone calls.

11-10-2008 08:34

The UK is planning a new £12billion spying system to monitor email, web browsing and phone calls of the entire population.

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Private research? - No thanks. Smash Berlusconi government

11-10-2008 08:25

Research in universities across the globe is becoming more and more privatised.

This must be stopped NOW!

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VIDEO: Bank of England protest - Friday October 10

11-10-2008 08:22

No bail out for the bosses protest outside the Bank of England.

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Austria's Nazi Haider Dead!

11-10-2008 07:22

Austrian far-right Nazi politician Joerg Haider has been killed in a road accident

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Nazi Loving Joerg Haider Killed In Car Crash

11-10-2008 07:13

Will Griffin Copy Everything Haider Has Done? Let's Hope So!

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Subway picket in Belfast in support of sacked worker

11-10-2008 02:52

Organise!, WSM, trade unions and various political activists picketed a Subway restaurant in Belfast today in support of sacked Polish worker Natalia Szymanska.
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