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UK Newswire Archive

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Sunday afternoon in Rostock

05-06-2007 20:05

A few snaps from Rostock on Sunday afternoon.

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US Disperses Gas in Egyptian Skies, Leading to Increased Disasters and Deaths

05-06-2007 18:29

Professor at Cairo University Faculty of Agriculture: US Disperses Gas in Egyptian Skies, Leading to Increased Disasters and Deaths

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Climate Changing 3x Faster Since 2000

05-06-2007 18:28

The National Acadamy of Sciences published a
report from a series of studies on many aspects
of global warming. The May 22 report states that
the rise in CO2 emissions and the Arctic Ice Cap
melting are three times faster than the worst case
predictions of the IPCC report. They also found
that the sea level rise is twice as fast as expected
by the scientists just last year.

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As G8 gathers rich nation hypocrisy is exposed in attack on Philippines infants

05-06-2007 17:30

Rich nations will claim at the G8 meeting that they want to help developing nations. Yet when it comes to protecting the interest of their corporations they are prepared to overturn legislation to keep up profits, regardless of the impact on infant health. Plus action that can be taken to support the Philippines as it comes under pressure from the US and action to hold corporations to account.

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Another Fake Terror Plot

05-06-2007 17:08

The weekend’s news in the US was dominated by screaming headlines and sensationalist broadcast coverage of an alleged plot in New York to blow up John F. Kennedy International Airport’s jet fuel tanks and supply lines. The attack would have been, according to many accounts, “more devastating than September 11.”

Four men were charged in an indictment [] unveiled Sunday that included features that have become almost invariable in every such “terror” case brought by the government in recent years. First, the suspects had not only carried out no acts of terror, but they apparently lacked any means to realize such an attack. Second, a central figure in the alleged plot was a paid undercover informant of the FBI.

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Why G8 has failed the Afrikan continent

05-06-2007 16:56

s failed miserably to deal effectively with Afrika'a problems by refusing to give Afrika access to western markets, by refusing to increase so-called aid, by refusing to stop selling arms to Afrika that fuel conflicts like Darfur, Somalia etc and by condoning corrupt Afrikan leaders.

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CWU conference overturns executive support for Alan Johnson as Labour deputy

05-06-2007 13:42

by Charlie Kimber in Bournemouth

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There she goes, my beautiful world...

05-06-2007 12:22

There she goes, my beautiful world... document the changing world... As part of a wider collective named Sheffield Digital Media Group we take images of the abstract (as in not sure what they are), urban (as in the metropolis of sheffield), bucolic (as in the green side of sheffield).

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Green Venezuela: Environmentalism and the Bolivarian Revolution, London

05-06-2007 12:04

London Hands Off Venezuela presents a discussion on

Green Venezuela: Environmentalism and the Bolivarian Revolution
With Derek Wall – Principal Male Speaker of the Green Party of England and Wales

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Brecon Tree Camp Court Hearing

05-06-2007 10:32

National Grid are getting ready to evict Brecon, Brecon are getting ready to fight, please join us.

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More Smoke on the Horizon in the Middle East War Theater

05-06-2007 07:40

Many of the pieces for a showdown of giagantic size have been put together by this strong anaysis. The lines have been drawn in the sand in the Middle East. If war is to occur in the Middle East the conditions have been prepared for establishing a "Constitutional Dictatorship" in the US. The Palestinians have also said that they are prepared to create a battlefront against Israel. This is a "must read" article.

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Video Rush: Rostock, Lichtenhagen Solidarity Rally, Police Attack Again

05-06-2007 07:39

Video rush of the Lichtenhagen Solidarity Rally for the 1992 Nazi fire bombing, 04/06/2007.

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Rostock Sunday. Global Agricultural day of action.

04-06-2007 23:36

More puppet mayhem.
Despite its claims to the contrary the G8 has done bugger all to alleviate starvation in the world. In fact the number of people starving in the world is now at an all time high. Sunday was the day nominated to draw attention to all things unfair in the world of agriculture so a roving demo toured the town to tackle the issues

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Black Bloc in Rostock

04-06-2007 23:14

Black Bloc at the anti-G8 manifestation in Rostock, 2nd June

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Call-out for Sheffield Faslane action

04-06-2007 22:27

Sheffield activists looking to blockade Faslane 28th June-3rd July

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SOCPA - THE MOVIE - world premiere

04-06-2007 22:04

for nearly two years, indymedia rikki has been closely following the events and battles around the serious organised crime and police act section 132 which criminalised "unauthorised" demonstrations around parliament. the hour-long film documentary will be premiered at the renoir cinema on sunday june 17th, followed by a panel discussion.

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Rostock: rap against fortress Europe

04-06-2007 20:46

Thousands of people demonstrated against the Border Regime in Rostock this afternoon. There was a rally at a detention centre in the suburbs of Rosstock with speakers from the detention centre. What followed was a lively march into the centre of Rosstock, although the police didn't want the march to reach it's intended destination - the city's harbour, where the police provoked a surreal riot on Saturday.

The march organisers were apparently told by the police to follow an alternative route, but they refused and thousands of people made their own way to the harbour with the help of a sound system playing some banging tunes and an amazing political rap about Europe's border regime.

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G8 Migration streetrave clip

04-06-2007 20:43


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G8 Migration Demo ends with RTS Streetrave

04-06-2007 20:41

Quick pics of today's march in rostock, which after being blocked by police for hours was dispanded by the organisers. As hundreds and hundreds of people and police flowed through the streets it really didn't seem like the demo had ended - then a sound system turned up to capture the crowd and lead them to the closing concert at the harbour...
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