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UK Newswire Archive

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Requisites for Building the Socialist Future

22-03-2015 03:29

There are five general requisites for building the socialist future. First, learn from the historical experience of the revolutionary proletariat in building socialism in the 20th century.

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4 North East EDL/NEI members/1 Paramilitary Fascist presence white man march

22-03-2015 00:08

White Man March marches from Central Station down to the Quayside
4 North East EDL/NEI members and 1 Fascist connected to Azov International a Paramilitary group in Ukraine were amongst participants the White man March in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

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Callout for April Fools / Poisson d’avril

21-03-2015 19:27

With the impending probable evictions at the start of April, there is an invitation to you and your friends to come to Calais in the month of April and plan an event to highlight the foolishness of the Border regime and those who defend it.

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Into the wilderness – Jules-Ferry and Calais new jungle

21-03-2015 19:19

The authorities have announced all camps and squats will be evicted after the end of the month. All migrants must move, willingly or by force, to a new jungle–ghetto near the new day centre Jules-Ferry, where they will be ‘tolerated’ – not allowed to stay!

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come and fight for access to land!

21-03-2015 11:14

call out for support!

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Woman killed herself after being doorstepped by Sky News Reporter Martin Brunt

20-03-2015 19:01

Martin Brunt - Sky reporter
Martin Brunt, 60, a 'crime correspondent' for Sky News will not face any charges despite him and his employer clearly knowing that their target was a suicidal woman who hadn't actually committed any offence despite being labelled a 'troll' by the Police and mainstream media.

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Animal Agony, Union Busting, Deforestation, Human Disease At McDonald's

20-03-2015 18:51

It has been 10 years since the European Court of Human Rights fined British courts 57000 pounds for denying free speech to Steel and Morris in London Greenpeace V McDonald's,
Unionbusting, obesity, strokes, heart attacks, cancer, animal agony, deforestation, rainforest destruction, energy waste, crime, litter continue to be
associated with the Western wrold's biggest restaurant chain

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Report of Radical Independence Campaign Conference

20-03-2015 17:50

Here is a report with 20 photos of the RIC conference in Dundee last weekend. As we approach the May 7th UK election, events in Scotland may influence what happens in Westminster. How will issues like austerity, Trident and overseas wars be affected?

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35% of seats for Afro-Americans in proposed ‘public Missouri Police Oversight Co

20-03-2015 11:37

The Black Defense Foundation, an organization claiming to cherish the rights of African Americans, published a letter by Bob Goodlatte, the chairman of the US Congress Committee on the Judiciary, addressed to Todd Richardson, the Majority Floor leader of the Missouri House of Representatives. In this letter Goodlatte suggests that Richardson should ‘consider drafting a bill to establish a public Missouri Police Oversight Committee and allocate at least 35% of seats in it to Afro-Americans’.

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Greek Hunger strike updates in English

20-03-2015 10:21

A new website has been created to cover the ongoing hunger strike in Greece by anarchist and other revolutionary prisoners.

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United Ukraine is no more: its fragmentation lasts

20-03-2015 07:46

Amid advanced loss of controls over regions (not only eastern, but also western ones) pepper-upper mantras towards bringing Ukrainians close together in the face of external peril can hardly back figment of unified state of Ukraine.

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National Protest Against Benefit Sanctions

19-03-2015 14:42

'Protest out side West St 'benefit' office
Today in Sheffield a protest as part of the National protest against benefit sanctions

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Frankfurt and the flames of resistance

19-03-2015 14:37

Issue 5 of online anarchist bulletin The Acorn has just been published and focuses on Blockupy in Frankfurt:

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CIA-controlled Ukraine: Hunger, economic collapse and police state

18-03-2015 22:37

Destruction in Donetsk
Nato-Nazi Ukraine builds up a totalitarian police state.

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London: March For The Homeless 15-4-15

18-03-2015 11:07

March For The Homeless
This will be a march and protest in London over the treatment of homeless people in the UK/Ireland and beyond. Amongst the many actions across London on the day being held by various housing/homeless groups there will be a co-ordinated meeting point at Whitehall at 6 p.m. on the day. We encourage people to stand in solidarity with our streets as well bring along items that may be of use to those who find themselves homeless or in need to our Streets Kitchen, where a number of groups will also be serving food and distributing essential items to our homeless communities from 6 pm…

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Audio and photos from "Don’t Let Them Drown" protest in Sheffield

17-03-2015 22:17

Attached is a audio recording and photos from a protest in Sheffield on 17th March 2015 against the policy of letting migrants seeking refuge in Europe drown in the Mediterranean Sea organised by South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group.

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Letter from Lerwick

17-03-2015 22:12

As we enter the cut and thrust and ruthlessness of the coming election campaign perhaps it is useful to look at a gentler pace of life in a small community which is friendly, tolerant and welcoming.

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Charlie Hebdo 10 weeks on

17-03-2015 21:53

It is now 10 weeks since the Paris shootings which dominated the news headlines for so long. As race and immigration are likely to feature strongly in the coming election in May here is a detailed analysis of the media coverage of the Paris shootings and their aftermath.

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(corrected) Dining With Vultures: Bristol Anarchists & the UK Media

17-03-2015 19:26

-corrected version, March 2015-
(Thanks to the Anarchist Black Cross of Bristol for their clarification. From the original; "fortitude to those targeted by Operation Pandora and their close ones, the dignified rebels holding strong in the Belarussian gulags, Emma Sheppard, all those across the world facing down repression head on and all those forced underground.")

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The banning of landmines

17-03-2015 15:16

The International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) is a coalition of non-governmental organizations working for a world free of anti-personnel mines and cluster munitions, where mine and cluster munitions survivors see their rights respected and can lead fulfilling lives.

The coalition was formed in 1992 when six groups with similar interests, including Human Rights Watch, Medico International, Handicap International, Physicians for Human Rights, Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation and the Mines Advisory Group, agreed to cooperate on their common goal. The campaign has since grown and spread to become a network with active members in some 100 countries – including groups working on women, children, veterans, religious groups, the environment, human rights, arms control, peace and development—working locally, nationally and internationally to eradicate antipersonnel landmines.
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