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UK Newswire Archive

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This weeks Indymedia Newswire Radio show

12-10-2005 15:26

Every wednesday there is an hour long Indymedia Newswire Show on Resonance FM. You can find this weeks show on >>

Uploaded here are several sections extracted that fit with stories found on indymedia this week.

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Jenny Jones (Mayor's Road Safety Ambassador) On Critical Mass Criminalisation

12-10-2005 13:33

JENNY JONES - Green Party London Assembly Member, the former Deputy Mayor of London, the Mayor's Road Safety Ambassador and Member of the Metropolitan Police Authority... speaks about the potential criminalisation of London Critical Mass monthly bike ride.

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Austin Ambassador (as eyeballed in 'Private Eye' magazine)

12-10-2005 12:57

Some more juicy MG Rover sleaze for your displeasure!

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No N25 - Anti road meeting report

12-10-2005 12:15

On Friday 7th of October the Norwich No N25 Campaign held a meeting in Blythe Jacks School.

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Audio: interview about St'Georges eviction

12-10-2005 11:16

Yesterday (oct 11th, 2005), the circle community was illegal evicted from Saint Georges theatre in Tufnel park before the appeal hearing was heard...

AUDIO MP3 >>> <<<

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British government is shaping the battlefield with Iran?

12-10-2005 10:14

The British government is quoting 'intelligence' on shaped charges as evidence of Iranian involvement in the Iraq insurgency. How much credibility does it deserve?

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Doctor that autopsied Carlo Giuliani: "CAT scan showed fragment but we didn't fi

12-10-2005 09:23

Translation of press release from Support Legale regarding the 60th hearing in the trial against the 25 demonstrators accused of looting and sacking during the Genoa G8 events in 2001.

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Solidarity picket with Gate Gourmet Strikers

12-10-2005 08:45

Sunday 16 October 2005 - 11 am to 2pm at Beacon Hill
Nearest tube: Hatton Cross, turn left out of the station and left again to the bus stop and take Bus H23 to the picket line (about five minutes bus ride, ask the driver)

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Fasting in London at a time of natural disasters

12-10-2005 08:35

Nature’s tutorials
for wayward
leaders in control of human societies

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Asbo Community Centre opens in Nottingham

12-10-2005 08:29

Asbo Community Centre is opening this Saturday in the Asboetum / Radford Area. This new community centre has been opened up after a group of local people moved into three abandoned council properties in August.

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Mike Treder, Center for Responsible Nanotechnology

12-10-2005 07:32

Interview with Mike Treder, Executive Director for the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology.

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Question Everything: Worry, be alert and alarmed!

12-10-2005 06:43

Some of us have been able to build
Some of them died for democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan and others are in detention camps. Some are not very free at all. For every successive generation, some of us have been able to build on the knowledge, technology and wealth of earlier generations, and add their own, others have been exploited and down trodden. So we have also reduced poverty for some and created more wealth for others.

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FWD: Trial of 6 arrestees during the 21st June 2003 Demostration against the EU

12-10-2005 02:33

The trial of 6 people arrested in Thessaloniki during the demonstrations of the 21st of June 2003, against the EU Summit, was held today in the three-member Magistrate's court of Thessaloniki. All six of them were accused for the minor offence of (participating in a) revolt. Five of them were Greek; the sixth one, coming from Spain, named Carlos, had been initially accused for a criminal offence and detained. After a long hunger-strike he was imprisoned, and the Magistrate's Council changed the offences from criminal to minor ones.

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Trial forces Italy to relive shocking police brutality

11-10-2005 23:26

Yes well I know it is straight out of a corporate paper but I think it's a pretty good article and i was there and live in Italy I hope this will go onto the Genoa page but I can't see where to click so I hope one of youi tech spec guys will make sure it gets there and oh by the way the Calvi trial also started in Rome this week ...

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Guildford Civic Hall - empty, and begging for grassroots development

11-10-2005 21:52

The Guildford Civic Hall has been sitting empty for years. The town is crying out for a decent music venue and/or other grassroots provision for young people to avoid the loop of drunkenness/asbos.

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Invading Countries!! which and why?

11-10-2005 21:10

Invading Countries!! which and why?

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"The Market Has No Heart": Interview with Paul Samuelson

11-10-2005 20:59

A post-Katrina economics must emphasize parallel worlds, solidarity and human dignity to safeguard long-term necessities and creativity. If all countries only become more competitive, mass unemployment will result. What is public- health care, schools, housing- must remain public.

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Worldwide Day of Action against McDonalds - Sunday 16th October

11-10-2005 19:49

A demo in Birmingham a few weeks ago
Sunday 16th October is Global Day of Action against McDeath, to mark World Food Day. Protests will be held all round the globe on this day, to highlight their unhealthy food, pollution, exploitation of workers/children, depriving the third world of food and of course the mass murder of billions of animals every year.

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an appeal to the antiwar movement

11-10-2005 18:01

This article is an appeal to the antiwar movement to launch a vigorous campaign of opposition to a likely US/Uk attack on Iran

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Bono Pimps for Rightwing Nutjob? Dump Bono!

11-10-2005 17:31

the senator who claims that homosexuality is equivalent to bestiality is about to be lauded by none other than the so-called rocker, Bono
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