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UK Newswire Archive

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spike eviction in progress - London

12-02-2009 10:03

the spike surplus scheme of 39b consort road, peckham, London is being evicted as we speak. bailiffs, cops, pcsos and "community wardens" are on site.

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York AR gathering Sat 21st Feb 2009 2pm

12-02-2009 09:56

Getting AR back up and running in York

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Around the Campaigns Thursday 12th February 2009

12-02-2009 08:06

Tony Lola and his mother Mireille Maswa
Great news for all you lovely people - Pegah Emambakhsh is here to Stay
"We have just heard today that Pegah has finally been granted refugee status in the UK.  This is fantastic, wonderful, wonderful news and a great reward for all the hard work you all put in to ensure she was not sent back to Iran - so thank you, thank you, thank you.  Will be in touch again as soon as we have more details.  This  has been a long struggle but is a real vindication of what can be achieved when we all work together."

Love to all, Lesley, for Friends of Pegah Campaign

Background: Pegah Emambakhsh Must Stay!

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Carmel Agrexco Blockaded

12-02-2009 07:33

“We don’t want your bloody valentine”
Feminists blockade Israeli state export company

Two days before Valentines day a group of 15 women have locked themselves to the gates of Israeli export company Carmel Agrexco to stop the delivery of Valentines roses. They were met with heavy force from security and police but are currently holding strong.

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PUBLIC EVENT London Basque Solidarity Campaign

12-02-2009 06:18

London Basque Solidarity Campaign
Thursday 12th February 2009 (7:00pm) Oxford House
Projection The Spanish Inquisition
Speaker Saleh Mamon

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Preston UCLAN rooftop protest against BAE Systems

11-02-2009 23:59

Disobey! & CAAT Day of Action rooftop protest over the University of Central Lancashire links with BAE systems.

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Manchester students occupy roof of Royal Bank of Scotland

11-02-2009 22:16

Around 35 students held a climate change ‘Eviction Demonstration’ outside (and on top of) a Royal Bank of Scotland branch at the University of Manchester Students Union on Wednesday 11th February 2009. The group from People and Planet have submitted a motion to the Union General Meeting proposing that the Union does not renew the lease for RBS’ branch when it expires in January 2010.

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South wales Anarchists meeting, 16.02.09

11-02-2009 22:15

Join the crew shipmates!

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Thursday lunchtime Mitie cleaners demo in London

11-02-2009 20:36

There is a cleaners’ demo, on Thursday 12th February at 13:00 pm outside the Willis Group’s building at 51 Lime Street, London EC3M

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University of East Anglia Occupied

11-02-2009 19:54

UEA buliding Arts was occupied this by around 10-12 students tonight, the Union Council has voted to be support the occupation, security (initially heavy handed got suddenly more polite when the media and various onlookers turned up!) Below is a copy of the leaflet we are handing out...

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Golsmiths University Occupied!

11-02-2009 19:32

on the way

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‘independent’ journalist makes big commercial for private child care company.

11-02-2009 18:48

Albert Stegeman a so called independent undercover journalist takes out the competition of the bjz in his big tv commercial for bureau youth care.

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Veggie Pride UK - Sat 16 May 2009 in Birmingham

11-02-2009 18:09

A range of event banners will be available on our website soon
On Saturday 16th May 2009, Veggie Pride UK is set to take place in Birmingham City Centre. Full council approval is pending, but the day looks likely to include a carnival parade through the streets and an outdoor festival with food, stalls, speakers, live entertainment and much, much more...

This is a fantastic opportunity for veggies and vegans from all movements and backgrounds to come together for a day of celebration and awareness raising! Below, we offer our vision for the event, reasons behind it and details of support we need to make the event happen as described.

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Ministers demand to know the color of your child’s pubic hair.

11-02-2009 18:07

The dutch state keeps a list with thousands of ‘facts’ on each child in Holland. It has been forwarded to private companies such as the bjz who can take children from their parents and keep them for profit. This list is called the electronic child dossier.

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Roof top protest about BAE systems at Preston University

11-02-2009 17:56

Three people arrested after roof top protest about arms company BAE systems' involvement at University of Central Lancashire

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Prime minister wants invasive mentality

11-02-2009 17:42

The Dutch prime minister Balkenende called for a national invasive mentality when dealing with 'over the border issues'. He called for a V.O.C. mentality.

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Suspended for supporting Gaza! Stand in solidarity with Matt Vicary

11-02-2009 17:05

Sheffield Hallam Students' Union is victimising Matt Vicary, Equal Opportunities officer for supporting the protests and occupations against the siege of Gaza. Matt is a dedicated and committed activist trying to force his Union to take up political campaigns and has been suspended by dictat of the President without being informed of the complaints or charges against him.

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Grow Sheffield Audio: Andy Goldring of the Permaculture Association

11-02-2009 16:04

On Tuesday 10th Feburary 2009 Andy Goldring of the Permaculture Association ( ) addressed the Grow Sheffield ( ) AGM which was held in Sharrow Old School.

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Edinburgh University Occupied!

11-02-2009 14:43

Breaking News - Students at Edinburgh University occupy the main lecture theatre, beginning the 24th university occupation to take place in this country in recent weeks.

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illegal eviction of squat in Bath

11-02-2009 14:40

On Monday the 9th February, at 2.15pm, British Transport Police & Bath constabulary conspired to commit an illegal eviction of a new short-lived squat on the edge of Twerton, in Bath.
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