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UK Newswire Archive

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IPCC to investigate taser incident

20-01-2008 14:51

Bradford police use use taser

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LSE Students Outraged at Director’s Implicit Support of Israeli Apartheid

20-01-2008 12:51

• LSE Students accuse Director of implicit support for Israel’s Apartheid policies
• Students criticise Director’s refusal to support academic links with Birzeit University, Palestine

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Gruppo EveryOne: persecution of the gypsies in Italy on BBC Radio Rokker

20-01-2008 11:29

Sunday from 7 to 9 p.m. On Sunday December 13th, Rokker Radio spoke about the situation of the gypsies in Italy, the European Parliament Resolution of November 15, 2007 – denouncing the racial persecution being carried out against them by the Italian institutions – and the tragedy of the Rrom families after the camp clearances.

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Bangkok Gastech 2008 10-13March 2008 - Join the Global warming party!!

20-01-2008 11:07

PTT corporation of Thailand and other global bedfellows with the Burmese Military junta will be greasing palms at Bangkok Gastech 2008. Joined by evil corporations from around the world it could be the perfect opportunity to infiltrate, disrupt and do some good all at the same time.

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Al Qaeda and the "War on Terrorism"

20-01-2008 11:05

The disinformation campaign has gone into full gear. The British and US media are increasingly pointing towards "preemptive war" as an act of "self defense" against Al Qaeda and the State sponsors of terrorism, who are allegedly preparing a Second 911. The underlying objective, through fear and intimidation, is ultimately to build public acceptance for the next stage of the Middle East "war on terrorism" which is directed against Syria and Iran.

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Was there a need for police in riot gear..

20-01-2008 10:43

Was there a need for police in riot gear.. have been asked by some football fans to photograph the grate game we have been to both teams in Sheffield and watched the police watching the football fans. taking photographs here are some from the game 19 1 07 oh well don Sheffield Wed from a united fan that is gutted see you in four weeks at the lane..

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New documentary on the the harmful impact of the carbon market

20-01-2008 09:23

Video cover of the dvd
Two communities affected by one new global market – the trade in carbon dioxide. In Scotland a town has been polluted by oil and chemical companies since the 1940s. In Brazil local people's water and land is being swallowed up by destructive monoculture eucalyptus tree plantations. Both communities now share a new threat.

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Oi Imperialists! Hands Off Iraqi Oil!

20-01-2008 06:44

"I'm saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: The Iraq war is largely about oil." – Alan Greenspan

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Dr. King's Challenge

20-01-2008 05:44

In the U.S., this Monday is the holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr., dead 40 years now. Although Dr. King directed the following comments to Americans, I thought you also would like to take Dr. King's Challenge. Can you take to heart the words he spoke just four days before he was gunned down?

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Open Letter to the World from the Exxon/Haliburton Administration

20-01-2008 04:33

[With the Bali Conference being diminished by the Bush Administration's political appointees to a waste of the world's time by refusing every attempt of a global emissions treaty, it may help people to remember the Apollo 13 mission. That is the one where the lunar vehicle's oxygen tank exploded and it took a herculean effort of the NASA ground crew to come up with a CO2 scrubber to keep the crew alive long enough to return to Earth. They had only a very limited amount of material to work with and a very short time to devise a system of removing the CO2 from the capsule........but THEY DID IT!!!!! Miraculously they came up with a make shift device, out of nearly nothing, to take the harmful carbon dioxide from the air in that little spacecraft and saved the crew's lives.

With that knowledge, and the record of the US delegation in obstructing the Bali Conference on Climate Change searing in our memory, the letter below is the only conclusion that makes sense of it all: I realize the scale of the problem is beyond point is that scientists can do some very amazing things, if they are allowed to.]

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Support the Sequani Six (SOCPA defendants)

20-01-2008 01:14

A member of Coventry Animal Alliance has written the following appeal, on behalf of the 6 defendants currently on trial(at Birmingham Crown Court) for taking part in peaceful protests outside Sequani, an animal testing lab in Ledbury. This was originally written primarily for the attention of animal rights groups, but it is of equal relevance to any group or individual who has an interest in justice.

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Canada Puts US, Israel on Torture List-But Then Apologizes

19-01-2008 22:26

The Neo-Conservative Canadian (Alliance) Government has placed both the US and Israel, which are known to engage in routine torture, on a list of countries known to engage in torture. However, when pressed by the countries' Lobby groups, they relented, apologized, and vowed to alter the lists.

I guess they don't want their siplomats acting in accordance with the facts afterall ...

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UN Condemns Collective Punishment of Gaza

19-01-2008 22:15

ALERT: Annapolis a Charade: Israel Plots Massive Aggression

It's interesting to note that, while the Plant Spammed the site again, pretending to be someone else reposting old articles, he glaringly eliminates certain stories.

The timing is interesting, given the upcoming "Annapolis Conference", which serves to be about PR alone, as Olmert has already ruled out any Negotiations or Compromise in the name of peace.

If you follow the events surrounding Israel's "Disengagement" from Gaza, you will quickly understand that this was the plan all along. While Israel was making a public spectacle of "forcing Jews to leave their homes", it was quietly surrounding the Strip with artillery emplacements, in an operation ominously named "First Rain".

Under this operation, Gaza basically became a "Free-Fire Zone", and several artillery and gunship strikes killed a high number of civilians. Finally, when one of these batteries fired upon and murdered a Palestinian family - picnicking on a beach that had been Segregated "Jews Only" only weeks before, Hamas finally decided to call an end to its unilateral, two-year cease-fire.

(In essence, they took Israel's bait. After all, you can't excuse your Aggression and label it "defense" if you're not being intermittently attacked. Never mind the hypocrisy underlying the entire media's framing of that whole debate ...)

When the Palestinians responded by electing Hamas to power (yes, elected), Israeli Extremists and their Ideological, bought foreign co-conspirators imposed unilateral sanctions on Gaza, a bit of Collective Punishment which increased the hardship of those stuck in the world's largest Concentration Camp.

When they felt Gaza had been substantially weakened, the US and Israel undertook a Coup attempt, using corrupt elements within the Fatah Party, provoking a violent response by Hamas, which expelled the group. Most of the world's media ignored the events leading to this "crisis", and instead only repeated the Propaganda emanating from the US and Israel, which used this to further increase sanctions against Gaza.

Most recently, Israel stepped up its Collective Punishment, except that human rights groups and legal advisors to the Government halted some of its approved measures, because they run contrary to International Humanitarian Law.

This was sold as another "response to rocket attacks" (again highlighting the hypocrisy of the debate's Framing - are the Palestinians allowed to defend themselves from strikes which actually KILL people ... ?), even though high-ranking officials said that this was NOT, in fact, a response to these attacks, but a way to "distance Israel from Gaza's infrastructure".

The real reason for this whole episode, of course, has been to "soften up" the Gaza Strip for a long-planned military attack, a way to undermine the resolve, and hopefully rid this territory of Palestinians altogether.

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Bringing Death and Destruction to Muslims

19-01-2008 21:56

How is it that here, in the 21st century, in the "information age", public perception can be so inversed from reality? Where is the outrage?

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Intelligence Community: 'Al Qaeda' Didn't Kill Bhutto

19-01-2008 21:53

Remember, just before her death, Bhutto listed a number of people within the US-backed Musharrif Regime, including "Omar Sheik, the man who murdered Osama bin Laden".

Let me get this straight. They have the assassin on videotape, but they don't know who killed her? Riiiight.

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Home Office intimidation of voluntary asylum workers

19-01-2008 20:12

The Border and Immigration Agency is now threatening 'unqualified' people who write letters on behalf of asylum seekers with prosecution, as part of their latest campaign to deprive them of any form of representation.

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Right to protest march considered succesful.

19-01-2008 18:44

Brighton freedom to protest demonstration goes ahead despite the comical efforts of Sussex police to impose order.

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Police march to be banned?!

19-01-2008 18:03

just found this on the Observer website... good for a chuckle. Seriously though, is it too optomistic to hope the pigs will draw a parallel between their situation and the degrading shit they put us through on the streets?

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Trees 'spiked' in Oxford

19-01-2008 16:18

The campaign against the felling of 42 mature London Planes clearly isn't over...

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The Temporary Zones

19-01-2008 14:58

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