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UK Newswire Archive

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US pulls the plug on Muslim websites September 10, 2001

17-07-2005 17:20

Islamic groups have condemned a government crackdown on a Texan telecoms company as part of a "witch-hunt", writes Brian Whitaker

Monday September 10, 2001

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The small Faslane "On the Water" blockade

17-07-2005 16:31

Army boat
On Monday, 4th of July, during the Big Blockade at Faslane Nuclear Submarine Base, the weather was quite hot, so some people spontaneoulsy decided to add some water based actions to the road blockades.

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"Make Borders History" - Noborder Tour of Glasgow, 3rd of July

17-07-2005 14:31

Audio British Aerospace boarded up
Noborder tour of Glasgow on Sunday 3rd of July 2005 in the run up to the G8 in Scotland. Mobilisation via the "Make Borders History" website including Noone is Illegal, Campaign to Welcome Refugees and others.

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More pictures of G8 Faslane Big Blockade from 4th of July

17-07-2005 13:55

local opposition walking to North Gate
Faslane big publicity stunt at the Nuclear Base: at least 20 satelitte dishes of mainstream media were present at the North gate, interviewing MSP Thommy Sheridan or any other MSP.

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MP John Hemming and the Phoenix Vulture Consortium

17-07-2005 13:50

archived link of Hemming's 'rover' page
A quick glance of the archived images and their relevant links below taken from Birmingham Yardley Liberal Democrats website reveals some very interesting changes.

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Pictures of the "Big Successfull Blockade" of Faslane Nuclear Base, at G8 2005

17-07-2005 12:56

invading the water with rebel kajaks
On Monday 4th of July, Scottish CND, Trident Ploughshares, the Faslane Peace Camp and friends celebrated one of their biggest success in the struggle against the Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction in Britain yet:
They closed down the Faslane Submarine Base near Helensburgh, north of Glasgow for a day - with hardly any arrests and a holiday for the workers.
On a sunny day, the victory of Non Violent Direct Action came at last for the campaigners.

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56a Infoshop Social Center, London: new website!

17-07-2005 11:59

The 56a Infoshop, longstanding social centre in South London, has finally relaunched its website enabling all and sundry to now know what goes on here...

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A view on the London bombings

17-07-2005 11:50

This is a 1,500 word piece on the awful events of July 7th with comparisons made to the attacks on New York and on Baghdad. 14 labelled photos are attached.

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British bombs and the 'Zero option'. - take 2

17-07-2005 10:21

During the ten years I worked in the Middle east too, I often heard people speak about the 'Zero option': Palestinians and others that sometimes were trained in - what they thought were 'Jihad camps' - and got hand grenades or bombs with timers to execute attacks. They wrongly thought they needed return tickets too.

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B.C. First Nation Burial Site Desecrated; Developer Awarded

17-07-2005 01:14

Coast Salish First Nations on Vancouver Island proclaim their solemn disgust at the Urban Development Institute's prestiguous 2005 Award of Excellence for Best Resort Development to ‘Poets Cove Resort and Spa’, South Pender Island – a controversial $40 million Gulf Island luxury resort under active prosecution by Crown Counsel for destroying an aboriginal burial ground during its construction.

Full article | 6 comments r00ted?

16-07-2005 22:25

I visited today and got the following page so i took a screenshot of it

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Greens urge Council to endorse UN City Peace Message

16-07-2005 19:01

Deputy Convenor of the Green Councillors on Brighton and Hove City Council Bill Randall is urging the Council to endorse the 'Brighton & Hove Peace Message' launched by the local branch of the UN Peace Messenger Association.

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video: a very safe G8 - Scotland 2005

16-07-2005 18:24

"Applause for the Brittish Police forces"

I invite you to smile the pain away by taking a look at this video ;-)

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Glasgow 8 July Protest

16-07-2005 17:02

who is scared?
here are some pix of the G8 climate change protest on 8 July 2005

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Strathclyde Police Slumber Party

16-07-2005 16:48

[Disclaimer: I have tried to make light of last week's experience in Strathclyde Police cells but this in no way reflects the serious torment I, and my fellow G8 protestor detainees experienced. I wrote the following as my clown whilst actually in the cells and the act of writing was therapeutic for me during an intensely dehumanising experience.]

On the weekend of July 8th through July 11th, I was a very lucky clown as I was invited to the Strathclyde Police Slumber Party!

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Protest outside BBC AGM - Tuesday 19th July

16-07-2005 15:22

This Tuesday (19th July) 7pm, at the BBC Television Centre the Board of Governors are going to be holding their AGM, and we are going to be there to protest at their failure to cover the truth about the war against Iraq.

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John Pilger's - Breaking the Silence video - how "bombings" started!

16-07-2005 12:27

In case we forget how bombings started.

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Labour MP's speak out / Not hate, vengeance / Tell Sid - from FIGHT BACK today.

16-07-2005 11:41

Today’s news articles in the FIGHT BACK Blog.
Saturday 16th July 2005

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Protests to free Mehmet Tarhan (photo)

16-07-2005 10:24

Protest in support of Mehmet Tarhan
Photo and report of protest supporting Gay Turkish conscientious objector Mehmet Tarhan

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Mehmet Tarhan: protests in London, NY, Venice

16-07-2005 10:19

Report on protests in support of Mehmet Tarhan, Gay Turkish conscientious objector on the day of his trial.
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